Hard worker Vettel helped mechanics pack up garage after fourth title win

Sebastian Vettel celebrates with his crew in India

Sebastian Vettel celebrates with his crew in India

Sebastian Vettel halted his fourth F1 World Championship title-winning party in India to help his mechanics pack up the Red Bull garage, it has emerged.

Auto Motor und Sport correspondent Tobias Gruner said that he stopped by the team’s garage in the hours after the race to congratulate his countryman.

“Unfortunately I can’t shake your hand,” Vettel reportedly told Gruner, “because mine are completely dirty!”

Bild newspaper said that Vettel decided to help his colleagues so that they would have more time to join him at the celebratory party, held at the Radisson hotel.

A Red Bull mechanic told the Independent newspaper: “I really wish people could see this side of the guy.”

Sebastian Vettel celebrates with the Red Bull team

Sebastian Vettel celebrates with the Red Bull team

Undoubtedly, however, Vettel’s struggle for popularity is not just about his personality. Some question whether he really does stack up against Formula 1’s legends like Schumacher, Fangio, Prost and Senna.

Asked if the 26-year-old has only won four titles because Adrian Newey outpaces the rest of the field, Bernie Ecclestone answered: “I don’t think so. Actually, if anything it’s the opposite, although it’s undeniable that the machine has a big role in Formula 1.”

Sebastien Buemi, Red Bull’s reserve driver, told Brazil’s O Estado de S.Paulo that Vettel works hard for his success.

Sebastian Vettel celebrates after the Indian GP

Sebastian Vettel celebrates after the Indian GP

“When he wins a race, the next day he’s already at the factory, working on the simulator for the next race. It’s not true that he wins just because he has a great car. If the image of the car was the one Mark [Webber] gave it, it definitely wouldn’t be the same,” added Buemi.

Vettel’s former technical boss at Toro Rosso, Giorgio Ascanelli, said: “Sebastian reminds me of Ayrton [Senna].” In the 80s, the Italian was the great Senna’s race engineer.

“[Vettel] lives to be a driver. Like Senna, he also hates to lose. He was designed to win. Any other outcome means nothing,” Ascanelli added.

Red Bull’s Helmut Marko told Der Spiegel: “In Formula BMW, Sebastian won 18 of the 20 races, but the only thing he thought about was why he didn’t win those two races.”

Red Bull mechanics during the Indian GP weekend

Red Bull mechanics during the Indian GP weekend

Vettel’s Indian Grand Prix victory on Sunday was his fifth race win on the trot, his tenth of the season, and the 36th in his Formula 1 career.

Hans-Joachim Stuck, a German motor racing legend, thinks Vettel can beat Michael Schumacher’s all-time record of 91 wins.

“I think he can get 15 titles as well. Why not?” Stuck told Austrian Servus TV. “He is still incredibly young, so it’s easily possible.”

Meanwhile, Blick newspaper reports that although Vettel was scheduled to touch down in Zurich early on Monday, the only Formula 1 driver on the flight from Delhi was in fact his friend Kimi Raikkonen. (GMM)

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  • McLarenfan

    They are making him work off the fine the team got.
    Truth he wanted to go to the pub with the team.

  • Spartacus

    Seb helping pack up? I’ve never heard of any other driver doing this in F1. Although I do believe Schumi would stay late at the track too.

    The more I hear of Seb and the more success he has the more I’m convinced he’s the best there’s ever been. I don’t say that lightly either. Certainly up there with Senna and Schumi.

  • Yg bener aja…

    Fer, lu uda baca ini blom?
    Anak kesayangan lu jadi mekanik. Tangannya kotor kena oli, tapi jari pertama tetap bersih… namanya juga “finger boy”!

  • Yg salah aja

    Yah ud pasti lah jof finger boy sisain 1 jari buat korek memek.

  • Hugo

    Because one more guy helping out will really make that much of a difference, on a team of over 100 people, on how late they all stay in the garage… worst PR attempt ever.

  • Rockie

    The logic behind that is if you see a guy who has just driven a race and won the title packing with you it gives you extra energy to work he want everyone there celebrating with him that’s what you call team spirit.
    Do you think such mechanics wont ensure bolts and nuts are properly put on his car or spend several hours making sure everytin is alrite on the car?

  • Adriana

    In the picture of the TEAM celebration , have somebody saw Mark Webber? I wonder why the Mark couldn’t beat Vettel , if he , exclude himself of those celebrations, of maybe he was not invited?

  • Red Bull Cheats

    He helped pack up his side of the garage, not Mark’s side.

  • The fan

    Glad to see someone as dedicated as vettel but its really funny when fanboys respond to his every move like they just saw a monkey drive an f1 car

  • Boycotthehaters

    “Some question whether he really does stack up against Formula 1?s legends like Schumacher, Fangio, Prost and Senna.”

    Who questions? Nobody is ever named in these stupid “news stories”. When a journalist writes “some say” he always means ” I say”. The only people who “question whether Vettel is a true great are the hopelessly bigoted British press corp.

  • Taskmaster

    Love the mechanics comment about wishing everyone could see that side of the guy. The other comment about him being first to work on Monday on the simulator preparing for the next race, and the Marco comment about his winning 18 of 20 in F-BMW and fretting over why he lost those two… Vettel’s greatest weakness is he does not have a PR team working for him, he is a private individual in a spot-light business. He also lives in an era where the opinions of a few social media clowns is considered to carry the same weight as winning 4 championships in a row. Vettel should be congratulated for consistently performing under the most restrictive rules, and technically challenging periods in F1 history. He has the support of those close to him, those who do know him. No one here knows him as well, so the personal attacks are unwarranted on every level. I say this not from the position of a Vettel supporter, but from the perspective of a fan of F1. Seeing anyone attacked for being successful simply poisons the sport as a whole – for no positive gain what so ever.

  • icemanfan

    read the book How to Win Friends and Influence People by Dale Carnegie… it’s like Vettel’s bible. he lives his life by those principals everyday and THAT is why he is sucessfull- not the car, not newey. he has put himself in this poisition, he has worked towards being in the best car, he has fine tuned his people skills; his media skills.

    vettel is a true champion in more ways than one.

  • fools

    so you get cookies for helping to pack up? Do I need to get a cookie for cleaning my plate after I eat? lmfao :)

  • fools

    The media is doing there best to make Vettel likeable. RB from what I read from another website are funding how to get Vettel trend/popularity up higher in caliber to Alonso and Hamilton. They have mention to Vettel he needs to be more popular buy not using the finger and using a thumbs up. They need to work on Vettel being a “likeable” guy. I found that funny. PlanetF1 has the article if you dont believe me.

    This must be the truth/fact because Vettel is not popular at all. Not mention even with 4WDC in a row. He is still not favored by many.

    Schumi yes Vettel no. It isnt because of the media, not the internet…it is because of his antics and boyish kid like behavior.

    He is getting better with it…but no one is buying the fakeness he creates. He’s good but not great.

  • Vinnie hoejvang

    Of course he did :-)
    Not only is Vettel a fantastic driver, but do also have a great personality.

  • Alonslow

    Everyone saying he is a great person and great personality and great guy he is must have forgot what he done to MW as a team mate…

  • Bob Wheeler

    Alonslow- Screw what he did to Mark Webber. Other drivers have done worse including what Kimi did to Grosjean this last weekend. If that is the worse of his transgressions, it already makes him better than his peers.

  • Ukwhite

    Great human being and team player. He is in a league of his own in almost everything, but mostly painful for others, in racing. Honest, the way Vettel has dominating this year makes from Lewis, Alonso, Webber… taxi, truck, and wheelbarrow drivers. Joking :)

  • Taskmaster

    Bob W. – Right on! The team orders zealots showed their metal a few weeks ago as they were absolutely silent when Massa ignored them. Not only was their no outrage in defense of the sacred law of team orders, there was zero commentary, zero calls of cheating, zero calls for disciplinary action… zero, nada.. nothing but dead silence. Made it pretty obvious the issue was not about a violation of the teams loyalty, or slight of the precious Mark Weber, but simple hysterical elevation of a Vettel hater non-issue fueled by the media to sell ad space – using those who kept the volume cranked up as stooges to amp up sales. Credibility over team orders outrage is now nil.

  • Ukwhite

    @Taskmaster: Amazing, but you are absolutely correct, I almost missed it. A see a few reasons. It is always about who is on first position, worse if that position was taken for years, and the worst if the underdogs are Ferrari and his driver that struggle. Ferrari money is also big, their lobby the same. Amazing non-Alonso fans did not talk much about that, anither reason. If Vettel was in the discussion, the other fans would have gone bonkers. For some time, based on experience talking with F1 fans, some may have seen kind of difference between fan bases. Like driver like his fans, mind or attitude wise. Are Vettel’s fans funnier, less bully, and… why not 4 champion wiser :)

  • Adriana

    @ icemanfan well said , great comment !

  • haha

    @ Taskmaster, spot on. coming from a Ferrari fan.

    JUST LOOK AT THIS: h(xx)p://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fernando_Alonso#Controversies

    No other driver has a category dedicated to cheating!

  • icemanfan


    aryton senna, considered one of the best f1 drivers of all time, was probably the dirtiest driver we ever saw…

    you see my point?

  • sabby32

    He has no friends, of course he’s going to stay back and help! And even if he does…BIG DEAL!!! He’s still a selfish, immature knucklehead, no matter what the media writes!!!

  • Alonso_Is_Slow

    Pure PR stunt. Dirty hands from packing up? Yeah? Laughable attempt to make him seem likeable.