McLaren reportedly considering replacing Perez with Magnussen for 2014

Kevin Magnussen and Sam Michael at Yas Marina

Kevin Magnussen and Sam Michael at Yas Marina

Until recently, it was believed that McLaren wass on the verge of confirming that Sergio Perez will continue as Jenson Button’s teammate for 2014, but a report by respected correspondent Tom Cary in the Telegraph newspaper claims that the Mexican rookie could still be ousted after just a single season with the great British team.

Reportedly, Perez would be replaced by another rookie, McLaren-developed youngster Kevin Magnussen, who has just wrapped up the Formula Renault 3.5 series.

The son of former McLaren test driver Jan, the young Magnussen won a GP2 test as a prize for his 2013 title, but according to Cary he “pulled out” of the run at the last minute this week “for unexplained reasons”.

McLaren team boss Martin Whitmarsh recently described Formula Renault 3.5 as “a much higher quality championship than GP2″, and so the test may have been seen as a threat to Magnussen’s reputation.

Indeed, Formula Renault 3.5 has also housed well-known, Formula 1-linked names like Stoffel Vandoorne, Antonio Felix da Costa, Sergey Sirotkin and Carlos Sainz jr this year.

Kevin Magnussen impressed when testing for McLaren during the F1 Young Drivers Test at Silverstone

Kevin Magnussen impressed when testing for McLaren during the F1 Young Drivers Test at Silverstone

The newly-crowned 2013 GP2 champion, meanwhile, is Fabio Leimer. For the young Swiss, Formula 1 is “as far away for Leimer as the moon”, according to the veteran correspondent for Blick newspaper, Roger Benoit.

21-year-old Magnussen, on the other hand, is knocking loudly on the door, but it was expected that he would make his debut for a team like Force India or Marussia.

“For me,” he told Cary in Abu Dhabi, “if I can get a competitive seat in the first year I would prefer that.

“It’s true there is a bigger risk in going to a top team because if you don’t perform then you’re out of Formula 1. But for me, if I get to a top team and don’t perform, then it means I’m not good enough,” added Magnussen. (GMM)

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  • Spartacus

    Perez, after several seasons, can’t be seen as a rookie any longer. The question really is if he’s World Championship material.

    If then answer is NO, then it’s the same as to if they should sign him up again for next year.

    I’ve not thing against Perez but he’s just not shown enough improvement over the year for him to justify his seat at McLaren. McLaren have to look elsewhere even with the risk associated with that.

  • ZombieJebus

    It’s as simply as Carlos Slim (aka TelMex/TelCel) still owe for this year’s deal and they look unlikely to replace Vodafone as title sponsor from next year onward. Since Maldo and Massa’s name haven’t been mentioned I’m guessing the have an outsider sponser, like Gilette, already lined up. ;)

  • Mopar212222

    Bad news for the Hulk, Bottas and Gutierrez, as the Perez Ripple-Effect would certainly knock one of them of the sport. Perez probably land his huge $$$ at Lotus, maybe Williams, alot depends upon Pastor.

    Ideally, I’d like to see the Hulk at Lotus, Bottas and Mal at Williams and the Mexicans at Sauber, in a Mexican rescue deal.

  • Alonso_Is_Slow

    Well, button certainly hasn’t dominated perez. He’s complained about him a lot, tho!

  • Angela

    Perez is bad, Button is bad, and would have never won a championship had it not been for Brawn’s magic “tricks”, Ron please do get a decent driver this time whether this is Magnussen or Hulkenberg! Oh, and a decent chief engineer…

  • Funny


    that’s because button is just a mediocre driver, not great. He sure has a lot of experience, maturity, and doesn’t crash around the circuit… But other than that he’s not very fast, he owes his championship to brawn’s double diffuser.

  • hillside

    Mclaren doesnt know how to develop a chanpionship driver. the last time they had one is Lewis which they ditch out. now theyre stuck with bum drivers

  • McLarenfan

    Kevin Magnussen combined with button as a mentor and leader would be good Button has skill and experience and can win races that has been proven when the car responds to his input he is very fast who scared Vettel off the track??

  • fools

    Actually Perez has done a decent job. Its his first season with a big team. McLaren support Button first. Perez is doing his best to develop from Sauber to McLaren. He has beaten Button already…He has proven himself. The fact he is Mexican is most likely the problem…Brits dont like Mexicans. It doesnt look good for there Car image. They should axe Button before Perez. We all saw the slump as soon as Lewis left. Button had no answers to why they stumbled.

  • ZombieJebus

    Button is also an awful developement driver. See Mclaren without Lewis and his career at Honda.

  • Fletcher

    The only reason they haven’t signed Perez yet is so newspapers can write about who is replacing him Alonso Hulk now Magnussen just a smoke screen to cover the fact that McLaren are ending the season with no podiums. It’s worst since 1980. 1980!

  • Spartacus

    Brits don’t care that Perez is Mexican. They really don’t. All they care about is if he’s quick and if he’s got the ability to win GPs and championships.

    To be fair on Perez he’s not had any crashes and kept bringing the car back at the end. It’s just that for him to justify his seat at McLaren he’s got to do more; he’s got to dominate his team mate.

  • tod

    McLaren should take Massa as he has far too much experience to be wasted retireing.

  • McLarenfan

    @tod: you are right Massa should still be a driver and to be honest I see him at Williams with Bottas he can develop the car like Rubens did and give Bottas the tips Crash can’t I think the Crash does want out and I think Force India might well take him and his Cash