Alonso: I remain confident in this team and there is no controversy

Fernando Alonso in the Ferrari pit garage

Fernando Alonso in the Ferrari pit garage

Fernando Alonso has played down ongoing reports and speculation that he is looking for the exit at Ferrari.

The Spaniard was this year publicly rebuked by Luca di Montezemolo, and privately by Stefano Domenicali, after making critical remarks about the fabled team.

Strong reports said that Alonso looked to leave Ferrari – who have failed to deliver him a car capable of winning the World Championship in four seasons, for Red Bull or McLaren.

However, he is quoted by Spain’s Marca newspaper as insisting that his situation at Ferrari “has not changed at all”.

“I would obviously like to win the Championship, and be closer in years like this, but we are second – something that half the grid cannot even dream of.

“Lately there is a trend or a movement to say something is bad or to create controversy, but to say everything is the same does not sell as much,” Alonso said in India.

Fernando Alonso has been on the podium eight times this year

Fernando Alonso has been on the podium eight times this year

“I remain confident in this team,” he insisted. “I have no doubt about their work and their determination to [build] a very good car for 2014.”

Alonso also seemed to play down the likelihood of a shock switch to McLaren, saying that Ferrari is one of the best-placed teams to take on dominant Red Bull outfit.

“We have to congratulate Red Bull for what they have done,” he is quoted by Brazil’s Totalrace. “Some teams like McLaren and others cannot even reach the podium.”

But as for his title rival Sebastian Vettel, who is on the cusp of a fourth consecutive Drivers’ title, Alonso said he is not in a position to judge the German’s greatness.

“I cannot [judge], because I have not been close enough to him,” said Alonso to a round of laughter from reporters. (GMM)

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  • Spartacus

    Who would have him?

    Bridges well and truely burnt at McLaren.

    Red Bull have Vettel.

    Lotus have in their past had Alonso twice already.

    Who else but Ferrari could give Alonso such a fast car? At times during the last few seasons the fastest car on the grid and yet Alonso still couldn’t win.

    Even Ferrari have lost confidence in Alonso and signed another top level driver in Kimi.

  • Alonso_is_slow

    Alonso is a joke. He is a number two driver. He has been soundly beaten by every team mate he’s had. Even massa (when he us allowed equal equipment).

  • Pradeep

    @Spartacus : Guess you didnt hear Mclaren saying they would love to have Alonso. Moreover he had insisted quite a few times that he would like to end his career in a Ferrari.

    Alonso never had the fastest car in the past 3 years. You can have the look at the fastest lap records of the past seasons.

    The Reason Ferrari signed Kimi is that to win a constructors championship you need points from both drivers of the team. Which lacked when Massa was around(look at the points gap between the two).

    Hope this helps.

  • Hawk

    Bridges are never burnt in F1, or sports in general.

  • Ukwhite

    I wish Vettel was in the Ferrari for the last years to see if the car is indeed slow, firstly.

    Secondly, Vettel may have proved he could better contribute to the car development. Gary Anderson, the F1 tech guru mentioned Vettel is the best setting a car, just for the records.

    No question Ferrari is waiting for Vettel, let’s wait and see.

  • sebolonso

    @Pradeep: McLaren is not interested in Alonso as driver, but the money from Honda and Santander they receive by signing him.

    Alonso has failed at Ferrari. Next Year he will have a supporting role, while Kimi will be lead driver as latest Ferrari wdc.

    Alonso is aware off this and that is the reason why he tries to find another seat somewhere else. But who would want to have an overpaid and overrated whiner in the team, unless it brings a huge load off sponsorship money.

  • Saša

    Greatest driver of all for now is Michael Schumacher, for bringing Ferrari from dust to glory. Remember 1996.
    Now, it’s time for Alonso to do the same and proof his own greatness.
    This year was bad when Ferrari let Red Bull to play them down with tires. OK. Be smart next time and do better job.
    And Ferrari, fix that wind tunnel once and for all.
    You can’t fight with empty gun.

    About McLarren and following years, who say that they will be any good with Honda? No one can give any guarantee. It’s unknown territory for all.

    I wonder why McLarren even talk about Alonso. Is something wrong with Jenson. For me he is equally good as Alonso.

  • Pradeep

    Not sure how Honda and Alonso have been linked .But i still feel it was Ferrari which let down Alonso than the later. remember he was voted the driver of 2012 season by team principals driving a shitty Ferrari.

    Do agree that he will pushed to the limit by Kimi, isn’t it what each racer wants ? that brings out the best of a racer. I believe it will be equal between the 2 drivers next season.

    Do you think Ferrari would let go Alonso(irrespective the reason) ? Lets see.

    Seb- committed to redbull,
    Lewis – Committed to Mercedes

    No other driver in the line up are in the same class as the above 3. So basically, Alonso is as important to Ferrari as Ferrari is to him.

  • Ukwhite

    @sebolonso: The only comment I have is about Kimi. I am a Kimi fan, but I do believe, he made a wrong move to Ferrari. Alonso is going to beat him, and that will tarnish Kimi’s reputation as a driver. He is good, but I rate Alonso higher. The current championship status is a mirror of values, that is my opinion.

  • sebolonso

    @Sasa: Alonso is a two time liar. First of all, there is a lot off controversy in the Ferrari team presently and secondly, Alonso’s time has come to move somewhere else from reds.

    LdM gave him an hint in public, Domenicali came out public with his private reprimand, Kimi was signed against Alonso’s will, Massa was fired and so on. How much more evidence is needed for Alonso to understand that he is no longer wanted in reds.

    Perhaps the supporting role for Kimi next season will do the rest.

  • sebolonso

    @Ukwhite This time around Kimi has Shell to back him up at Ferrari. Enzo Ferraris personal an oldest sponsor of Ferrari since 1929 is something else than new comer Santander:). I wouldn’t be to worried about Kimi’s status in the team. Shell is the shield covering him from Santander intrigues.

    I agree with You about Alonso to certain degree. He is good and fast, but I think Kimi is better. Kimi has also advantage on mental side. Alonso is presently trying to convince everybody around he is relaxed. I think situation is exactly opposite and that will effect his driving in 2014.

  • Saša

    I hope that they won’t change drivers at least for next year.
    Tho anything is possible.
    But as I suspect that next year will be rubbish, we will have only Alonso-Kimi battle.
    Alonso want his number 1 status and Kimi is without compromise. That must be good. Crazy, but, at least something. Specially if Renault build strong and reliable engine. Season will in end around Canadian GP.

  • Ukwhite

    @sebolonso: That will make my day if Kimi beats Alonso next year. I will gladly loose may bet on Alonso for 2014 beating Kimi.

    If you are in, a case of Pilsner Urquell beers on Alonso.

  • sebolonso

    @Sasa: Kimi and Alonso are the two best drivers of their generation. Both are ending their careers in a couple of years in F1. This battle is not about money, it is about the legacy they leave behind.

    When we have seen this battle with equal equipment, we can evaluate which one of them have more skills. I will put all in for Kimi.

  • sebolonso

    @Ukwhite: So You mean You are a winner both ways:).

    The bet is on. I put all in for Kimi.

    Btw I like ABBA and especially ” The winner takes it all”…:).

  • Saša

    Funny but I will love to see Kimi wining Championship next year.
    That would be something that no one ever did.
    To win the Championship two times with same team in first season. lol

    Let’s dream big.

  • Ukwhite

    @Sasa: That won’t happen… I admit I like Kimi more for his cool personality, Finnish people are amazing, but his time is running out. The younger pack of wolves is just sensational. Times have dramatically changed, mice and joysticks type technologies are too much for oldies, joking… Next year Vettel and Newey Co and their experience and confidence is still there, that is a bit a show stopper for any Ferrar’s dream.

  • F1 Neutral

    Kimi’s racecraft that he brought back into F1 surprised me. He was always mighty fast, and came so close to the 2003 title, and had it not been for the ever-breaking McLarens of the mid-2000’s we might have seen him take another title there too.

    It’s very hard to compare the two, as both have such good craft. I’ve never thought of Kimi as a driver that excels in the rain (remembering Spa 2008 amongst his wet weather crashes) wheareas Alonso at Ferrari usually excels in the wet.
    I would have said before that Kimi is faster over a single lap but Alonso, being the thinker, is quicker over a complete race distance.
    It will be close for sure. It’s the only battle I’m looking forward to in 2014 – let’s hope that blown turbos don’t ruin this inter-team battle.

    I’m not a hater on Lewis, but I still feel he has too many distractions. He always appears downbeat, and always seems great at qualifying but not so great in the races. I know a lot of this is to do with the Merc but it was a little similar at McLaren too.

    Seb has just gone to another level. I don’t think any driver can touch him.

  • fools

    @spartacus is always the first to comment his love for Alonso yet again. He never had the fastest car this year. It was always between RB and Merc this yr. More so Lotus at time bringing pace in the race if not sometimes qualifying. Alonso makes the Ferrari do more then it should when it lacks 1.5 seconds from RB. Ferrari have gone backwards in terms of development like 2011. When RB blew off the grid. Why is it people first complain about Ferrari and Alonso when the other teams are being blown right now. Yet Alonso in the 4th and sometimes 5th fastest car is 2nd in points? Go kiss Vettel arse already! I swear people do not comment if you do not know F1. Save it for the rest of us who do know.

  • Ytr

    I can’t respect a driver who routinely gets outqualified by his teammates. I respect outright raw talent in speed and Alonso does not have it.

  • Spartacus_Madness

    I cannot respect your mother for giving birth to you.

  • Nando Alfonso

    Alfonso the Samurai Warrior is a joke!
    He thought he could repeat Schumacher’s successes at Ferrari but where is he now?
    Sorry Alfonso you haven’t even one a single championship with Ferrari, Schumacher The Greatest Of All Time won 5 with them!
    What does that mean?
    It means you are a joke Alfonso, that’s what it means.
    Nothing but a trumped up pay driver who lucked out in ’05 and ’06.
    Go and retire to your pathetic little country that’s dragging Europe down, just as you’re dragging down Ferrari.

  • flaf1

    alonso is the best f1 driver for 1 simple reason.

    all the attacks against him saying how bad he is. if that was true you wouldn’t have anything to say about him. no one says things about buttons year or how kimi gets out qualified by grosjean on a regular basis or how hamilton can’t win even from pole or how webber’s year has gone or, oh forget it you know i’m right the best always have the most fans and the get the most hatred from fans of other drivers.

  • flaf1

    i didn’t even mentions massa.

  • F1 Fan For A Long Time


    You’re completely right.

    Vettel is also a great driver, and it’s no coincidence that he gets a similar amount of ignorant hatred to Alonso.

  • andrew nimnej

    Am I the only person on the planet actually witnessing motoring absurdity in this moronic so called FIA F1 World Championships. Racing ended many decades ago when the obvious political influences (we know who you are!) started too manipulate important presidencies within the business of this grand spectacle leaving it a rolling procession of motor cars struggling all in a row trying to overtake each other on flimsy rubber doing the best they possibly can meanwhile,Sebastian Vettel in his WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP RACE SPECIFICATION WINNING(every other grid car except for the red bulls have a different car spec,this should be regulatory throughout the whole grid but not for ‘red bull’) saunters on to the finish line as usual. I agree,certainly many aspects of this motorsport have been excellent. Along with their concern for safety in racing but on the contrary,the decisions that have been made against certain drivers that have been witch hunted & downed on,& have been penalised while others get off with minor finger waving. Shame on you formula 1,you killed a special sport in many people’s hearts,hope you’re all proud of your sad cultish franchise, Peace,outro!!