Bored with Formula 1? Then check out Formula Legend management simulation

Formula Legend user interface

Formula Legend user interface

Bored with Formula 1? Sebastian Vettel and Red Bull have wiped the floor and orchestrated another clean sweep of silverware and thus inevitably taken the edge off grand prix weekends. To keep our readers from snoozing during race weekends and beyond we decided to review a nifty F1 management game to keep the boredom at bay…

There’s a real lack of good Formula 1 management simulation games out there for F1 fans, fewer still that are available on both iOS and Android – phones and tablets. BeerMogul Games now has us fans sorted with their new title, Formula Legend – a mobile simulation take on the F1 season focusing on strategy rather than the driving itself. It is simple, fun and rather addictive.


The game lets you compete against current drivers which are modelled on their real life performance, and this attention to detail extends to the tyre degradation, fuel consumption and your own driving style. Reminiscent of games like New Star Soccer, Formula Legend allows you to alter variables to maximise performance but at a cost. If you want to push hard out on the track, your tyres will wear quicker, resulting in more pit stops. The balancing act is the key to performance.

As well as all this impressive number crunching, there are also a series of mini-games that pop up randomly during the race to keep you on your toes. Once the race has ended, you’ll receive your winnings and return to your garage where you can make general upgrades to your car, however these upgrades will only last a certain period of time, better reflecting the upgrades that happen in real Formula 1 and the diminishing advantage it affords you as your competitors make similar upgrades.

The better you do out on the track, the more opportunity for car improvements; aerodynamics, fuel efficiency and tyre wear to name a few. You will also be rewarded in the form of time for well-timed pit-stops and well executed cornering.

Performance over the course of a season will see you offered more lucrative contracts with bigger and better teams. One nice feature is that you will be able to take your race engineer with you when leaving a smaller team, but the car innovations you have earned will remain.

Formula Legend really does seem like a Formula 1 fan’s game made by Formula 1 fans – a great opportunity to see if you can bring about a different result to this year’s Formula 1 Drivers’ Championship.

Formula Legend is available on both iOS and Android ( It’s free-to-play, with the option to purchase in game currency to speed along the process if you so wish. The game is an ongoing development with lots of new functionality being delivered all the time – rumour has it that variable weather conditions are about to be delivered in a new update. If you want to keep track of progress, just visit Formula Legend website, on Facebook or follow @beermogul on Twitter.


  • abraham

    lame game, u play 5 seasons and then there is no point anymore to it

  • matthew

    What a stupid game. Oh and pic in 9th, vdg in 10th and hulkenburg in last? huh??