Formula 1 world full of praise for Vettel as plaudits pour in after fourth title win

Sebastian Vettel four times F1 World Champion

Sebastian Vettel four times F1 World Champion

The champagne was still flowing as plaudits poured in after Sebastian Vettel wrapped up his fourth consecutive Formula 1 World championship title by dominating the Indian Grand Prix and thus bringing a close the 2013 edition of the championship with three races still remaining.

Fernando Alonso: “I congratulate Sebastian Vettel, they have been very strong and dominant, especially in the second half of the season and Red Bull deserve to be champions. We need to start thinking about next year and make things more difficult for him.”

Nigel Mansell: “Many congratulations to Red Bull and Seb for another outstanding season brilliant achievement fourth World Championship in a row.”

Sebastian Vettel with Fernando Alonso

Sebastian Vettel with Fernando Alonso

Alain Prost: “I’m delighted to see Sebastian win the title today. He is a great driver and he has had some outstanding wins this year, some of the best of his career so far. Singapore was one of those wins: he was fighting all the way but he made it look easy, which is always a mark of a worthy winner. You can see he is methodical in his approach, builds a strong team around him that is 100% motivated for success and is entirely focused on the end result. He is a great champion and I don’t think this title will be his last. He has a good team around him, stability with the technical team and with Renault, and of course he is still young enough to challenge for more. I’m pleased to see him equal my four titles. I wish him all the best to go on and win others and become a great Renault champion.”

Nico Rosberg: “Sebastian has done an amazing job and deserves to be champ. We will do everything possible over the winter to be competitive next season.”

Sebastian Vettel with Lewis Hamilton

Sebastian Vettel with Lewis Hamilton

Lewis Hamilton: “Congratulations to Sebastian – a four-times World Champion that’s pretty awesome. He’s now in the legendary books – he already was. To do it at such a young age – I think he’s 26 – is pretty phenomenal. He’s broken quite a few records these past few years. I’ll try and catch him at some stage, though he’s probably going to be too busy from now on.”

Daniel Ricciardo: “Vettel? Phenomenal! Particularly since the summer break, when he grabbed the title and never let anyone else look at it.”

Jenson Button: “Congratulations to Seb for winning his fourth world championship. That’s very impressive – especially to win four in a row. His team did a great job, Adrian Newey demonstrated how good he is, and Seb finished it off nicely with a win.”

Sebastian Vettel with Jenson Button

Sebastian Vettel with Jenson Button

Sergio Perez: “I want to say big congratulations to Sebastian. He’s shown over the past few years that he’s a truly great champion. He’s had a great season; what he’s achieved is incredible. Now, I really hope we can fight against him next season!”

Heikki Kovalainen: “Congrats to Vettel & RB, amazing job they’ve done over the last few seasons.”

Stefano Domenicali: “Congratulations to Vettel and @redbullracing, they deserved this win and these World Titles”.

Christian Horner: “Let’s take nothing away from Sebastian not just today but for the whole season. He knew his strategy was to get through the traffic and he did it. He worked his way back through the field and he created the opening for himself today. It was hugely emotional for everyone to see him cross the line. I said to him to try and do it in style and he did and to win this Indian Grand Prix for the third successive time is incredible.”

Sebastian Vettel with Christian Horner and Adrian Newey

Sebastian Vettel with Christian Horner and Adrian Newey

Adrian Newey: “His [Sebastian’s] feet are on the ground, he is just an ordinary kid who has not lost sight of who he is despite the success he has had. He is very humble, very intelligent, he has that process like all the greats of being able to drive and be conscious of what is going on around him all the time. It has been a real pleasure to work with him.”

Ross Brawn: “Congratulations to Sebastian Vettel on winning his fourth World Championship. To win multiple championships as he has done, you must be not just a driver but also a fantastic team member, and he clearly has all the attributes that requires. It’s now up to us to stop him.”

Eric Boullier: “We give our congratulations to Sebastian Vettel and Red Bull for their Championship victory today, and also our promise that we’re working hard to give them a tougher battle in 2014.”

Martin Whitmarsh: “Congratulations to Sebastian today. He once again drove faultlessly to put the title beyond the reach of his closest rival. To win four world titles – particularly four in a row – is incredibly impressive stuff. He’ll have a few days to enjoy this achievement, but it’s a mark of his relentless competitiveness that I’m sure he’ll be fighting for victory in Abu Dhabi in a week’s time.”

Franz Tost with Sebastian Vettel during their days together at Toro Rosso

Franz Tost with Sebastian Vettel during their days together at Toro Rosso

Franz Tost: “Congratulations to Sebastian Vettel and Infiniti Red Bull Racing for their wonderful achievement today, with Seb taking a truly remarkable fourth consecutive Drivers’ title and the team doing the same in the Constructors’ title.”

Toto Wolff: “Congratulations to Sebastian Vettel on his fourth consecutive World Championship. He has done a perfect job since the summer break and this is a richly deserved title.”

Jean-Michel Jalinier: “Congratulations to Sebastian on his fourth title. He has shown great panache this year against very tough competition and fully deserved to win this season. It is a proud moment for Renault too, as Sebastian has taken the number of drivers’ titles we have to which we have contributed to 11, five of which have been won with the Renault V8 engine. We are very incredibly proud to have been able to maintain our quality and success throughout this entire period and to give great drivers like Sebastian the opportunity to do justice to their innate talent.”

Michael Carrick: “Massive congrats to @redbullracing and Sebastian Vettel. The quadruple double. What an achievement #pushtheboundaries.”

Lukas Podolski: “World Champion again! Congrats to Sebastian Vettel – what a sportsman.”

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  • Quazi

    Congrats Seb ….all the way from Bangladesh!

  • SJ Ling

    Congratulations to S. Vettel!!

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    Congratulations to Sebastian Vettel…..yes , yes

  • Ukwhite

    Wonder what Hamilton is gonna spit it out a few days later… It may take a few weeks though, he should digest firstly Perez’s dust ingested in today’s race. Empty head.

  • K-15-

    Congrats sebastian. You won your last tittle.

  • alf henery

    Congrats Seb. From your number 1 fan in South Africa

  • Ukwhite

    If IVettel was a team, he would be on second place with 322 points (~70% of all RB’s points) followed by Mercedes with 313 and Ferrari with 309. That may be another record. This guy is fantastic.

  • Bowz27

    Awesome job, very well deserved. 4 time champ, now one of the greats.

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    Congratulations Sebastian Vettel and Red Bull

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    BORING! BORING!! BORING!!!……awful season with no competition……i never complained when Shumi won ….lol

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    Congratulations Sebastian Vettel

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    Many Many Congratulation to Sebastian Vettel on his becoming the world champion and on successive fourth title!!!

    I wish him all the success in this world for the years to come!!!

    He is truly remarkable, humble and and artist in his own class!!!

  • Imran

    Congrats Seb. A great job since the start of the 2nd half season this year. Taking maximum 150 points was impossible for a normal racing driver..

    You’re a quadruple world champion by now.. A switch to another team may show your ability to achieve WDC without Adrian Newey.. Thats much more better in the future

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    Congratulations Sebastian! All the way from South Africa … I saw someone earlier say he is your Number 1 fan … Actually I am your Number 1 fan … You are not only a great champion but a wonderful human being!

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    Outstanding, sublime Seb (and RBR). Given me great joy for the past 4/5 years. Been top of my idols parade since saw a report in which you were quoted as saying you’d even drive for free. Whar a champ! What a wonderful human being. Now for some more to beat those booing boors!

  • Lindsay

    PS From your REAL NO 1 South African fan ;-)