Pirelli: Alonso wasn’t able to win for a number of reasons and not because of tyres

Marco Tronchetti Provera, chairman of the Pirelli Group

Marco Tronchetti Provera, chairman of the Pirelli Group

Pirelli chairman Marco Tronchetti Provera has hit back at Fernando Alonso’s criticism of the Italian marque’s Formula 1 tyres in 2013.

Spaniard Alonso, the highest paid and arguably one of the most highly rated and influential drivers on the grid, recently slammed the questionable “quality” of this year’s Pirellis.

The criticism came at an awkward time for Pirelli, who while having agreed with the teams and Bernie Ecclestone to a new deal beyond 2013, are still yet to be offered an actual dotted line to sign on by the governing FIA.

“I have to say that he was very nervous when he said that,” Tronchetti Provera told CNN, referring to Alonso’s recent comments.

Fernando Alonso's Ferrari with a right-hand tyre fitted to the left side of the car

Fernando Alonso’s Ferrari with a right-hand tyre fitted to the left side of the car

“It was not because of tyres – he wasn’t able to win for a number of reasons. If [Ferrari] didn’t use the tyres properly, it’s not our fault.”

He warned that because Formula 1 has asked specifically for tyres that wear out quickly, it is crucial that the teams strictly follow the operating guidelines issued by Pirelli.

“We can do whatever is needed, but with the respect of the rules,” said the 65-year-old. “It means tyres have to be used within the limits we provide [to] teams.”

Pirelli has been given the green light by the FIA to supply tyres in 2014, but Tronchetti Provera said that a new deal beyond 2015 is also possible.

Fernando Alonso in the cockpit of the Ferrari F138

Fernando Alonso in the cockpit of the Ferrari F138

Some, however, have questioned the wisdom of Pirelli’s Formula 1 foray, particularly when the lifespan of the tyres might be seen to affect the Italian brand’s image.

“We had some damages for a few weeks after Silverstone,” Tronchetti Provera admitted, “but I think today people understand it wasn’t Pirelli’s fault.”

Meanwhile, tyrepress.com reports that Korean tyre marque Kumho tested Formula 1 specification tyres at Spain’s Circuit de Catalunya in September.

Kumho said the purpose of the test was to “validate the technology for future business with Formula 1 and to actually test the technology accumulated through motor sports since the 1990s for Formula 1.” (GMM)

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  • captain tortuga

    What a nonsense, again.. is there actually anybody in or related F1 that is not a professional liar?

    Newey just said that the tyres where a big help (he meant to say; “without us bitching and whining over the tyres, until they finally gave us redbull-crybabies what we wanted, our car sucked, but thanks to some money under the table, and some other political games we managed to get an very unfair advantage for our car”

    This ‘confession’ of Newey, makes it more than plausible that Ferrari lost pace due to the tyres.

    Now im neither a Ferrari or RB fan, so it is lead over old iron to me.. but this Pirelli guy really needs a neurological check-up, cause it seems like a fair share of his synapses are not functioning properly.

  • Alonso_Is_Slow

    Pirelli seem to have few scruples.

  • Spartacus

    Tyres should be part of the F1 story, not it’s entirety.

    At the start of the season the tyres were making too much of an impact on F1. It was only a matter of time that there was a serious accident caused by them and quite bluntly it was good luck there wasn’t.

    Ferrari, as much as they like to moan, could have easily been that team which had that serious accident. Ferrari is also the team who’s best able to adapt to changes in tyres so they weren’t affected as badly as they claim!

  • Oda Crem

    “Spaniard Alonso, the highest paid and arguably most OVERRATED and influential driver on the grid “

  • Butterfly

    I clearly remember Domenicali being asked a few years ago about what a team principal does and he said that, among other things, his job is to protect his people.

    Well, Stefano, Pirelli are having a go at your star driver, where are you? I guess protecting is okay as long as it doesn’t require any sort of confrontation. Then it’s just “go and hide” for Stefano.

    When rules change, Ferrari always goes along with it even if they don’t want to. They have veto rights – the only team to have it – yet the rules go ahead without challenge.

    What’s that? Pirelli are attacking your driver after a terrible season when you failed – for the fourth year in a row – to do your job and get a good car on track? Not a problem, Fernando can take care of himself.

    Mother of God. If I were in his shoes I would literally wipe the floor with those cretins from Pirelli. First that sack of crap PH, then that mummy you see at the top of this page.

    Son of a b{it}ch!

    Stefano, your mother must be proud of you. You’re the biggest coward to ever set foot in the F1 paddock.

  • Alonso_is_slow

    Reason No. 1: Fernando, Vettel is faster than you!

  • Spartacus

    You can argue with Alonso being the most influential driver or not, but you can’t argue with him being the best rated within the paddock. He actually was.

  • Nowhereman

    This whole thing came about when Pirelli changed it’s tires to suit RB AND Merc.
    One played the political game and most likely gave some coin under the table, and the other one downright cheated big time and got less than a slap on the wrist for it.
    There is no honor in F1 anymore, it’s become too big a game.
    To fix this quickly would be to ban Pirelli from F1 for sometime as they are the ones who have made a mess of F1.

  • shinzo


    Ferrari couldn’t veto the tyre change as it was a safety issue. Imagine if they said no and someone got killed thereafter. They would have been destroyed by the press.

  • Fisico

    The answer for the tire problems is just one: REFUELING

  • mihai

    Alonso its probably the best pilot but he has to learn loosing.

  • Tinto

    In fact he does… Has done it for the las years and so on…

  • fools

    “Fernando Alonso’s Ferrari with a right-hand tyre fitted to the left side of the car”

  • fools

    apparently PIRELLI they dont remember PEREZ tire blow up in front of Alonso face that he and his God given talent was able to avoid at over 100mph.

    Bring back BRIDGESTONE!

  • haha

    Oda Crem, spot on! But he’s losing grip on the situation, Vettel is just too good (it’s not only the car). He gets away without a drive trough last race, he got away with Lewis Hungary, Singapore, Mclaren spygate (mails between him and De la Rosa that weren’t only about the gas used in the wheel but also about strategies, R&D and so on), with his ranting to Petov and with so many other things. He’s a cheat who happens to be a good driver but he’s so overrated. Sure that will go away after Vettel’s 4th title and Kimi washing his ears next year :p.


  • Alonso_is_slow

    Alonso is the biggest cheat and worst loser ever to compete in F1.
    What a dispicable character! He’s been involved in more controversies than any other driver and his actions and conduct have been shameful!
    This guy is a real shady, dodgy character and he just happens to be very overrated as a driver due to winning two titles as a result of his car having those exotic mass dampers and those exotic Michelins.
    Shame on anyone who supports this villain!
    Shame on Butterfly!

  • sebolonso

    Problem is not the car, it is Alonso.

  • aberracus

    Hhahha, Alonso is slow really hates Alonso, What have he done to you? you really detest him. Maybe you are his unrecognized son or something..

  • ZombieJebus

    Pirelli tell more lies than a government.

    How many times did they change the construction during the season?

    How many times were their tyres actually dangerous?

    Why did F1 have to use to the 2012 tyres for half the season?

    Face it, Pirelli stink and should NOT be the tyre supplier for F1.

  • fools

    dont feed the TROLLS.com

  • fools

    Alonso is the BEST that’s why trolls resort to all his articles.

  • Tinto

    I would not be so sure. Think about Multi 21 controversy and how much hate attracted. Alonso’s controversies are one too many that pure and simple draw not necesseraly hate but fore sure profound dislike. Best example with Nadal, nothing with Spanish people, whose court behaviour before serving is really disgusting. Alonso has fans, but also hard core non-fans to put it nicely.

  • fools

    Marco Tronchetti Provera “a number of reasons? Where is the list of numbers of why he couldnt win?

    Non sense this fool is…just look at him

  • Sabby32

    @haha, Oda Crem and Alonso_is_slow, you’re all a bunch of nuff-nuffs!!! Controversies or not, Alonso is by far the most talented and intelligent driver on the circuit these days. Vettel is just a two faced, lying, cheating and selfish kraut!!! He needs to get a personality and some friends!

  • Alonso_is_Slow

    not my comments above; Butterfly or fools is just impersonating me.

    But who cares?

    Right now I am enjoying what’s happening.

  • Alonslow

    Witness history being made !


    @”Alonso_is_Slow”: your 10.49pm comment says it all. Fully agree. And the indignant reaction of Alonsos fans proves your arguments.

    Alonso might be a fast driver, but he is definitely not the best. He benefitted from a superb Renault car, got disenchanted by a F1 rookie, had even to struggle with Piquet Jr. and got beaten by a Massa on the downgrade more than once.

    His overrated status is the result of his political talent and his effective PR activities…

  • Boycotthehaters

    “Fernando Alonso’s Ferrari with a right-hand tyre fitted to the left side of the car

    It was not an engineering error, it was a deliberate practice by many teams (including Ferrari) to run the tyres “the wrong way around” because they found that they got better performance that way. of course it also made the tyres fail, as Pirelli pointed out.

  • Heather

    “Pirelli: Alonso wasn?t able to win for a number of reasons and not because of tyres | Grand Prix 247” was indeed
    certainly compelling and enlightening! In todays
    universe that is very hard to deliver. Many thanks, Loyd