Webber: The first goal is to win Le Mans outright and then we’ll go from there

Mark Webber will race for Porsche at Le Mans next year

Mark Webber will race for Porsche at Le Mans next year

Mark Webber has no intention of coasting when he calls time on his 12-year  Formula 1 career, at the end of the season. He is determined to put Porsche back on top of the podium at Le Mans sooner rather than later.

The 37-year-old Australian revealed in June he had signed a multi-year deal to race for the German marque in the World Endurance Championship, the centrepiece of which is the 24-hour endurance classic in France.

And while Webber said that he would miss Formula 1 – although not perhaps his Red Bull team mate Sebastian Vettel – his competitiveness nature will not allow him to slow down.

“I’ve got those memories. They’re great and I really enjoy having those,” he told Australia’s Channel 10 TV.

“But to look at the next chapter, I can’t put my feet out of bed each morning with no super purpose – I still need to do something. I can’t turn racing off and just finish.”

Mark Webber drove for Mercedes at le mans in 1998

Mark Webber drove for Mercedes at le mans in 1998 and 1999

Webber has twice been entered to race Le Mans but failed to complete a lap. His engine failed in 1998 and in 1999 his Mercedes flipped into the air twice in practice and the team withdrew for safety reasons.

Porsche’s record at the Circuit de la Sarthe is much better with 16 wins, including seven in a row from 1981 to 1987.

Audi have dominated since the turn of the century, though, and Webber’s new team will have their work cut out on their return to the top class next year.

“I am looking forward to this embryonic stage [of] them returning to the race in which they have been so successful in the past,” Webber said.

“They’ve got the record for the most wins at Le Mans and I am looking forward to working with them in the future and keeping my adrenaline ticking over.”

Mark Webber wants to add Le Mans to his Monaco GP

Mark Webber wants to add Le Mans trophy to his Monaco GP winners’ silverware

To add a Le Mans success to his twin triumphs in one of motorsport’s other great races, the Monaco Grand Prix, would be some achievement, he thought.

“I love that circuit, I love driving at night to the limit,” he added, referring to the famous event at Circuit Le Sarthe.

“It’s human nature to want more, obviously I want to win Le Mans, to put that with the Monaco…that would be nice.

“Whether one is enough there, maybe I want to grab a few. But of course you’ve got to get the first one done, which won’t be easy.

“So that’s the first goal, to win Le Mans, win that outright down the road. And then we’ll go from there, and still enjoy the race.” (Reuters)

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  • alexduduman

    Great racer, if he wins Le Mans then he should also attempt the Indy 500, would be a fabulous treble.

  • Bakerman

    I really do wish more F1 drivers would try to race the Indy 500. Of course I wish there was some sort of combined event between F1 and Indy. There has to be a racetrack where those cars would stand on equal grounds despite the technical differences between them.

    And also, I would like to see an F1 track where part of it would be an oval. I don’t want an F1 race on a full oval, I want a combination between a regular track and an oval, but to a MUCH higher degree than what the old Indy F1 race had.

    And no, I am not a fan of oval racing, nor do I watch Indy all the time, but I really want some new type of racing in F1. A challenge for these guys.

  • ZombieJebus

    ahahahahahahahahahahaha! At least Webber can always fall back on a career in comedy.

  • The Pessimist

    All the best mate!!!

  • Didgereedoo

    @ Bakerman

    Think you need a Scalectrix set ;)

  • Boycottthebull

    He wants that Le Mans trophy and Porsche do too and have built him a beasty to get it. I hope he does. I wish the series was more accessible on comercial TV though, you barely get highlights of the 24 hour race where I am.

  • Red Bull Cheats

    I watched the full interview on TV. He was asked about Vettel and Multi 21. He said “Once a cheat… Well a leopard never changes his spots.”

  • Ukwhite

    Both ways mate… Webber has never been a saint.

    Look to his eyes, no talk needed. Cynoide breakfirst. His open adversity for Vettel culminated with Brazil 2012, makes Vettel even bigger champion if that is really nedeed.

  • Barlow


  • Junior_Johnson

    Guys im not so this is a good idea for Webbo or for porshe.Porshe have spent a lots of money, prolly close to a million even building this car and I just hope that Webbo doesnt brake it like his being braking his red bull this year.Either he is driving on the hard part of the tract causing his car to get problems or he is driving the car too hard wich I think is because most of the time he is driving he is cross because he does not like Vettle which is beeting him badly.I feel sorry for porshe cos if Webbo carries on doing this it will waste there money :( Maybe Webbo will forget about Vettle next year and won’t be so cross when his driving but prolly this wont happen cos they say that ostralians have a long memry.I think mabe its better for porsh to fire Webbo and get some body else maybe david coolthart.

  • Junior_Johnson

    When I was quit a bit smaller I had a frend called Mark Webster wich was always braking things too if you look at the picture the bottom one Webbo is going some thing like or along the lines of hey vettle I will punch you with this fist hand if you ever multi21 me again!

  • ThePaddock1

    ggod luck with that 1 webbo!

  • tod

    Good Luck Aussie Grit even if we will not see you racing, enjoy it!
    Dont listen to the knockers on this site, they are only jealous & upset cos Mum hasnt changed their nappies yet this morning

  • David

    Mark,wishing you all the best in what is currently, imho, a better class of motor racing. Less worrying about tyres, more concentration available for real racing at Le Mans. If Audi face real opposition La Sarthe will be THE place to be!