Hamilton: If Fernando had been in that car…he would be far beyond where Vettel is

Sebastian Vettel with Lewis Hamilton after the Belgian GP

Sebastian Vettel with Lewis Hamilton after the Belgian GP

Lewis Hamilton claims that, at the wheel of a Red Bull, Fernando Alonso’s feats would be far beyond what Sebastian Vettel has achieved. Hamilton, made the remark, despite having recently clarified his views about Vettel’s dominance following suggestions that he lacked respect for the German.

“Feel the need to clarify my thoughts,” he wrote on Twitter earlier this month. “Seb is great champion!”

However, when asked recently by the Spanish sports daily AS if he would have won four titles at the wheel of Vettel’s Red Bull, Briton Hamilton answered: “I can’t really say. It would be foolish of me to say that.”

“But what is clear to me is that if Fernando (Alonso) had been in that car…he would be far beyond where Vettel is now. He would have won even more easily,” added Hamilton.

Belgian GP podium  Fernando Alonso,  Sebastian Vettel and Lewis Hamilton

Belgian GP podium Fernando Alonso, Sebastian Vettel and Lewis Hamilton

When asked about the general lack of respect for Vettel’s achievements, Adrian Newey – who pens the dominant Red Bull – put it down to “jealousy”.

Niki Lauda, however, is full of praise for the German, who will stroll to his fourth title in India on Sunday.  He need only finish fifth to secure the 2013 World Drivers’ Championship, his fourth successive title.

“If the good lord had mixed a cocktail with all the best features of a racing driver,” Lauda told Auto Bild, “Sebastian Vettel [would be] the result.” (GMM)

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  • Batloun76

    What Hamilton is saying called in Lebanon (moving jaws) only, mean: nonsense, an idiot talk coming from the mouth of the most arrogant driver on the grid, he is only saying this to prove he is the best cos he beat Alonso on their first year together at McLaren.

  • Tamburello_1994

    “He would have won even more easily.”

    Silly ass comment Lewis. Completely absurd.

    Your jealousy couldn’t be more obvious, Lewser.

  • realf1fan

    I have to agree with Lewis TBH there are about a couple of drivers who would equal or better Vetrtels achievements if driving some of the cars Vettel has been driving.

    It must be hard for some drivers who know that they could beat Vettel in similar performing car to see his achievements due to him having access to far better tools than the rest.

  • Spartacus

    In Seb’s first season in the Red Bull then, yes, Lewis is probably right. The maturity of Alonso would have been an advantage, but Alonso would have found it hard to live with Webber too.

    In the last couple of years certainly not. Vettel not only is the quickest but turning out to be rather smarter too. And still likes to have a bit of fun by getting the fastest lap; much to the worry of Horner!

    Lewis, however, really should look to himself. He was quicker than Alonso. Quicker but not experienced enough to get the best out of every condition or circuit. Even became World Champion once. But after he got a taste of the celebrity lifestyle and became pals with a whole load of rappers and certain lady he’s not really been there. He certainly could have been a multiple world champion now if he’s concentrated on the driving, rather than being destined to just be a footnote in history.

  • Ukwhite

    Gary Anderson has said about Lewis that you don’t know what Lewis is coming Thursday in padock…

    In other words an imbalanced individual,

    Quod Erat Demonstrandum.

  • pengmalups

    lewis, i’m also your fan but please shut up!

  • Nj

    If alonso is winning hami will bash that he can beat alon in same car.it is pure mind game yar. Like gary anderson when thursday you dont know what is in lewis mind.

  • Beer Monster

    Alonso couldn’t even pass petrov with a world championship at stake. He was brought to ferarri with great fanfare and raikkonen was sent packing. He’s delivered nothing even with massa having to play the stooge. The most over rated driver in history.

    Hamilton has been something of a disappointment too. The cream floats to the top. Vettel is winning with ease time and again because he’s better on a bad day than Alonso/ Hamilton at their best. Vettel is the new senna far too good for the rest. I wish he would go to ferarri with Alonso as his team mate and show up Alonso for the fraud that he is.

  • K-15-

    Why don’t you shut the f*** up and f****** drive you quarter bearded moron.

  • f1 fan

    lewis is fernandos bitch!!

  • the fan

    i agree with lewis’ opinion on this fernando vs sebastian debate. seb may be the better driver on a one lap sprint but overall race craft on a sunday id give it to fernando. no disrespect to vettel but im yet to be convinced he is that good. however i dont know why lewis is talking too much about this, he should just keep it to himself. he’s looking too jealous about vettel’s success at the moment.

  • Taskmaster

    Hamilton’s PR campaign to become great through press release, scripted commentary, photo shoot and pandering to media is an interesting strategy for passing a competitor off-track, when the effort on-track has been so embarrassing. As Vettel approaches his 4th WDC in a row for a team that prior managed no greater than 5th in the WCC, Hamilton is once again taking up his equally familiar 4th/5th in the standings. How any driver could accomplish more than Vettel for Red Bull is a mystery. Meanwhile, Lewis’s man-crush on the great Fernando is quite sweet. What a lovely turn from just a few years ago, when the two couldn’t stand one another.

  • Silly-F1

    The red bull dominance in the past few years should all be attributed to the the genious of Adrian Newey. Anyone of the current ex WC would post similar results or better driving Vette’s car without any boos from the crowd.

  • Ukwhite

    Adrian Newey, woulda, coulda, shoulda, all this pathetic discourse of some. That is quite lame to think about something that cannot happen. Vettel is the Special One, the best advice is just suck it up and enjoy the show.

  • johans

    what a joke, oh yeah nice earings

  • sebolonso

    Lewis and Freds urea level is about same, when you read their statements. They should both return under Ron’s wings and let him do the talking.

  • Fools Heaven

    many people have driven Adrian Newey’s car, but how many were as dominant as Vettel is, that is what everybody needs to understand.
    No matter how good the car is, one still has to drive it to the finish line.

  • bmendon

    Saying that anybody could achieve what Vettel has accomplished if they drove his car is just stupid and demonstrates a lack of knowledge about the sport. It also demonstrates a lack of knowledge about Vettel’s driving. Using that logic (or lack thereof) Webber should be a world champion at least once in the last four years. Vettel has proven he can drive by starting from pit lane and ending on the podium and by driving a damaged car from last place to 6th in Brazil to win the last WDC.

  • Boycotthehaters

    “The red bull dominance in the past few years should all be attributed to the the genious of Adrian Newey.”

    There has been no “Red Bull dominance” in the last few years, only Vettel dominance. The only person who has ever made Newey’s cars look dominant is Vettel.

  • Boycotthehaters

    “When asked about the general lack of respect for Vettel’s achievements, Adrian Newey – who pens the dominant Red Bull – put it down to “jealousy”.”

    What “general lack”? There is poor bitter Hamilton, and then who else?

  • farizY

    Vettel on his way to his fourth title,and yet,he still needs to prove himself worthy? What a load of bullcrap.

  • Boycotthehaters

    I’m seriously starting to to wonder if Hamilton is not mentally ill. One day he says one thing, a day later he says the complete opposite. One day Vettel is a “legend”, the next day he’s not a legend, his car is. What the hell?

  • Ukwhite

    It is about him, him, him… What those full-upper-body-tattoos are for, if not singling himself to draw attention.

    Lewis beat Alonso when teammates, so saying Alonso would have been far beyond where Vettel is, it is in fact talking about himself, how good he would be than Seb if he had the drink company’s car. He clearly has many issues, some are quite serious.

  • nakagoli

    realf1fan. I think it is you whose the real tool. Lewser has lost his marbles.

  • lawl

    what is all that fernando

  • lawl

    damn web page… what is all that fernando love? Lewis used to be cool

  • Joe Kinnear

    “And if Kimi was in that car… he would be millions of miles ahead of Fernando”

    That’s what Lewis should have added.

  • Angela

    I think someone is getting very frustrated because his career has “stalled”…

    I used to have great respect both for Alonso and Lewis, but since they have started whining about Red Bull winning only because of the car blah blah blah, I am starting to like them less and less every day!

  • Red Bull Cheats

    If Alonso was in the car he would have achieved nothing, because Marko would have favoured Webber with the secret traction control, and given all the development parts to Vettel.

  • Alonso_is_Slow

    Alonso is one of the worst, if not the worst, drivers in the field. The red bull is constantly off the pace, but vettel lifts it to the top. Fact.

  • vnbrtzl

    Shut your suck Hamilton

  • sebolonso

    @Red Bull Cheats: Alonso create chaos where ever he goes. No team player. Red Bull would not take him, even if they got him for free. And talking about cheating…how do You think Flavio´s adapt have been successful. By singing in sunday church…yeah, right.

    Does spygate and Bruno Senna ring a bell…and its not the ones in Maranello on sundays.

  • otiva

    So all of you imbeciles up there stinking with immeasurable hatred, & are easily manipulated by how the media projects drivers & their words…yeah freaking out behind your keyboards, putting down words that reflects your own personalities…
    What Hamilton said about what could have been Alonso’s dominance if he had a faster car like the RB, was mentioned by many. its an old assumption and its not a big deal.

    Take a pill & chill & stop offending any of the drivers who are the best in the world risking their lives so you all can enjoy 90 minutes or so of entertainment. They all deserve your respect if you’ve got any of it.

  • Silly-F1

    Well said Otiva!!!

  • Richard

    Hamilton is just a spoiled baby, who cries over everything. He is upset he will never be as good as vetted. As far as Alonso he is a has been and his days are numbered!

  • Richard

    Hamilton is jealous, he will never been as successful as Vettel.

  • Michael Schumacher

    There must be some truth to it to what lewis is saying. It’s a common impression not only to casual fans but to the media and unbelievably from the people in the paddock as well.

  • Brave_Heart

    I want people to know that i am no Alonso Fan.
    Now! Hamilton, who has driven alongside Fernando, I would Value his opinion about Alonso More then someone who just started watching formula1 on his plazma screen.
    Have been F1 follower for more then 30 years and I must admit, I have never, NEVER seen such a complete driver, as Alonso is.
    I respect that guy for what he does on track.
    You may have noticed that there are not many Fernando Alonso interviews on websites as there are Vettel’s (Please dont miss F1 official website, there is one from seb every week). thats because Alonso dont need any word to prove. he uses track as his canvas, and Car as a bruch, and a result, every week I see the most beautiful drive from this guy.
    Honestly, Competition without Alonso would be boring as hell as RedBull will have no one to steal their sleep.

  • Butterfly

    What a shock, Vettel is holding Red Bull back.

    Seriously, I’ve said that myself a couple of times, so hearing it from Lewis just confirms I was right.

    If Adrian Newey really thinks a pro like Lewis is jealous, then maybe he, himself, is an idiot.

    I can’t wait for the “experts” here to present “facts” to me, especially those that use at least three different aliases to post the same “opinions”.

  • F1 Fan For A Long Time

    @ Alonso_is_Slow

    You manage to trash Alonso as a terrible driver in every single thread.
    You really are some sort of tool with a chip on his shoulder.

  • sebolonso

    Finally when Ferrari gives Massa the equipment to compete with his team mate you can see the result, as today in India.

    Alonso has a respectable track of zero result for past four years in wdc battle. Today he crowned it with zero points in race. What a loser. The other master of loosing&whining is Lewis. He was beaten by his team mate Rosberg today fair&square. So, what are your so called experts saying about this.The reason for failure is naturally somewhere else than behind the wheel. Or is it.

  • Lewis Seb Hamiltonn

    Obviously i would have to agree with myself.

    I am the best driver out there and i’m saying Seb is no good and fernando is better simply because people think that i won against him (fernando) when we were in Macca, when i had everything and everyone including Ron backing me up (the “matador” never really had a chance inside the team but i guess nobody saw that, not even him–hmm wonder if that’s why he left after one season? naaah).

    So when i say Fernando is the best, it is actually a self-lauding remark, since by correlation i am the best because i beat him when i first got onboard F1 in 2007 in Macca with him as teammate. Seb is just a smokescreen but actually, generally, mostly and nearly 100% of the time i respect Germans, him particularly (i sewar by my 5 o’clock shadow).

    Seriously deep down inside i crave to be Seb. I’m not even sure i will outqualify him the way Mark does (once every blue moon) in that fine Red Bull of a car. I’m just masking my Freudian insecurities especially since I’ve had my own championship drought for the past, what, 6 years? WHooo how time flies in F1.

    So cheerio! Cheers to Seb. I hope my oxymoronic remarks haven’t confused you eh coz you’re champ once more (ugggh). But Fernando is the best. And so am I. And so is Narain. And so is Kamui…and Adrian, and Jenson and Felipe and Charles and Kimi and so is…

    Im going to shut up now..but come next year when Seb wins the championship i’ll be saying the same thing again. Unless I win the championship then it’s high moral ground all the way hehe.


  • fools


  • fools



  • izzo

    Hamilton in a redbull, would definitely pull off more pole positions that vettel over a season and if you start from pole ur race is abit easier

  • john brink

    Vettel has achieved a win in a Torro Rosso and is currently the best that F1 has to offer. Mark even says that he is in another catogory. With some of the above remarks I can only say ‘Shame!!’ Now that Massa is able to drive he is showing Alonso up. If they had put the yellow tyres on Massas car then Alonso would not have caught him!

  • Alonso_is_slow

    @F1 Fan For A Long Time

    not my comment above – havent commented for a long time – it is just a bitter Alonso fan’s vendetta against me with these comments

    does not matter, enjoying the show