Alonso: Saturdays are good for the show and for talking, but points are on Sundays

Fernando Alonso struggled in qualifying

Fernando Alonso struggled in qualifying

For the third time on the trot, Ferrari‘s departing Felipe Massa out-qualified his highly acclaimed teammate Fernando Alonso.

Spaniard Alonso, however, rubbished suggestions thathis loss of form is a symptom of his deteriorating relationship with the fabled Maranello team.

“It’s not only about qualifying,” he said, after failing even to join Massa in the ‘Q3′ segment.

“There are many things you can do for qualifying that make the car quicker and then in the race you’re slower,” added Alonso.

Fernando Alonso walks the pitlane after qualifying in Abu Dhabi

Fernando Alonso walks through the pitlane after Qualifying in Abu Dhabi

He said that while Massa – who is fighting hard to find an alternative race seat for 2014 – has had the edge in qualifying recently, “in those races I finished in front and I have a lot more points”.

“Saturdays are good for the show and for talking, but the points are [awarded] on Sundays,” said Alonso.

Massa acknowledged that his Sundays have not been as good as his Saturdays.

“I hope to continue like this until the end,” he is quoted by Brazil’s Totalrace.

“There are two more tracks that I like, in the United States and Brazil, so I am trying to do a decent end to the year, both in qualifying but also in the races.” (GMM)

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  • Spartacus

    He’s not so bothered because of how good the Ferrari launch control system is?

    Or is it bluff because he’s no good at qualifying?

    Fernando, Massa is faster than you. Do you understand?

  • Taskmaster

    Alonso’s level of frustration is palatable. Obviously, qualifying performance is a precursor to results on Sunday. Ironically, Abu Dahbi 2010 proves this point clearly. Start from third: get jammed in traffic to finish 7th, well behind the Q3/race 1-2 pair of Vettel – Hamilton, loose the championship. It’s hard to see Alonso put in a position to rationalize what he knows is wrong. Ferrari has failed to deliver for too long. Time to wake up, starting with a redress of leadership – which claims it is blameless? Since the one WCC in 2008, Domenicali has delivered little – seems a pretty good place to start the hunt for inspiration. Probably too late for Alonso, now compounded by his new team mate for 2014… fuel to the fire of burn out for one of the greats in the sport?

  • lawl

    That cheating bastard needed to overtake that slow Vergne outside of the track. Pathetic.

  • haha

    lawl, true. He will get away with it again. Look at his wikipedia page, NO OTHER DRIVER HAS A CATEGORY DEDICATED TO CONTROVERSIES (READ: CHEATING). Glad Felipe gave him a Petrov flashback :D today. Coming from a true Tifosi, I hope he leaves as soon as possible. You can read in his behaviour and comments he makes that behind closed doors he has trown his toys out off the ballpark. Now Monty should react and give him the belt or kick his ass out the door. Kimi will prove that the car wasn’t that bad as Alonso made it seem in the press. Felipe is racefree and outqualifies him 5 times in a row and gives him more than a hard time on track with inferior material/carsetup/updates than Alonso. Alonso = most overrated driver of the moment. Vettel most underrated for that matter.

  • Ukwhite

    Exactly… And this is said ‘cos of qualifying issue.

  • ZombieJebus

    According to the regs it’s the driver rejoining the circuit (after pitting) responsibility to enter the track in a safe manner, i.e. yield.

    Alonso should have def had a time penalty applied or a drive through as he ABSOLUTELY gained an unfair advantage.

    Vergne was not required to give Alonso any space, even if he saw him/was notified via radio.

    Look it up.

  • Alonso_is_slow

    overrated cheater

  • Mofombo

    I wonder if they will take an extra second to change Kimi’s tires next year.

  • zoom

    What a terrible driver you are Alonso…you really inspire haters moving from 10th finishing 5th & still holding 2nd position in the championship in an inferior car inferior team…and wasn’t it you Alonso who put in the fastest lap in AD…Almost half a sec faster than the next slower one…Well done…they were never wrong when you were rated the best driver last year…

  • Tinto

    Dreaming mate, doubt Alonso is gonna impress any longer, my humble opinion. Let’s see how he survives next year with Kimi and the new technologies. My guess? The new guns will overcome the oldies. Ferrari choice with two older drivers will backfire.

  • Butterfly


    Spot on, mate.

    We should have image macros with races like Valencia last year when he started 11th and won the race and say at the end “Alonso is a rubbish driver” or something like that.

    OMG, outstanding driver. He is the greatest of all time, but that Ferrari is just the worst car ever.

    It’s going to get nasty for Kimi next year and hopefully the myth of the Kimi Raikkonen will die once and for all. Newey made his career, too with those bloody fast McLarens.

    For some reason, people can’t tell when it’s the car and when it’s the driver.

  • Henson

    The idiots who think Massa is faster than Alonso should stop drinking Red Bull, as it clearly has gotten to their brain. The two cars setup is different and Alonso chooses to maximise points. The Ferrari cannot deliver both good qualifying and race pace. Massa generally chooses poorly and as a result he has been out of contention only a few races into the championship for the last four years. And when it comes to blaming, he is no angel either: he blamed his engineers last week.

    The fact is that all drivers are the same in many respects: when the car works, they appear to be gentle and humble and nice and whatever. When things don’t go their way, they whine. Even the golden boy who never goes to the swimming pool has picked up fights with Kartikheyan. C’mon!

  • Harys

    if Ferrari builds next years car at the same current performance rate, Kimi will not like it at all. Surly Fernando will out perform him. But then, i assume Kimi should out perform Massa’s current performance predictably.
    If the car is performing sweetly, then both drivers will shine, and thats great for the constructors only, as they will suck each other out for the drivers championship. Another bad decisions from Ferrari on the long run.

  • Dan

    if its not needed, just sit it out and start from 22nd Fernando.


    5 November, 2013 at 12:48 am
    Having cheated Felipe Massa in the Indian F1 GP by requesting that he let the slower Alonso thru’: they (Ferrari) have followed this in a similar duplicitous way in the Abu Dhabi Fi GP by pitting Massa and putting him out on the wrong tyres to ensure he finished out of the top three and behind Alonso. Moreover, it is QUITE CLEAR that Alonso broke FIA rules by coming out of the pits in an extremely dangerous manner off the track – driving that should have given him an immediate drive thru’ penalty.
    When will Ferrari pull their socks up and play according to the FIA rules!?

  • Ukwhite

    @Butterfly: “…OMG, outstanding driver. He is the greatest of all time, but that Ferrari is just the worst car ever…”

    That place is taken: Fangio, Michael, but watch out Vettel, he will be the one.

    That is kind of high mate, better to stick with the facts. Alonso is not there yet and I am afraid is not gonna ever happen, time is up.

    Second part of 2013 was a reality check for many F1 racers including Alonso, I said it before that to happen, 2014 will be the same. Vettel is gonna rule F1 for years, mark my words. Alonso has a few shortcomings some may not like to see them, the age is one.

  • Depmmar

    Even Massa knows that Alonso is better than him…have a good look. Its not even fair for Massa to compare him with Alonso. Two different worlds.
    FIA are not smart enough…a corrupted punch being out smarted by teams like Red bull for example. The RB car is a complete cheat & let it be.

    The whole world clearly know that Vettels car is the fastest car by far. Any of the top experienced drivers would have done the same at least even on a bad day. I have nothing agains Vettel what so ever & he has nothing to do with driving an illegal car.