Vettel: It has been hard for me to be booed when I have not done anything wrong

Sebstian Vettel on the podium after wrapping up his fourth world title with victory at the Indian GP

Sebstian Vettel on the podium after wrapping up his fourth world title with victory at the Indian GP

Sebastian Vettel roared into the record books as Formula 1’s youngest four-times world champion after winning the Indian Grand Prix, but admitted immediately afterwards that being booed in earlier races still upsets him.

The 26-year-old’s Red Bull team also took the constructors’ world championship for the fourth successive year.

“You’ve done it in style,” Red Bull principal Christian Horner shouted over the team radio as Vettel took the chequered flag with a massive 29.8-second lead over compatriot Nico Rosberg for Mercedes.

“Brilliant drive. You join the greats, mate. You’re up there.”

The victory from pole position was Vettel’s sixth in a row and completed a hat-trick in India where no other driver has won since the race made its debut on the calendar in 2011.

The booing began when Sebastian Vettel started his winning streak at the Belgian GP

The booing began when Sebastian Vettel started his winning streak at the Belgian GP

Vettel becames the fourth quadruple champion and only the third driver to land four titles in a row after Germany’s seven-times winner Michael Schumacher and the late Argentine Juan Manuel Fangio.

The German celebrated by adding some tyre smoke to the haze hanging over the Buddh International circuit, slowing the car on the pit straight and then spinning it around with some ‘donuts’ for the fans.

He got out, standing up on the car before crouching to kiss the front in a gesture of worship. Throwing his gloves into the grandstand, Vettel clambered over the pitwall to embrace Horner and designer Adrian Newey.

“How do I feel? I’m overwhelmed. One of the best days of my life so far,” he said in a podium interview alongside Rosberg and third-placed Frenchman Romain Grosjean who had roared through from 17th on the grid for Lotus.

Sebastian Vettel before the race in India

Sebastian Vettel before the race in India

“I am speechless and I was empty when I crossed the line. I spent ages thinking what to say, there is so much you want to say at a time like that.

“It has not been an easy season. From the outside people will think it was easy but it wasn’t. It has been hard for me in particular to be booed when I have not done anything wrong,” added Vettel.

The boos that marked some of his earlier wins were absent on Sunday, with the German’s title a foregone conclusion and the crowd happy to witness history in the making.

He had led Ferrari‘s Fernando Alonso, the only man who could put his celebrations on hold needed to finish in the top two but his hopes evaporated at the start when he tagged the rear of the Red Bull driven by Vettel’s team mate, Australian Mark Webber, and had to pit for a new front wing before rejoining the race in 20th place. The Spaniard finished out of the points in 11th spot.

Hence the 2013 title went to Vettel with three races still to run. (Reuters)

  • Hugo

    Not done anything wrong? He may have forgotten Malaysia, but he public hasn’t.

    Two-faced hypocrite!!!

  • Jay

    Hugo .. just look at what happened with Webber since then..
    Karma is a BIT@H!

  • johans

    After seeing him booed by the normally reserved Montreal crowd this year it makes me sad for humanity. So-called adults have now been reduced to pathetic little punks/bully’s.

  • Boycotthehaters

    I remember Malaysia. I remember RB trying to hand Webber a win on a silver platter which his own efforts did not deserve. I remember hypocritical “fans” who cheered Webber when he ignored team orders booing Vettel for doing the exact same thing. The sport needs a better class of fans.

  • Boycotthehaters

    Vettel was interviewed at the start of the 2008 season. Here’s part of it.

    Q: What’s the worst part of being a wunderkind?

    A: Being called that in the papers. I don’t give a (crap) if they call me ‘Baby Schumi’. Journalists have to write something otherwise they get sacked, so they write nonsense like that.

    Q: If you do achieve your goals though, you’re going to have an awful lot more nonsense written about you.

    He had great foresight, as journalists have indeed written an awful lot more nonsense about Vettel.

  • Ukwhite

    Stirling Moss, another gentleman and true racer: Vettel is a racer not a driver to let Webber win in Malaysia, he did what was right as a racer. And Moss is not only one, Walker, Lauda, etc. but guess what, only chair experts, true haters, still parrot the same thing.

  • MacStar

    Fangio, Senna, Schumacher, Raikkonen and Vettel would never thrive in a sport where you “let” your team mate win. I’m so looking foward to “Kimi, Fernando is faster than you….thanks…sorry” next year!

  • Henson


    then Kimi will get the sack twice. Looking forward to that.

  • Red Bull Cheats

    Vettel is too young to understand that if you get booed all over the world, there must actually be something you have done wrong. Alberto Contador broke one of the gentleman’s agreements in the Tour de France cycling race and got booed on the podium. A year later he was found to also be a drugs cheat. People who won at all costs are often booed. We want real champions, not cheats. We want gracious winners, not ego maniacs. There is a report that in Formula BMW Vettel got out qualified by his team mate, and come the race the team had secretly swapped the guy’s chassis to Vettel but the other driver had recorded the chassis number. Marko and Red Bull have been secretly supporting Vettel against his team mates for years. Vettel knows it with his arrogance towards Mark. Red Bull cost Mark the 2010 WDC by their pit strategy, using Webber as a sucker to allow Vettel to win. That is why people boo Vettel. It’s not disgraceful, it is justified.

  • Red Bull Cheats

    From article called “Webber: the stopwatch doesn’t lie.” – Dominik Jackson says “Our pre-season test was at Hockenheim and I was consistently faster than Seb. Before leaving I recorded my engine and chassis numbers, and when we arrived at the first round two weeks later they had swapped our chassis!… At the European Grand Prix support race I got pole and Seb was so pissed off that he ignored the chequered flag and tried again. He got a fine (but) when I got back to the paddock, pretty much the whole team stopped talking to me… I got on pole, yet there is a negative vibe”.

  • Boycotthehaters

    “Our pre-season test was at Hockenheim and I was consistently faster than Seb.

    Ha, ha! Vettel won 18 of 20 races that season in Formula BMW. “Consistently faster than Seb”, my rear end. Jackson is almost as deluded as the pathetic “Red Bull Cheats”.