Force India suspicious of Red Bull ‘filming day’ being used to test parts


Force India sent an observer to a filming day conducted this week by World Champions Red Bull.

Auto Motor und Sport said that Silverstone based Force India sent the observer because it suspects that Formula 1’s dominant team may be exploiting a loophole in the strict testing ban.

Correspondent Michael Schmidt said that while teams are supposed to only run their cars for promotional and filming purposes, some teams, including Force India, suspect that Red Bull might be testing new parts.

That suspicion was fuelled by the fact that, although ostensibly for filming, Red Bull usually runs all of its promotional test days at the same Rockingham circuit.

So Force India applied to be allowed to send an observer to Red Bull’s latest Rockingham filming, which took place on Tuesday and Wednesday of this week.

Another suspicion is that Red Bull, who this year took a big step forward in the second half of the season, might have found a way around the ‘factory shutdown’ period.

Helmut Marko rubbished that suggestion, insisting: “If we were better after the summer break, it’s because although the factory was closed, our brains were not.” (GMM)

Subbed by AJN.

  • spoofer

    Force India seem to have a fit of the paranoias. They are the team which complain about everything that happens to any car. Maybe they should be concentrating on making improvements to their own cars.

    ps. That’s odd! the “spy” shown at the top has Red Bull headset!

  • Billionaires feel entitled

    With all the funny stuff that has gone on with Redbull and knowing how the super rich feel entitled I would not put it past Redbull to continue to cheat.

  • spoofer

    Oh grow up! Red Bull have not been found to cheat, unlike other teams such as McLaren, Honda, Ferrari.

  • Spartacus

    I’d suggest this is more so Force India can get a close up view of the Red Bull than of them seriously thinking Red Bull are cheating.

    You can’t argue with the fact that Red Bull have already won the championship so why would they need a test now? Anything they did would have little value when the cars are changing so much next year.

    If memory serves, it was Ferrari who first started using filming days to do development on their cars.

  • Dan

    @ spoofer.

    Redbull not been found to cheat….. My you have a short memory!!

  • Pistone Rovente


    Please take time to read this article about RBR cheating (again) by making the front runner/splitter flex and consequently making the T-tray bend…

    and here there’s a video to prove it…

  • Pistone Rovente

    Check this pout, the splitter wobble so much and makes the T-tray flex…oh if that’s not cheating!!

  • Pistone Rovente

    See that they won’t let me post links, go to SomersF1 . blogsport . co . uk and check the article about the splitte/tray imitating a mass dumper

  • ZombieJebus

    Lol, all the teams do… and Ferrari are the most guilty by far. Blame the rules, not the teams. ;)

  • spoofer

    OK, know it alls, show me one instance where Red Bull have been found to cheat? They bend the rules bit, but as long as the car satisfies all the tests for legality, they are LEGAL. Even when FI had the Bull referred to FIA, a test that was not even specified was carried out and the car complied. Unlike the McLaren at the beginning of the year, were a deliberately bent floor was fitted, but noticed before it was used.
    Innovation is what F1 should be about.

  • nakagoli.

    well said spooner. those plonkers who say red bull is cheating are just jealous that their own team cant keep up.

  • Red Bull Cheats

    @spoofer Red Bull were found with an illegal ride height adjuster on their car, after 2 years of being accused of having one and denying it. They didn’t get punished because they are in Bernie’s pocket. Just like Lance Armstrong who failed doping tests and the governing body turned a blind eye. But Red Bull were found to be cheating. Look up BBC Red Bull ride height adjuster on Google. It’s just one of many examples…

  • dc

    Oh red bull cheats your life must be so terrible you troll blogs all day long. To everyone else it’s simple build a better mouse trap.

  • Harys

    It shouldn’t be a surprise if RB does use Toro Rosso team & Webber’s car for testing of new parts. They are the smartest on the grid…

  • Boycotthehaters

    “Please take time to read this article about RBR cheating (again) by making the front runner/splitter flex and consequently making the T-tray bend”

    What an idiot. That’s a THEORY which somebody came up with, not a fact. Just like the ‘traction control” and the “heat activated floor” were theories, not facts. Red Bull have never been found to cheat.