Raikkonen disqualified and sent to back of Abu Dhabi grid after qualifying

Kimi Raikkonen during qualifying at Yas Marina

Kimi Raikkonen during qualifying at Yas Marina

Kimi Raikkonen was sent to the back of the grid at the Abu Dhabi Formula 1 Grand Prix on Saturday after his Lotus failed a post-qualifying inspection.

Stewards said in a statement that the Finn, who had qualified fifth at Yas Marina and is third in a Championship already won by Red Bull‘s Sebastian Vettel, was excluded from the results after failing a front floor deflection test.

“The stewards heard the explanation of the team that the relevant part broke upon contact with a kerb,” the statement said.

“However the stewards did not accept that the incident referred to constituted an accident or excused failing the relevant test.”

The car of Raikkonen’s French team mate Romain Grosjean failed a similar test at the Hungarian Grand Prix in July but on that occasion he escaped punishment after Lotus also argued it had been damaged by a kerb.

Kimi Raikkonen leaves Yas Marina Circuit with his trainer Mark Arnall after qualifying

Kimi Raikkonen leaves Yas Marina Circuit with his trainer Mark Arnall after qualifying

“The team respects the Stewards’ decision and will do everything in its power to ensure Kimi and the team gets the best result possible after starting from the back of the grid in The Abu Dhabi Grand Prix,” said team principal, Eric Boullier. “No advantage was sought or gained in the incident and the relevant part has been replaced.

“We’ve seen what Kimi can do to work through the field when he needs to and we are going all out for the strongest result possible.”

Ferrari-bound Raikkonen has had a difficult weekend, hitting the headlines on Friday when he told reporters that Lotus had not paid any of his wages this season and he had considered not turning up for Sunday’s race.

The Finn’s punishment will be a boost for his future Ferrari team mate Fernando Alonso, who now moves up a place to 10th on the grid, and a blow for Lotus who are challenging Mercedes and Ferrari for second place in the Constructors’ Championship. (Reuters)

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  • Tomas

    Plain ridiculous.

  • K-15-

    F*** you Lotus for spoiling Kimi’s race. You guys are a bunch of unprofessional faggots. You will never win Here after. Kimi should sit out starting from today.

  • Boycottthebull

    @K-15- An Idiot and a Homophobe in one package. Add a racist slur and you will be the real triple deal. It didnt occur to you that Kimi may have hit the kerb (Which all drivers were riding pretty hard) and did the damage and it was the Stewards being unfair?

  • Red Bull Cheats

    I’d love to see Kimi get to the podium. That would be magic.

  • Alonso_is_Slow

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  • K-15-

    @ boycottthebull: put more cinnamon, pepper and garbage to the things you mention, i might end up being you, which thankfully i am not. You moron, if jumping the kerbs was the issue the team would have got away like they did in hungary with crashjean. Here the lotus faggots messed up kimi’s rake settings. It’s a pity i need to comment back to imbeciles who started watching F1 after seb started winning.

  • K-15-

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  • Bob Wheeler

    It’s either a full moon or somebody is off their meds.

  • sebolonso

    Wonder how many more tricks Permane has left in his little black book.

  • Pfft

    I doubt it’s a conspiracy. However, let’s see what can break on webber’s car, today. Or if his strategy changes…

  • Barlow

    What bunch of BS. The floor deflected about 5mm after hitting the kern. About 1/8 inch. It’s easy to see the conspiracy aspect of this. If all their rules were given the same judgement, okay, but different findings for the same infractions, money changed hands. Kimi and Lotus were getting to close to Mercedes or Ferrari!! 15 million euros for 2nd in the constructors championship more than third!!

  • Pfft

    What a pity, it’s the first time Kimi’s looked awake in the last four races.

    I hope an innovative strategy vaults him up the order.

  • hillside

    Lotus would be foolish to do this deliberately. theyre just a few point away from no.2 at the championship and every points they miss, they lose millions.

    their broke ass needs this money to pay their stupid bills

  • william Pym

    I am sure Lotus would have not done this on purpose and besides they have more important thing to worry about such as paying there Bills.it was intresting to hear from jackie stewart who seems to think there are 3 other teams in formula 1 whom are not paying there drivers on time at the moment.The drivers
    are the ones who risk there lives to put on a good show for us fans and really the teams should be getting more money
    from Bernie so they can pay there bills on time.or Bernie should
    make changes to drastically reduce costs.an idea would be to do what indycar does and buy there chassis from dallara in order to
    reduce costs.any way Bernie does not want to either reduce costs or give the teams extra money and its just going to draw sponsors and manufactures away from the sport which is a shame

  • jeff

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  • ZombieJebus

    Kimi should just leave now. Helping LOLtus is only going to make next year’s competition* harder and they are in breach of contract.

    *assuming they even have a team next season.

  • Gh

    I wish people would stop calling this team Lotus. The team is actually Renault, before Benetton before Toleman. Team Lotus was a whole other team.

  • Permane

    I wish everyone would just calm the f$&k down!
    There is no conspiracy here.
    Kimi will be paid at the end of the season, Gerard spoke to him about this and this is how it was last year.
    Fair enough it’s not in his contract but we’re confused as to where this lack of trust is coming from as he was paid for the 2012 season at the end of last year.
    I don’t know why the f#€£ he’s doing this but it is destabilizing to the team.
    Lotus will be here next year, we are not broke.
    The loans are held by Genii so as long as they are interested in F1 Lotus will survive, no thrive!
    So K-15 get out the f#€£ing way!

  • Erich Lacher

    Viva Kimi, viva the whole Lotus-team, viva Prost, viva Boullier, viva Lopez, viva race Dubai and end of the season 2013

    Viva season 2014

  • K-15-

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  • McLarenfan

    Bloody FIA one rule for one and one rule for another. same thing happened to Romain and that was OK no instruction to make any changes so this time they say back of the grid fear of the ICE i say

  • Spartacus

    K-15- are u for real?