Alonso goes for hospital check up after big impact in Abu Dhabi

Fernando Alonso with Lewis Hamilton before the Abu Dhabi GP

Fernando Alonso with Lewis Hamilton before the Abu Dhabi GP

Fernando Alonso should be fit to race in Austin later this month, despite dramatic images of him in hospital emerging after Sunday’s Abu Dhabi Grand Prix.

The photos depicted the Spaniard underneath a space blanket and wearing a neck brace, reportedly as the result of injuries sustained when he crashed over the kerbs to avoid Jean-Eric Vergne’s Toro Rosso on Sunday.

The stewards even investigated the incident because the Ferrari passed the Frenchman outside the limits of the track, but Alonso ultimately kept his fifth place.

But the impact, measured at multiple Gs, also triggered the mandatory chassis impact signal, requiring Alonso to report for medical checks. A Ferrari spokesman said that Alonso is “fine”.

“Hopefully I am OK for Austin,” Alonso told reporters. “I still have all my teeth,” he smiled, “but my back is obviously in pain a little bit because it was a big hit.”

Meanwhile, Alonso’s departing teammate Felipe Massa questioned Ferrari’s tyre strategy for him in Abu Dhabi, after he finished the race eighth.

“I expected to see the Soft tyres on the car [after a pitstop] and I saw the others,” he said. “Without this problem I would have finished easily in the top five.” (GMM)

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  • Spartacus

    Massa… stop whining.

    Schumacher and alonso handed your butt back to u.
    Sure, you beat kimi, but that isn’t difficult when he is sulking…

  • Spartacus

    Jeez… Stop using my name already!


  • Mahmoud

    It looks like Alonzo can’t lead a race, so he started his own Pity Parade where he can be the only leader!

    Samurai, my __________ (fill in name of body part here).

    Yet another entry in Alonzo’s “Controversies” page, where he has to pass a Toro Rosso driver by leaving the track entirely. To be honest, at Abu Dhabi, the way drivers got away with leaving the track into run-off areas or some such other, why bother having tracks at all anymore? Just let the drivers go wherever they want to and sort it all out somehow. Now, that’ll make for exciting . . . racing . . . or something.