Maldonado: I decide who I drive for in 2014, I cannot guaranteethat I will stay with Williams

Pastor Maldonado walks the Yas Marina Circuit with his Williams crew

Pastor Maldonado walks the Yas Marina Circuit with his Williams crew

Venezuelan Formula 1 driver Pastor Maldonado said on Thursday that he had several offers on the table for next season and the decision to leave or stay at Williams would be up to him.

Responding to increasing paddock speculation that he is heading for Lotus, Maldonado told reporters at the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix that no decision had been made yet.

“The decision will be down to me, so I prefer to take some more time. I really hope to have the decision before the end of the season, still a couple of weeks to go so we’ll see,” he said.

“I cannot guarantee [that] I will leave the team or [that] I will stay.”

Pastor Maldonado undecided who he will drive for next season

Pastor Maldonado undecided who he will drive for next season

Maldonado, winner from pole position in Spain last year, has endured a grim season at former champions Williams with only one point to his and the team’s credit.

He said he was taking his time to analyse the offers because it was a big decision to make and he needed to feel comfortable with it.

Williams are switching from Renault to Mercedes power next season when the sport is undergoing a major upheaval with the introduction of a new turbocharged V6 and energy recovery systems. (Reuters)

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  • Spartacus

    SW4 Black Cabs on 0800 118 2494 are looking for drivers.

  • captain tortuga

    lol @ sparta.

    I just saw an vacancy at the local constructor, they are looking for someone to drive the ‘dozer’

  • rev

    Yet, he did win a GP2 championship and won Williams’ first GP in many years with an inferior Williams.

    Lotus is sensible to consider him. Yes, he’s still too wild and eager, but he has the speed and great sponsor backing.

  • Boycottthebull

    Please not Lotus, Please not Lotus. He seems so far removed from that win in Spain I keep thinking maybe I dreamt it and it didnt really happen?

  • the fan

    here’s the problem when you win a grand prix. drivers think they are that good to demand.

  • ZombieJebus

    Please leave Williams and go to LOLtus so I can go back to cheering for Williams and hating “Lotus”.

  • Butterfly

    OMG, Pastor is being subltle here. Dude, we know you’re going to Lotus!


  • Angela

    Which leaves no seat at Lotus for the Hulk!

    I really hope McLaren come to their senses, drop Perez and get Hulkenberg!

  • Fletcher

    Angela McLaren did come to their senses. That’s why they chose Perez over Hulkenberg. And why Ferrari or RedBull chose Riccardo and Kimi because Hulkenberg is just average. Hell even DiResta was par with him when they were teammates. Barichello showed him the way in Williams. He doesn’t even have a podium to his name for crying out loud. There is a reason why teams don’t pick him up. Same story with Kobayashi. A fan favourite but no team wants him.

  • Alonso_is_Slow

    Fletcher is an idiot.

    As a rookie, hulkenberg was outperforming rubens by the end of his first season.

    After a year off, he came back and whomped diresta.

    This year he, unlike Kimi, hasn’t given up and is now on top of his sauber and is often ahead of kimi or massa or webber and sometimes Hamilton and alonso.