Newey: Lots of other things I would like to be involved in, maybe the America’s Cup, who knows?

Adrian Newey has ambitions beyond F1

Adrian Newey has ambitions beyond F1

Red Bull‘s design guru and the acknowledged mastermind of the World Champion team’s success, Adrian Newey has hinted that his time in Formula 1 may be coming to an end.

As Sebastian Vettel prepares to drive his Newey-penned Red Bull to an easy fourth consecutive World Championship in India this weekend, the designer of his car admitted his eyes may be wandering elsewhere.

“I’m 54 now,” Newey told the Telegraph, “and there are lots of other things I would like to be involved in.

“Maybe the America’s Cup, who knows?” added Briton Newey, recognised as perhaps the greatest Formula 1 designer of all time.

Adrian Newey has been a vital component to the success of Red Bull and Sebastian Vettel

Adrian Newey has been a vital component to the success of Red Bull and Sebastian Vettel

But he played down the prospect he will move his sights to designing a competitive yacht in the very near future.

“It’s a bit too late (for 2014) isn’t it?” he said. “My immediate future lies in Formula 1. I’m fully committed to next year and the new regs.”

Telegraph correspondent Tom Cary speculated that Red Bull magnate Dietrich Mateschitz might want to put together his own America’s Cup team, with Newey at the drawing board.

“Maybe,” Newey answered. “It’s not something I have spent a lot of time talking to Dietrich about I’m afraid.” (GMM)

  • Ukwhite

    This is the guy Ron Denis said he became a dinosaur in the design, outdated in other words.

    As a result a pissed off Newey joined Red Bull. And guess who are the suckers in hindsight? McLarens and all Rons….

  • Angela

    @Ukwhite – I am pretty sure Newey left McLaren because he was asking for wage raise which was much higher than McLaren were eager to offer. Red Bull never had a problem, at least officially, meeting his demands so they got him! Perhaps Ron Dennis referred to him as a “dinosaur” in the sense that he’s very traditional in the way he’s designing his cars. Not using computers etc. but a drawing board.

    Overall, I think he never felt so ‘at home’ for various reasons at McLaren. The other option was obviously Ferrari, and he wasn’t keen on moving to Italy because of his family, so there was no alternative at that point in terms of budget and facilities. Then Red Bull came along, they could offer what he wanted and he could built the team as he wanted, so it was probably a no brainer!

    I hope he releases an autobiography or someone from the inside writes about the history of Red Bull at some point in the next few years! It’d definitely be an interesting read!

  • sebolonso

    Wonder who is behind this master plan to pull out Newey from F1 and Red Bull. Time for Vettel to pack his Maranello bag.