No penalty for Alonso after pit exit incident during Abu Dhabi GP

Fernando Alonso makes a pit stop during the race

Fernando Alonso makes a pit stop during the race

Ferrari driver Fernando Alonso was placed under investigation during the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix for an unsafe pit exit, but after the race the FIA stewards deemed the move acceptable based on statements from the drivers concerned.

The FIA appointed stewards declared: “While Car 3 [Alonso] did leave the track at Turn 3-4 the stewards believe that he had no choice, as Car 18 [Vergne] closed on him,” the FIA statement confirming that no further action would be taken stated.

“Car 18 was at the end of his stint with worn tyres and was fully committed to the Turn as Car 3 exited the pits. Telemetry confirms that Car 3 was significantly faster, on Option tyres, and had the advantage throughout the sequence.

“The drivers’ explanations were completely clear. Therefore the Stewards determine that neither car could avoid the incident, and no advantage was gained as a result of the incident.”

Alonso finished fifth in the race after starting from 10th on the grid, setting the fastest lap in the race in the process.

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  • Spartacus

    Disgusting. So if you have fresh tyres you can skip off the track to gain an advantage. This isn’t just a wrong decision, it’s a bad decision.

    It was obvious that Alonso left the track to gain a place. Ferrari should have told Alonso to give the place back. Charlie Whiting should have told them to. And the stewards should have given him a drive through penalty for not giving the place he gained by going off track.

    FIA isn’t know as Ferrari International Assistance for nothing. Absolutely disgusting.

  • Jaye Chill

    What a load of bullshite ….. if anyone else had done what Alonso did …. it would have resulted in a penalty ….. crap crap crap !!!

  • Resultant Asteroid

    “Car 18 was at the end of his stint with worn tyres and was fully committed to the Turn as Car 3 exited the pits. Telemetry confirms that Car 3 was significantly faster, on option tyres, and had the advantage throughout the sequence.”
    They should have added “and since his family name is Alonso and Car 3 was a Ferrari …”

    Di Montizemolo kicked out an FIA president and put his Team Manager in his place, what should we expect from FIA to behave when a Ferrari is investigated?
    Ferrari didnot even tell their driver to give back the position, that he would have certainly got back almost immediately, since his car “was significantly faster”, No, not even to avoid the FIA losing face.

    I lost any remaining respect for FIA since Mercedes illegal testing this season, it’s just a show for big businesses and interests. I hope small teams like RedBull, Sauber, Force India dominate this show and keep kicking the a** of those big corrupt firms and their puppet association forever.

    And let’s just remember this case, for future reference, when another car for another team is in exactly the same place.

  • Boycotthehaters

    “Telemetry confirms that Car 3 was significantly faster, on option tyres”

    What kind of reasoning is that? The car passing another car is frequently on newer tyres and is ALWAYS, by definition, faster.

    Grosjean was faster than Massa this year when he passed him off the track. Vettel was faster than Button last year when he passed him off the track. But they still got hit with a penalty.

    Ferrari International Assistance strikes again.

  • F1 Fan For A Long Time

    The Sutil incident also went unpunished (I presume). Now that’s a joke! How can you overtake 2 cars and not give the places back?
    I thought that Alonso might get a penalty for that, but maybe because it happened just after the pit exit, made it a bit of a grey area, even though he did overtake with all 4 wheels off the track.
    I remember that Schumacher took Frentzen off when exiting the pits in Magny Cours one year. That’s one of the only other pitlane exit penalties that the FIA have had to decide over.

  • McLarenfan

    Total Bullsh!t @FIA being their normal FERRARI INTERNATIONAL ASSISTANCE (only if you name is ALONSO).

  • TT

    This is rrridiculous! I give up!!

  • Aberracus

    Hey guys, your really make me laugh, please see the video again, Alonso was full on track but Vergne moved him out of the track because he didn’t saw him coming from his left and his line of race was fully committed, Vergen has already said that and he said that it was fortunate that Alonso had that reaction or a grave accident could have happened.

  • Spartacus

    @ Aberracus,
    I’d rewound the incident and watched it again as it happened. And I’ve got back and watched it again and again in slow motion. JEV was on the racing line. Alonso went up the outside aiming to overtake off the track. Only when he was off the track was he side-by-side. The overtake was done off the track. Alonso put himself in to this position whereas he could have easily done a clean overtake elsewhere.

    Remind me please, who supplies Toro Rosso their engine?

  • Joe Kinnear

    This is why people hate the FIA, why people hate Ferrari. Very very inconsistent. He didn’t gain an advantage doing so? He ran off the track limits, and didn’t lose his position in the process… that IS the same as gaining an advantage!

  • KIH

    It would have been a penalty if it was Hamilton haha

  • lawl

    Leave the poor guy alone.

    He cant win unless that doggie Massa gives him the position.

    He cant win unless the team manager asks his teammate to crash.

    To save his ass, whatever the cost, he had to perform some good BJ’s today

    His name is Fernando Alonso and the world saw him needing to overtake a slower, much slower car, cheating.

  • F1Zombie

    FIArarri FIArarri FIArarri FIArarri

  • Spartacus

    Well, the explanation makes sense. He was moved offline by vergne. At best, it’s 50/50, tho.

    Vettel would never even try that. Vettel is like an improved version of senna. Ayrton without the evil.


    @spartacus: Your comment proves that you do not anything about Ayrton Senna (and Sebastian Vettel as well, by the way). Poor, very poor.

  • pengmalups

    If Grosjean did that, he will be sent back all the way down the grid, plus drive through penalty…plus 25 seconds added to his final time. This is just ridiculous.

  • Spartacus

    Idiot. Senna was a spoilt rich boy who coukd never beat prost over a full season. He was a knob. Evil cheating scum.

    Vettel is in another league.

  • tod

    First off @Spartacus you are one nasty piece of work, please leave now!!!!

    Alonso & Ferrari are Cheats. Anyone else would have had at least a drive through penalty but not darling Alonso!!

  • the fan

    BBC has all the explanations got right. good thing this site is where the retards go to read and argue


    Having cheated Felipe Massa in the Indian F1 GP by requesting that he let the slower Alonso thru': they (Ferrari) have followed this in a similar duplicitous way in the Abu Dhabi Fi GP by pitting Massa and putting him out on the wrong tyres to ensure he finished out of the top three and behind Alonso. Moreover, it is QUITE CLEAR that Alonso broke FIA rules by coming out of the pits in an extremely dangerous manner off the track – driving that should have given him an immediate drive thru’ penalty.
    When will Ferrari pull their socks up and play according to the FIA rules!?


    LOL, hey no one is looking at the bigger picture….he got his tail handed to him !!
    he ragged on the other drivers in private,mocked his team mates
    now he’s falling behind only getting worse?
    ok so he got AWAY with something yea the Ferrari International Assistance is “Looking away” and yes had it been “ANYONE ELSE ON THE PLANET” yes they would have got a Penalty !!
    but “He Lost” has not been Winning and doesn’t seem to be play well with others? I was happy for Massa doing well after the way Alonso was just boasting about himself?