Ecclestone civil action to begin this week in German court

Bernie Ecclestone

Bernie Ecclestone

Formula 1’s attention will turn from Sebastian Vettel’s fourth world title celebrations to the inside of a courtroom early this week.

Reports say that while German prosecutors have not decided whether the bribery affair will go to criminal trial, a separate civil action will get underway in London on Tuesday.

Bloomberg news agency said that German prosecutors “may be watching for anything that will help their case”, as media company Constantin sues Formula 1 chief executive Bernie Ecclestone for $171 million for the alleged bribing of jailed banker Gerhard Gribkowsky.

“It’s not ideal, it would be better if it wasn’t happening, but we can’t change the court system,” Ecclestone, who is scheduled to appear and give evidence in the trial, said.

Former Minardi team owner Paul Stoddart said he is backing the British magnate, who turns 83 on Monday.

“I’ve not seen an ounce of credible evidence that proves [that] he is guilty,” he said. “Formula 1 will be much poorer the day Bernie is not there.” (GMM)

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  • michael schumacher

    Everyone seems to look the other way when anything that Bernie does. Face it…he paid off the guy so his trust could reap the benefit of the sale to CVC…plain and simple….bribery, extortion whatever you want to call it.

    He paid the guy off so that he wouldnt reveal the elaborate structure he has surrounding the commercial aspects of F1 to the english tax man. No wonder he wanted it kept queit since Bernie’s daughter has zero problem spending the money…..$25m for a house in hollywood sort of tells the tale don’t ya think?