Vettel’s fourth title in a row anti-climatic admit team backers

Andy Palmer

Andy Palmer

A leading figure at Red Bull‘s title sponsor Infiniti has admitted that Sebastian Vettel has been “too successful” on his way to a fourth consecutive F1 World title.

Andy Palmer, the luxury Nissan division’s marketing boss, said that the ease with which the German has been winning in 2013 has been a questionable spectacle.

“From that point of view you could say Sebastian has been too successful,” he told Autocar. “Wrapping up the championship with four races [still] to run is maybe not good news for us from that perspective.”

Even Dietrich Mateschitz, the Red Bull mogul and billionaire, admits the success of 2013 lacked the excitement of some previous triumphs.

“Obviously [that’s true],” he told Austrian journalists, including for the Kleine Zeitung newspaper. “But it’s not as though it’s ‘dinner for one’ on New Year’s Eve. It’s still far from normal.”

However, it is a fact that Mateschitz has been notably absent from the paddock in 2013 – even when Vettel wrapped up his fourth consecutive title.

“Well, I’m almost 70,” he said, “and we’ve been 19 years in Formula 1 – ten with Peter Sauber and now it’s the ninth with Red Bull.

“You don’t necessarily want to keep going to Shanghai and not see the sun for four days. I prefer to go up a mountain, collecting mushrooms, biking or whatever. Time is precious,” added Mateschitz. (GMM)

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  • captain tortuga

    Time is precious..

    Yes if you are filthy rich as Dietrich, then time is precious.

    For me, (not yet a multi-billionaire, and big-time-thief) it is money that is precious…

    Time = free

    time = money

    therefore, time = free money :P

  • lol captain

    lol captain.
    lotus needs some free money.
    Hulkenberg will be interested in that equation as well.

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