Turbo V6 engine era could end Red Bull dominance in 2014

Mercedes V6 turbo F1 engine

Mercedes V6 turbo F1 engine

Mercedes and Ferrari could finally bring an end to Red Bull‘s dominance of Formula  1 starting in 2014.

While Sebastian Vettel has dominated at the wheel of Adrian Newey’s cars in the current aerodynamically-fuelled era, the world of Formula 1 will be shaken up next year as the all-new turbo V6 era begins.

Bild newspaper said Formula 1 engine makers Mercedes, Ferrari and Renault have each had to invest at least €100 million on the new engines.

But it emerges that while Mercedes has a staff of 400 working exclusively on the new V6, there are only 250 staff at work on the new Renault.

Red Bull’s Helmut Marko admitted that “It is possible that the others will have better ideas than we do” for the start of the new era.

And world champion Vettel admitted that, even in the current V8 era, Renault has played a big role in Red Bull’s success.

“They’re doing a very, very good job,” he said in Abu Dhabi on Sunday, after matching Michael Schumacher’s feat of seven Grand Prix wins on the trot.

“I hope that next year we will have an engine that’s as powerful and as reliable as this year’s,” added Vettel.

Franz Tost, the boss of Red Bull’s sister team Toro Rosso, admitted to Marca newspaper that he is concerned one engine marque could dominate in 2014.

Asked who he has in mind, the Austrian admitted: “Let’s say Mercedes. If they start strong, the gap could last for a long time,” said Tost. (GMM)

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  • captain tortuga

    “let’s say Mercedes”

    I would like to say :

    “Let’s Pray it is Mercedes”

    OT : I still think they are downplaying it, because they don’t want people to just go for a swim on sunday afternoons.

    I think it might be a bit of a tombola at the start, but midway of the 2014 season it will be RedBull/Merc/Ferr again anyway. (in any order) the only thing is that one manufcturer could have an engine that is a lot better than the others, in that case it might take until to 2015 to catch that up.. but other than that.. and IF one engine appears to be better than the others, it will be a works-team profiting the most from it.

  • bobw

    The works teams haven’t done such a good job to date. I see it as still being wide open. The size of the staff working on something does not guarantee success.

  • Aberracus

    Red Bull is a Works Team…

  • Taskmaster

    All three manufacturers IC engines will likely deliver similar results. The real difference will likely be in the ERS system. Loosing KERS (80HP for a 6.7 seconds) is an issue, loosing ERS (160HP for 30+ seconds) will end races for those afflicted. Not only will they suffer loss of MGU-K (wheel) power, they will suffer significant turbo lag off corners corners from loss of the MGU-H spinning the turbo. This is not going to be a war of whose engine makes more power, it is going to be a war of whose ERS system package works best. Aero for any car moving at 200MPH, with downforce dependent grip at slow speeds, is going to remain as critical as it is today. If Renault delivers a solid ERS package, Red Bull will back that up with a solid car. The early races of 2014 are going to be a mess regardless – as all teams come to terms with the massive increase in the complexity of the new formula, in an already overly complex sport.

  • ZombieJebus

    Turbo V6 engine era could end the best thing about F1. Same goes for the utterly absurd ERS and continued limited DRS systems.

    CVC is ruining what was once the greatest motorsport series on the globe.

  • Mofombo

    As with every other sport, the cream always rises to the top, as will be the case next year. The top 3 will be the top 3. Newey will not miss on his design, Vettel will still know how to drive. Red Bull, Merc, and Ferrari will still have money to spend. The only wild card will be Lotus.

  • El Jefe

    Reading these comments people are forgetting McLaren they know how to build a car and will be using that Mercedes engine that is getting all the hype so you never know they might be the ones to beat. Jenson did it in 09 why not 14

  • Angela

    @El Jefe

    “… Jenson did it in 09 why not 14…”

    The Jenson of 2009 is the same Jenson of 2013 and will be the same Jenson in 2014 too. The difference to 2009 and 2014 is that when Jenson won the championship, he drove for Brawn and had Ross Brawn as team principal. We all know that Martin Whitmarsh is no Ross Brawn so when the make the calls about strategy, McLaren is likely to mess it up!!!

    It’s really really sad to say, but McLaren is not the team they used to be when Hakkinen was there. For the last 15 years, they’ve always had ridiculous reliability issues, even though they had very good drivers, and since Ron Dennis left they also lack leadership!

  • matthew

    I would have to agree about mclaren. I just dont see them being a contender for the championship. That being said, who knows for sure? maybe force india will take it!

  • Sam

    I just can’t stand Helmut Marko. Until he came along, I’d never seen a sportsman have his own personal suck-up. I wonder if Vettel pays him or what? At almost every race now there’s some interview with blowing smoke up Vettel’s bottom, saying how brilliant he is and often needlessly lashing out at other drivers. “Vettel is better Hamilton and Rosberg put together”, “Webber has one or two good races a year, but the rest of the time he’s average”. No-one wants to read the rubbish he comes out with, so why do they keep publishing his nonsense? T**t

  • Garth


    You are getting all annoyed over nothing, if you cannot stand Marko and his comments, switch off the box and don’t watch, and don’t read the publications if they irritate you. I just don’t see him being interested whether you like him or not.