Webber: Hamilton also struggling in Pirelli era

Suzuka qualifying top three in parc ferme (L to R) Sebastian Vettel (second), pole winner Mark Webber Red Bull Racing and Lewis Hamilton  (third)

Suzuka qualifying top three in parc ferme (L to R) Sebastian Vettel (second), pole winner Mark Webber and Lewis Hamilton (third)

Mercedes driver Lewis Hamilton has also struggled to shine on Pirelli’s 2013 tyres claims Mark Webber, who is ending his long Formula 1 career at the end of the season and switching to sports prototype endurance racing for 2014 and beyond.

F1’s controversial tyre supplier, however, is staying put for at least another three years.

Having gone head-to-head with Sebastian Vettel for the Bridgestone-shod 2010 title, Australian Webber has increasingly struggled at Red Bull alongside the German ever since.

Is Pirelli the reason?

“I don’t know if there’s a secret,” Vettel said after winning in Abu Dhabi; his eleventh win of the season, and his seventh on the trot.

Red Bull teammate Webber, in contrast, has not won at all in 2013.

He has said on record that Pirelli’s sensitive tyres this year do not suit his style. Webber thinks Mercedes’ Hamilton is having a similar problem.

“He is having trouble expressing himself on the Pirelli tyres, like me,” he told the Daily Mail.

“It’s not meant to be an excuse, even if it probably sounds like one, but it’s obvious [that] I had less success on the Pirellis.”

Webber said that his strength in fast corners, and Vettel’s is in slow corners, which at least partly explains this year’s results.

“He’s probably the master on the Pirelli tyres,” said Webber. “It’s bad news for the others that Pirelli are staying.” (GMM)

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  • Rt

    I believe that. Vettel has the slow corner acceleration down to an art. Guys like Hamilton and Webber I think are old school style racers, balls out in the high speed and they suffer on this years tyres.

  • Tom Riddle

    It turns out that the degrading tyres are the worst thing to happen to Formula 1. The drivers should be able to drive at 100%, always right on the edge but the Pirelli tyres have made the racing a farce and as long as the FIA keep these tyre regulations the sport will suffer more and more. The fans don’t want to see the world’s best drivers nursing their cars around an F1 track, they want to see balls-to-the-wall speed and daring, like in years gone by. There is none of that now.

    This isn’t Formula 1. It’s rubbish.

  • A41202813GMAIL

    Go, HAMILTON !