Alonso: Packing the bag for Austin, with some pain still, but eager and confident

Fernando Alonso

Fernando Alonso

Ferrari driver Fernando Alonso will participate in this weekend’s United States Grand Prix in Austin, despite nursing an injury sustained during the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix last time out.

Alonso announced on Twitter, “Packing the bag for Austin, with some pain still, but eager and confident to help the Team. I will try to give 100% as always!”

“The value of something depends on the way you deal with it mentally and not with the thing itself,” added the Ferrari driver.

Earlier their was speculation that Alonso might sit out the race in Texas. However, the highly respected correspondent for Italy’s La Gazzetta dello Sport, Pino Allievi, said that Ferrari president Luca di Montezemolo was “not even remotely” contemplating the prospect of the Spaniard not racing in Austin.

But, after his high-G bump over the Abu Dhabi kerbs a week ago, Alonso admitted he was suffering with back pain, while his manager Luis Garcia Abad ‘tweeted’ an alarming photo of the driver strapped to a spinal board during a post-race check at the Yas Marina Circuit hospital.

Fernando Alonso's manager Tweeted this photo which Ferrari frowned upon

Fernando Alonso’s manager Tweeted this photo which Ferrari frowned upon

Allievi said that Ferrari were not impressed by Abad’s dramatic photo, adding another small piece to Alonso’s growing rift with the Italian team.

Meanwhile the Maranello outfit reacted swiftly to Alonso’s Tweet, commenting shortly afterwards: “Anyone doubting Fernando Alonso’s dedication to the Ferrari cause should think again. The Spaniard will be in Austin, Texas, right on cue to take part in the USA Grand Prix, as he himself confirmed on Twitter.”

The team statement added: “As a result of the compression injury to his back, that he suffered after hitting the kerb in Abu Dhabi nine days ago, he will struggle to be in perfect shape, he is still totally determined to play his part for the team in this final part of the season, when every point is important in the fight for second place in the Constructors’ Championship.”

Ferrari president Luca di Montezemolo said, “I am pleased to see that Fernando is so keen to give it his all, even when he’s not at his best. It shows how attached he is to us and I am sure that his example will be a further boost for the whole team in its efforts to end this season in the best way possible.”

Alonso finished third in the inaugural United States Grand Prix last year, and is currently comfortably second in the Drivers’ standings but Ferrari is embroiled in a three way battle – with Mercedes and Lotus – for second place in the Constructors’ Championship. (GMM-Apex)

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  • fools

    As reports say he wasnt going to race in Austin….perhaps Bianchi might step in for the testing.

    Hope not but get better Alonso…Back injury’s are serious

  • captain tortuga

    I would like to see Bianchi perform in a Ferrari.. Seeing how he started off at the beginning of 2013, i think he is also one the ‘great’ drivers that have the potential to be a WDC.

    But honestly, A GP2/GP3 formula-Renault 2.0/3.5 are much more prestigious championships to win, because they require sheer talent and determination.
    The WDC (which is what everybody always seem to care about) is worthless in F1, because 80+% is done by the car, and not the driver. The driver just has to be consistent, in the fastest car, and BAM : worldtitle.

    The constructors championship is what it is all about, and if you ask me, they can eliminate the WDC at whole due to insignificance.

  • Pete Braun

    First Raikkonen, now Alonso with back problems. Who’s next?

  • jl

    Alonso eat Raikkonen mental war!!
    He come to Austin risk his preparation for 2014, his words undirectli attack Kimi, while Iceman smile and prepare better for winter test and 2014. Kimi win over Lotus and Alonso.