Lotus wary of how new tarmac at COTA has matured since last visit

Circuit of the Americas

Circuit of the Americas

Circuit of the Americas is the newest venue on the Formula 1 calendar and as the sport heads to Austin for a second time, teams are wary of how the tarmac surface has evloved during the past year.

Lotus trackside operations director Alan Permane exlained ahead of the weekend in Texas, “The uncertainty this time around lies in how much the tarmac will have matured over the past twelve months. In principal, with some of the bitumen having now worn away we should be left with a rougher surface which will allow more energy to be put through the tyres, thereby alleviating [some of the warm-up issues].”

“Given the early running times and also the seasonal aspect of when we visit Austin, track temperatures can be relatively low during the morning practice sessions but rise significantly during the afternoons; an additional consideration to factor in when preparing practice strategies.”

Performance this past season has been linked to the use of Pirelli tyres and at COTA it will be much of the same according to Permane, “As per the previous season, Pirelli have been very conservative in their allocation of the Hard and Medium compound for this race. On our first visit to the circuit last year, the tarmac was extremely smooth as you would expect from a newly laid surface, which naturally presented a bit of an unknown quantity in terms of tyre performance; the particular challenge being in generating tyre temperature.” (GP247)

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