Newey: Conspiracy theories are nonsense, Vettel and Webber cars are identical

Red Bull's of Sebastian Vettel and Mark Webber

Red Bull‘s of Sebastian Vettel and Mark Webber

Red Bull design guru Adrian Newey has dismissed conspiracy theories that Mark Webber’s reliability problems are something other than just bad luck.

While Sebastian Vettel collected his four consecutive World Championships, Australian Webber always seems to be the one struck by car problems.

Red Bull team boss Christian Horner doesn’t think Webber is simply harder on his equipment.

“I don’t think so,” he is quoted by Sky, after Webber’s latest alternator problem in India.

It was believed Red Bull had got to the bottom of the recurring alternator issues of last year. Has the same gremlin returned?

“We don’t know yet,” car designer Adrian Newey told Germany’s Auto Motor und Sport.

Adrian Newey celebrates with Sebastian Vettel and Mark Webber at Monza

Adrian Newey celebrates with Sebastian Vettel and Mark Webber at Monza

He did at least dismiss the conspiracy theories.

“What can I say?” Newey answered. “I can only assure you that the conspiracies are nonsense. The cars are identical. It must just be bad luck.”

Webber is retiring from Formula 1 at the end of the season, and Newey said that the Australian’s detailed technical feedback will be missed.

“Mark’s contribution should not be underestimated,” said the Briton.

“Interestingly, Mark feels small aerodynamic changes in the car earlier and with more detail than Sebastian,” revealed Newey. (GMM)

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  • Spartacus

    Webber is one of the best drivers in F1. I’m really sorry to see him go.

  • paulm thailand

    @ Spartacus. Totally agree.

  • Boycotthehaters

    Webber does not have reliability problems, his car has had the same reliability as Vettels over the last five years. Google “vettel, webber, and reliability at red bull”.

  • Koos

    Conspiracy theories ? Iwish these people starting rubish like this would grow up

  • Boycottthebull

    What Newey says is not quite the truth though the cars are not identical. We know they have swapped front wings on occasions when Mark proved it faster and we also no that due to Marks greater height and weight that his KERS is located in a different spot and its Kers that often gives him problems. Its not conspiracy but he is not being 100% truthful either.

  • KIH

    Webber’s bad luck had already started since his early years in Formula 1. I still remember watching him in several races having good track positions just to retire due to engine, or gear box, or brake, or hydraulic failures, collision with other cars, and so on and so on. He’s been regarded as the unluckiest driver in Formula 1 years ago.

  • Junior_Johnson

    Hi guys how are you today its quit a long time since we spoke.Hey guys do you belief that maybe vettle is messing with webos car?or maybe his tecnitions are?has any body ever thought hmmmm could this be why vettle is always the last one to leave the garage.who knows what he does in their by him self at night

  • ZombieJebus

    Only idiots and children would ever think otherwise!

  • Junior_Johnson

    My brother said sumthing very clever today he said what if webo doesint have bad luck what if vettle just has very good luck.Then it got me thinking what if vettle is just the lukiest guy ever in gran prix.Maybe the red bull is not reely that fast just vettle gets a lot of luck with the tires and put stops and kers and things and thats why he wins.

  • Junior_Johnson

    Guys im watching lord of the rings right now but i dont have the first and the third there some body here that lives neer to me that can borrow it to me please

  • bobw

    Gandolf his Vettel’s Race Engineer and Saruman is Webber’s.

  • Taskmaster

    Weber swapped a front wing with Vettel once at Silverstone, and won the race over Vettel regardless – so that issue is moot. In other instances, the team has used different setups in early Friday tests – like every other team- to see what works best for either or both drivers. In race trim, there are very few instances noted where they ran different wings, front or rear.

    The cars non-power engine attached components of KERS equipment is located in the sides of both cars, just forward of rear pull rods, under the radiators. Since these units are provided by Renault, their configurations will also be identical.

    In all of the hundreds of pages of technical reviews of the RB8 and RB9, not one has mentioned any differences in the main configuration of the two cars. So, it’s doubtful that any exists, beyond locating ballast to balance the cars within the prescribed FIA restrictions – which will have zero impact on reliability.

    The reason Newey was unable to point to any reliability differences, is because there are none. When opinions are set aside and real live statistics are reviewed, Vettel is shown to have suffered more retirements due to equipment failure than Weber, and Weber only suffers a very small, statistically insignificant, number of issues more over the course of 5 years during race weekends in total. Year by year, the numbers are up and down, but none show a specific prejudice for one or the other car, both have had wheel, alternator, gearbox and KERS issues in roughly equal proportions.

  • Red Bull Cheats

    Newey also said that the Red Bull front wing does not flex, then the following year said that the new front wing flex tests would affect Red Bull significantly. So he has a history of lying.

  • bobw

    Red Bull Cheats…what is he lying about? I have seen the breakdown of the failures experienced with both cars and they are exactly what Taskmaster has just written. I think you need to quit hating because you are making yourself look petty and on the level of a common bridge troll.

  • Taskmaster

    The wings complied within the rules and tests at the time. The FIA changed the tests and revised the rules, thus Red Bull were affected. Nothing insidious, nothing illegal, simple compliance with rules as they are written, tested, and revised. For those prone to revisionism, Ferrari is the one with the flappiest wing at the time (Ferrari’s oscillating wings were what caused the test rules to change to include torsional and assymetrical loading – Red Bull were never that floppy) – so that issue was not directed at any one team. There were several instances in 2012 where every team came under scrutiny for various reasons, although some fans never see anything unless it had Red Bull in the header. Yes, Red Bull did cause a couple of rules to be clarified, as did Lotus, McLaren, Ferrari, Sauber, and Mercedes… it’s part of the sport.

  • Butterfly

    The cars are equal, but the components on Webber’s car are always older than Vettel’s. Plus, the last two races should have been won by Webber, but the team put him on one more stop in the first race, then they told him some bogus excuse to stop the car because he was gaining on Vettel.

    I’m starting to think bad thinks about Newey. He may be a good designer, but as a person he seems to be total garbage.

  • Spartacus

    once again your beliefs of how an F1 team is wide of the mark. The cars are as equal as possible. All the parts also have a lifespan and sometimes parts will be older on one than the other.

    That might be that one suspension arm has a life of five races. They’d start the season with the same number of races left on each car’s parts. But if one get damaged then it will have a younger part fitted; and hence then yes the cars will be different.

    But the whole idea that they’re running two different cars is just nonsense. It’s hard enough for teams to get all the parts for one design of car to each of the race tracks. Can you imagine how much difficult it would be for two different cars?

  • Bob Wheeler

    DNF for Vettel and Webber since 2009:

    Weber – 10

    Vettel – 9

    Source Grand Prix Guide, .

    Any questions?

  • Butterfly

    Bob Wheeler:

    Now what kind of a post is that? We were talking about what happened to him this year and you go and count the times since 2009.

    Are you a moron?

  • Bob Wheeler

    @Butterfly, you sir are the moron. Sure Vettel had one DNF this year and Webber three. Vettel also ran without Kers in one race and had to shortshift in another. Statistically, all it means is that Webber was harder on his car than Vettel and had a bit of dumb luck. Also look at his starts and finishes for this year which also has not helped Webber. When you are pushing the car to make up for bad starts, you might just turn a problem into a DNF. Moron!

  • Butterfly

    No, I’m pretty sure you’re the moron here.

    As for Vettel’s DNFs, it was because he couldn’t use the car properly. He used to thrash engines, push brakes too hard, do dumb stuff like that. But it was okay, daddy Horner was always taking care of that, even going so far as to give Mark’s front wing the Vettel.

    So, bottom line is, you’re still the moron for even trying to say there is equality over there. What happened in the last two races I never thought I’d see on TV. The last one in particular was downright disgusting – they just told him to stop the car because he was gaining on Vettel.

    First they said it was gearbox sync even though Webber felt no problems. Then, suddenly, it was the alternator. The car was fine, but they couldn’t hold him back with the pitstops, so then told him to stop.

    If you are telling me there’s equality over there, you’re actually dumber than a rock.

    Have a nice day. :-)

  • Oldtimer1947

    We must be looking at different sets of stats Taskmaster. The ones I’ve seen show over the past four seasons 17 significant equipment failures for Webber and 6 for Vettel. But more telling is the stats for poor strategies decisions and poor set up of equipment (like the clutch settings for starts), where Webber cops more than Vettel by three to one. Also, a chat with Webber’s mechanics might be illuminating from rumours I’ve heard.

  • Boycotthehaters

    “The ones I’ve seen show over the past four seasons 17 significant equipment failures for Webber and 6 for Vettel.”

    Wow, what an idiot.

    “rumours I’ve heard”

    Really, what a idiot. The stupidity of many F1 fans never ceases to depress me.

  • Boycotthehaters

    “My brother said sumthing very clever today he said what if webo doesint have bad luck what if vettle just has very good luck.”

    Yeah, Einstein, I’m sure that’s “sumthing very clever” in Morons-on-Thames where you and brother live.

  • Boycotthehaters

    ” they just told him to stop the car because he was gaining on Vettel”

    Another person (I use the term “person loosely here) with the all the metal acuity of a head of cabbage. He was falling back from Vettel, you drooling dolt, not gaining on him. But no lie is too stupidly transparent for you not to repeat.

  • Butterfly


    I’m guessing you’re in your mid 40s, huh. Look, old man, just stick to watching socker and golf, okay?

  • OzWatcher

    The difference wasn’t in the reliability – it was partly in Mark’s start line issues and those led to Red Bull favouring Vettel via strategy, and partly the lead driver by point score always get’s the best gear. Make of that what you will.

  • Alonso_is_slow

    Butterfly is a complete idiot.

  • Red horizon

    Old components that are broken (including alternator and gearbox), burned out engine, pit-stops errors with tires detached/flying, absurd strategies that prevented him from winning … here is the “bad luck” that Webber had to suffer this year …if I remember corretly