Newey: Years ago I had the opportunity to go to Ferrari

Adrian Newey on the grid in India

Adrian Newey on the grid in India

Top Formula 1 designer Adrian Newey has revealed that he once came close to agreeing to work for Ferrari, and admits the dream of working for the legendary Maranello team is the same for engineers as it is for drivers.

The future of the renowned Red Bull designer is currently the subject of ongoing speculation, amid news he met with Ben Ainslie in Abu Dhabi during the course of the weekend.

British sailor Ainslie is putting together a British team for an America’s Cup bid, and Newey has admitted he is interested in competitive yacht design.

“[Newey] would be amazing,” Ainslie told BBC radio 2, confirming that Newey’s “design experience would be crucial”.

Adrian Newey has enjoyed huge success with Red Bull

Adrian Newey has enjoyed huge success with Red Bull

For now, the 54-year-old is committed to helping Red Bull win a fifth consecutive world championship next year for the all-new turbo V6 rules.

Newey told Italian television Sky: “Years ago I had the opportunity to go to Ferrari, but I had small children at school [in Britain] and so it was not an easy decision.

“But I think that being part of Ferrari, as an engineer, is the same sort of dream as it is for a driver. Unfortunately it never really came to fruition.

“I believe that Red Bull will be my last team, but to leave and start from scratch would not be so tragic,” La Gazzetta dello Sport quotes Newey. (GMM)

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  • Spartacus

    It would be great to see what a real driver like alonso could do in a newey Ferrari.

  • sir EL

    between 2000 and 2004 he wasnt needed as the great Shumi won 5ys running without Adrian Newry

  • Spartacus

    I’m Spartacus!

    Ferrari have at many times over the last few years given Alonso a faster car than the Red Bulls. Especially over the race distance where they’re often quicker at adapting to the new tyres than any of the other top teams.

    Given that at times he’s had the advantage of the better car and still not made anything of it, it’s doubtful he’d have added another 4 titles to his collection.

    Although the real question then would have been if Vettel had been at Ferrari how many WDCs would he have? I’m guessing it would be close to 4.

  • Jack

    Id love to see Newey involved in the Americas Cup, if he can make a Red Bull F1 car the way he does, imagine what he would come out with in the yachts design! Dooo eeet!

  • Spartacus

    I’m Spartacus!

    sorry about the Red Bull drinking impostors. An Alonso-Newey pairing would be lethal. Vettel can only drive cars with traction control.

  • GreenHell

    @spartacus: “It would be great to see what a real driver like alonso could do in a newey Ferrari.” Sometimes, it is better to keep a dream – as reality might be obstructive…

  • Spartacus

    No, I’m Spartacus!

    You know how long I’ve been waiting for Butterfly to fall in to that trap? Longest set-up for a joke I’ve ever done.

  • Spartacus

    No. I am spartacus

  • Butterfly

    Ah, you guys! :-)

  • Spartacus

    C’mon guys… Cut it out already.


  • knowledge

    You are a moron if anything.

  • Troy F Collins

    I will say that the comments that Adrian added to that interview were very gracious indeed…I know that Luca was upset when Adrian refused the offer some years ago perhaps more recently as well…..but the explanation was indeed honest …..and as Adrian said its widely considered a professional honor to work for Ferrari…

  • Maxxus

    Newey is over-hyped. He isn’t a designer at RBR, he’s the Chief Technical Officer, an executive.

    The designers behind the scenes are the one’s who make the RB successful, not him.

    For all who think Newey still draws the designs on a cocktail napkin over a few drinks (like he did when he designed the car which killed Ayrton Senna), think again. His team is jumping ship….I wonder why?

  • Maxxus

    Newey is only 54? why does he look like he is 74? Even fat Ross Brawn looks younger ha