Robertson: Kimi will always fight on track even with his teammate

Kimi Raikkonen versus Romain Grosjean in Germany

Kimi Raikkonen versus Romain Grosjean in Germany

In a further sign that Kimi Raikkonen’s relationship with Lotus is dead in the water with three races still to run in 2013, his manager Steve Robertson says the radio rudeness in India last Sunday was unprecedented.

“I’ve never heard of a driver being spoken to like that,” Robertson told Turun Sanomat newspaper.

He is referring to Alan Permane’s radio message to Raikkonen during the Indian Grand Prix, where the Finn was told to “get out of the f#cking way”.

Speaking to Finland’s Ilta Sanomat, Mika Hakkinen agrees: “In the teams that I drove, radio messages were never delivered with profanity.”

The double World Champion added that Permane’s radio call to Raikkonen was neither “smart” nor “correct”.

Kimi Raikkonen with Steve Roberston

Kimi Raikkonen with Steve Roberston

Another former Formula 1 driver, Mika Salo, said it is up to Formula 1 team members to “remain calm”.

“Raikkonen’s departure is a big blow to the team both in terms of marketing and the results,” he told MTV3 broadcaster.

“You can see they are now trying to make Grosjean into a winner, so that they can still explain to sponsors and investors that they have a good guy in the garage,” added Salo.

Lotus team boss Eric Boullier apologised for the outburst, but only after Permane revealed on Twitter that some of Raikkonen’s fans threatened to “kill my family”.

Permane called those fans “losers”, but the tweets were later deleted.

Alan Permane with Kimi Raikkonen

Alan Permane with Kimi Raikkonen

Robertson, meanwhile, said Raikkonen – who angered Lotus recently when he said he only signed for Ferrari because he hasn’t been paid – has no intention of giving up wheel-to-wheel battles with his teammate Grosjean.

“Kimi will always try to fight whenever it is possible,” he said. “Of course, Kimi also knows how to fight for the team, so that if his teammate is fighting for the championship, for example, he wouldn’t get in the way.

“But Grosjean is not fighting for the Championship, so in that way he is just like any other driver on the track,” Robertson insisted. (GMM)

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  • sebolonso

    Alan Permane is a walking disaster. The human and admirable image Lotus has manage to create for past two seasons is now in ruins. Mad dog Permane is barking at wrong tree.

  • Bakerman

    Actually I don’t agree with what Kimi did. I am not a fan of Romain, but facts are facts.

    I think Lotus should have delivered that message in a nicer, more polite way and I don’t agree that fans should be called losers by anyone on twitter.

    1) Raikkonen’s tires were gone
    2) Grosjean was definitely faster
    3) Fighting with one’s team mate when the chance of taking each other out is much higher than any chance of keeping your position is stupid
    4) no one would have cared that Kimi was on the podium instead of Grosjean – the point was to get Lotus as many points as possible – so the team should have come first for both drivers
    5) Neither Kimi nor Romain are fighting for their F1 careers so they should both be trying to help the team.

    Kimi is acting out against Lotus in a childish fashion and this is the first time since his return to F1 that he has been very disappointing in his behavior.

    And Lotus are right to try to help Romain improve and get his confidence up, Kimi has made his decision to leave, he is not a championship contender anymore so there’s no reason Lotus would support him over Romain – the other way around makes more sense overall and saying otherwise means that Kimi’s fans are acting out in a silly manner.

    Sad thing is that people don’t realize that outwith getting extra money from investors or without getting more money from getting second in the constructor’s championship, Lotus will choose Maldonado over Hulkenberg and that would be a really sad thing. Kimi being called out on behaving like an idiot – is actually a good thing. And before this race, I was actually pro Kimi, but I am starting to reconsider that position.

  • Boycottthebull

    Ive never heard of a driver saying in interviews that another driver should have their face punched in either. Not to mention the swearing Kimi has slung to the team over the radio in the past. His manager and the fanboys conveniently seem to forget that cause Kimi can do no wrong. I think he is showing his true colours once the big pay day from Ferrari has come in.

  • Robert West

    Reality! of course Lotus had a shot on being on the podium with faster fresher tyred RoGo and yes Kimi was asked to let RoGo by, but not at the expense of benefiting Massa. All this by the way as approaching a tricky corner that was tight in and wide out, so i believe Kimi’s racing brain was computing how to let RoGo by without Massa taking advantage, which quite frankly would have been after the corner in question. RoGo implemented an overtake around the outside on the marbles was not a wise move, considering Kimi’s worn tyres and reported brake problems.

    RoGo’s podium was at risk should contact be made at that corner,
    remember plonker Hill’s impatience in Australia.

  • Red Bull Cheats

    Grosjean tried to overtake Kimi at the worse place possible, on the outside during a very tight corner when Kimi’s tires were failing, meaning it was hard for Kimi to maintain a tight line. Also since Kimi’s tires were going he had to push as much as possible to not get caught by the cars behind. Grosjean should have waited another 3 seconds and taken Kimi on the next straight. But Grosjean is an overtaking nut job so what do you expect?

  • Alonso_is_Slow

    Kimi is a wanker. Always was. Over rated. Ferrari 2014 = fail.

  • Dr. Azlan

    Like what Hakkinen suggested it’s about the use of the F word over the radio while racing. Perhaps in the garage it’s quite common.

  • Dr. Azlan

    Like what Hakkinen said it’s about the use of the F word over the radio while racing. Perhaps in the garage it’s quite common.