Newey: Tyre situation in 2013 was about luck

Adrian Newey

Adrian Newey

Red Bull‘s ace designer Adrian Newey has hit back at claims that Pirelli’s mid-season tyre switch was a stab at the ingenuity of rival teams like Lotus and Ferrari.

The ‘tyre-exploding drama’ of Silverstone in July forced Formula 1 to allow its official tyre supplier to revert to the Kevlar-belted construction of 2012.

Teams like Lotus and Ferrari, however, complained loudly that the switch negated their pre-season work in specifically adapting their 2013 cars to the new steel-belted Pirellis.

Newey, whose RB9 utterly dominated the second half of the season in the wake of the tyre switch, rubbished those claims.

Speaking on Austrian television Servus TV, the Briton acknowledged that the initial 2013 Pirelli was “much more sensitive” than in 2012, and that the RB9 was quickly wearing the tyres in the fast corners.

He therefore admits that the mid-season switch helped Red Bull, but takes issue with claims that rival cars were better suited to the initial Pirelli tyres by design.

“I think Lotus and Ferrari made a lot of noise about how clever they were in the winter in anticipating the situation that we saw [early in 2013],” said Newey.

“Frankly, I think they were just lucky, just as we were a little unlucky,” he added. (GMM)

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  • Boycotthehaters


    Newey is da man!

  • AlonsoFan

    It may be very harsh to say but its absoltely true cuz I recall RBR were Construtor Champions in 2012 and with stable Regualtions for 2013, How come they were the Third Fastest in Melbourne. It was the Tyres that were the limiting Factor for them unlike Ferrari or Lotus whose Pace has been the limiting factor

  • fools

    F1 image would of went down a bit if RB wasn winning in the beginning…Basically Newey admits the change helped them and hurt there rivals and thats how they won there 4th WDC.


    So Ferrari could have won the WDC with there momentum CARRIED ON because they had 2 wins with Alonso in the first half.

  • Boycotthehaters

    “So Ferrari could have won the WDC with there momentum CARRIED ON because they had 2 wins with Alonso in the first half.”

    Except that Red Bull had four wins with Vettel in the first half and were leading even before the tyres were changed. So no, it doesn’t look likely that Ferrari would have won regardless of the tyres.