Vettel: I am not going out there for statistics, believe me I love racing

Meeting of four time F1 World Champions Sebastian Vettel and Alain Prost at Yas Marina

Meeting of four time F1 World Champions Sebastian Vettel and Alain Prost at Yas Marina

Reportedly a Formula 1 history buff,  quadruple World Champion, Sebastian Vettel insists that he is not motivated only by statistics and that they are not what drive him but admits that when something he does makes it into the history books it is pleasing. – He recently had the pleasure of catching up with fellow four time World Champion Alain Prost at Yas Marina.

Speaking to the official F1 website after ending day one of the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix fastest, Vettel said, “I am not going out there for statistics, believe me. He did concede; “It is nice when you once in a while hear that you’ve done this or that, but it is not my core interest and doesn’t make me jump for excitement. I love racing – and then trying to do your best comes naturally.  – that is what I am doing.”

Sebastian Vettel at work in the Yas Marina pit garage

Sebastian Vettel at work in the Yas Marina pit garage

As for the most pleasing of his collection of four titles, the Red Bull driver said, “They all mean the same for me, as you should never get used to winning them. Now with the fourth one you could argue that you could see it coming, but then you still have to bring the car across the finish line in a better position than all the others.”

“And that is nothing that you can pull out of the hat just like that!” he added with a snap of his fingers.

Vettel’s season at the wheel of the Red Bull RB9 has been phenomenal. With three races still to go he has already notched up 10 wins, and scored a mammoth 322 points which resulted in him bagging the 2013 title at the Indian GP – which he did in style by winning the race.

Alain Prost's frist F1 win came at 1981 French Grand Prix when he was 26

Alain Prost’s first F1 win came at 1981 French Grand Prix when he was 26

Vettel joined an elite group of drivers who have won four or more F1 World Championship titles; Michael Schumacher (7), Juan Manueal Fangio (5) and Alain Prost (4).

Vettel could well become the sports most decorated driver, as Prost pointed out, “It’s fantastic for him, he’s 26 years old and already a four-time World Champion. I won my first race at 26. I think this is his best season, he was very under control.” (GP247)

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  • Butterfly

    He wouldn’t be saying what if he really had to go wheel to wheel with the others.

    Usually, when put in traffic, he has the habit of crashing into things that don’t move out of his way.

    I guess racing means by himself, like in qualifying. That’s fine, too…

  • Abhinav

    WOW !!!! when does he race……just punts in qualifying and den pole to win with all laps leading on his flying Red Bull. While others bang wheels behind and race cats and dogs. That is the only reason he does not have respect of field and fans.

  • Tamburello_1994


    4X’s !!!!!


  • Spartacus

    You’ve to feel pity for those Alonso lovers like Butterfly. She’ll never accept that someone else is a better racer.

    Vettel has proven beyond doubt that he’s one of the best drivers that F1 has ever seen. Maybe even the best ever.

    More speed that anybody when it’s required in qualifying, often just requiring a couple of fast laps rather than many to get pole. And measured enough during the race. It’s the best of Senna mixed with the best of Prost.

    But when it doesn’t all go well for him he’s still able to drive through the grid to win. Brazil was the finest example of that to win his third WDC. In the modern era of F1 that’s not a simple task. Typically a driver is doing well to have made up a few places in a race, and often that’s because a rival has dropped out.

    Vettel is everybit worthy of his four titles. And it’s really quite sad of those Ferrari / Alonso fans to continue to berate him and Red Bull for their success.

  • AlonsoFan

    Still hasn’t won a single race(out of 36 Total Wins) while starting from Below P3 on the Grid…Commentators, Opinions and F1 Pundits Lie but Numbers Dont lie.

  • F1Zombie

    As a Merc GP fan, I respect Vettel in many aspects because he is a racing legend who is still racing probably for the next decade. To all his haters please check his record before committing baseless accusations.

    His very first F1 race already scored points with BMW Sauber in 2007 with 8th place. Also 4th place finish after driving for Toro Rosso later in the season.

    In 2008, he outqualified and outraced his teammate in STR in almost all races throughout the season with a pole and a win as an extra. Not bad for a number 2 driver. His overall points in 2008 was much higher than Webber where Webber was already racing in Newey’s designed RBR machine for a couple of years. So at that point, Newey’s briliance was not the subject. Vettel was the rising star in a much inferior car. If Newey was the X-Factor, he could have stopped Schumi’s dominance a decade ago but he failed.

    In 2009, he joined RBR as a number 2 driver and Webber as the number 1 driver. He however outqualified and outraced Webber in most races. He even became the championship contender in 2009. That turned him into the number 1 driver at RBR from 2010 onwards. From 2010 he has been unstoppable.

    Yes he was a crash kid once but we all could see his amazing talent while building his maturity from time to time if you guys really watch F1 without any bias perspective. We all have to admit that. His adrenaline to win races is there at all times. Defying team orders sucks but that make a champion a champion in most occasions. The fact is, all previous multiple WDC holders had their controversies much serious than of Vettel. The problem was, at that time there was no social media for us to read speculations and conspiracy theories.

    We have no right to hate or bash any driver or any sportsman. We are here to watch motor racing not to despise the one we are not cheering for.

    As a Merz GP fan, it does not mean I have to hate or bash the drivers who stand above the drivers I cheer for but I have to hope other teams especially Merz GP to improve in all aspects to put Vettel’s dominance to a halt. An excellent qualifier and racer as Nico Rosberg deserves a WDC title at least once.

    Politics in sports suck big time but not the drivers. I consider them all as champions.

  • Karlich

    AlonsoFan: that’s a really stupid statistic if you ask me. By that account, Ayrton Senna won 1 GP starting from 5th. The rest were won starting mostly from pole. Yet I don’t hear pundits claiming Senna was incapable of winning and overtaking. I only hear he was the undisputed qualifying master. Well how about Vettel being the undisputed qualifying master of current F1?

    But if you are still intent to dispute his qualities as a race driver capable of overtaking to gain position, how about looking back to Abu Dhabi 2012 or Brazil 2012 where he overtook plenty.

    Then again, maybe you’re just referring to Alonso’s greatness and how often he has had to overtake and fight for position. Fair enough, but maybe he wouldn’t have to would he make less errors on track and strategy and less misjudgements off the track. Those things count towards driver quality as well, and as such, Alonso lags far behind Vettel.

    Anyway, have it your way. I am sure there’s little to say to convince an Alonso fan, much less so to convince bitter Ferrari fans.

    4x ,|,,, baby ;-)

  • Karlich

    F1Zombie: I’d shake hands if I could. Couldn’t have said it better myself as I totally agree with you!

  • Tamburello_1994

    This was Butterfly a little over a year ago:

    25 September, 2012 at 11:53 am

    There’s no such thing as a Red Bull track, you moron. Back in 2010-2011 when their car had way too much downforce compared to the others, yes, they were wiping the floor with everybody else and there were “Red Bull tracks”, meaning, tracks at which that extra downforce was paying dividends. Now, however, the difference in downforce between Red Bull and, say, Ferrari or McLaren is *much* smaller, they may even be at a disadvantage.

    It’s just that the Ferrari has awful traction which showed in Singapore, but Suzuka will allow the red cars to stretch their legs.

    Let’s not forget who is leading the WDC. Also, let’s remember the Ferrari is the most reliable car on the grid, too. Fernando has a good chance to snatch Vettel’s title this year, though I’m sure Red Bull will keep the WCC trophy.

    You silly troll…

  • Boycotthehaters

    “Usually, when put in traffic, he has the habit of crashing into things that don’t move out of his way.”

    How breathtakingly stupid you are. Alonso and Hamilton both crash into things far more often than Vettel does. Both have crashed out of races already this season. And last season.

    The last time Vettel crashed out of a race? All the way back in May 2010.

  • Boycotthehaters

    “Still hasn’t won a single race(out of 36 Total Wins) while starting from Below P3 on the Grid…”

    Fangio never won a single race while starting below P3 on the grid. And he’s considered perhaps the greatest driver of all time. This may be news to the Alonso worshippers but doing a great job in qualifying is considered a vital part of what makes a great driver “great”.

    ALL of the drivers considered to be “great” did an exceptional job in terms of qualifying. In descending order of pole percentage we see Fangio, Clark, Ascari, Senna, Vettel, Hamilton, Moss, Schumacher, Stewart, and Mansell. Alonso does not make the list.

  • AlonsoFan

    Astonishingly, Alain Prost won from fourth or lower 16 times out of 51. Yet he is seen as the arch-calculator, a percentage player, compared with Senna’s Mr Excitement tag. from AutoSport Paid content

    I am not undermining Senna’s achievement. He is the best and was the fastest..

  • Tamburello_1994

    Nice fact-check, Boycott. Well done.

  • Rt

    Senna won Suzuka 1988 after stalling and taking the first corner in 16th place. He won the 1988 WDC aswell with that win.

  • Boycotthehaters

    “Senna won Suzuka 1988 after stalling and taking the first corner in 16th place.”

    Actually it was 14th place. And he had by far the fastest car on the grid. He took pole at Suzuka 1.5 seconds ahead of the first non McLaren car. People whinge about how great Vettels car is when he is three tenths ahead of the Merc or Lotus.

    Then Senna had immense good luck in the race. Prost was slowed by gearbox problems, Piquet dropped out on lap 34 due to illness, Mansell crashed out, Capelli had engine problems, etc. So saying he won from 14th place is deceptive.

  • Butterfly


    Yes, I remember saying that. However, at the time, I was thinking that Ferrari were doing a good enough job to extract maximum out of the car and, like Red Bull, they were maxing out the reg.

    That all ended this year when I saw that even with the restricted regulations, the Red Bull is still capable of delivering much higher levels of downforce compared to the Ferrari. And that doesn’t happen because of some single clever trick like exhaust pipes next to the wheels and flexible front wing. They just optimized every single part of that car and the results are amazing to say the least.

    You can cheer for Vettel all you want. I know you’re in your 40s, you must have had a crappy youth, but if we’re talking about Vettel’s success, then it’s all down to Adrian Newey and his technicians, and 10% Vettel.

    When you go out in qualifying – Vettel’s favorite discipline – and miss a couple of apexes and still get pole by 7 tenths, you know the car is one level above the rest.

    It’s a shame Red Bull are kicking Webber right now, he should have won the last two races, but I guess they just don’t want to let him win anything since he’s leaving the team.

    This is definitely a time for Vettel to shine. Everything’s been going right for him for years, and may continue onto next year, but eventually the cream rises to the top, and Alonso’s time will come.

    Hope that clears it for you.

    Searching for what I wrote the year before. I must have as many fans here at Yalla as Fernando does. Weird.

  • Tamburello_1994

    Butterfly, isn’t that like the billionth time I’m made you look like an idiot here?

    Keep talking out both sides of your mouth, Ragga-Muffin.

  • Butterfly


    Whatever, old man.

  • Tamburello_1994

    And you know I will always have a special place in my heart for you, Buttercup.

    Always. :)