Silly season latest has Massa going to Williams for next five years

Felipe Massa

Felipe Massa

A Brazilian website is reporting that Felipe Massa has agreed a five-year deal to stay in Formula 1 with the British team Williams.

Diario Motorsport‘ said that the Brazilian, who has lost his Ferrari race seat, will replace Pastor Maldonado, who could take his lucrative PDVSA backing to Lotus.

The report said that the news, with 32-year-old Massa to be “paid a wage” by Williams rather than become a pay-driver, will be announced “in the next days or even hours”.

But for now, it remains just a report, even though it is interesting that, only very recently, Massa decided to ‘follow’ Oxfordshire based Williams on Twitter. (GMM)

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  • Spartacus

    He’d be good for Williams.

    The five year contract is a bit unbelievable. Only Ferrari did that with Alonso and seemingly regret that idea.

  • McLarenfan

    Felipe Massa & Rob Smedley Would be good at Williams 5 years seems a bit far fetched but Massa was always good at car setup / development until Alonso took over having his input but who did all the testing.

  • Tamburello_1994

    You could do worse Felipe.

  • mikebf1

    This could only be to stabilize the team and provide senior driver experience. Williams drastically needs stability in its driver lineup to secure long term sponsors. Felipe would suit that role well, and possibly help them tap into the South American sponsors market.

  • Saša

    Felipe in Williams, one good news so far.

  • Dr. Azlan

    Lotus letting Kimi go and replacing him with Maldonado….such an embarassing strategy if this is true.

  • Alonso_is_slow

    Maldonado is the second best driver, behind vettel. Fact.

  • Snowman


    you’ve just exposed yourself as a troll now buddy. Was fun while it lasted I guess.

  • Alonso_is_slow

    No. No I haven’t.

    Compare him to any of his team mates. He is the only driver, other than Vettel, who has never been beaten by a team mate.

    It is you who exposed yourself as an ignoramus.

  • flaf1


    i don’t know if alonso_is_slow is a troll or just a 10 year old little boy, it’s to hard to tell.

  • Alonso_is_Slow

    Your personal attacks mean nothing in the arena of intelligent debate.

    Since you cannot debate the facts, I’m gifted the win.

    I pity those of you who have to label anyone who doesn’t agree with your ‘sheep opinions’ as trolls.

    If we were lemmings, you would all be laughing at me as you threw yourself off the cliff. Meanwhile, I would go on to sire a new generation of super-lemmings while your remains rotted at the base of the cliff.

    It seems you are troll, since you only seem to insult others to garner a response.

  • flaf1

    “you cannot debate the facts” really?

    maldonado 2nd best driver. maybe the 2nd best driver on his own team thats about it.

  • Alonso_is_Slow

    Sarcasm is the lowest form of wit. Poor child, can’t keep up with the grown ups, eh?

  • massa is a sport

    @ Alonsoisslow – lemmings dont jump off cliffs.

    I dont knw whether u are a lil boy or a grown up person but maldonado is not the second best driver based just on how many times his TM has got ahead of him.

    it depends on his ability to lead the teams development, the ability to push the car beyond its natural limit. The ability to over take without getting into squabbles.

    If we go by all these things then (in my opinion Grosjean & Kobayashi were on the top of the list of young drivers).

    Maldonado is just a normal F1 driver that had an average car below him !

    Plus if u say Vettel is good and then comes maldonado, then what about Kimi,Lewis,Alonso,Hulkenberg & Rosberg !?

    are they not good drivers.

    I think your opinion is based on sumthing personal, either u are columbian or from columbian heritage !

    and pls dnt say that montoya was a good driver else everyone will knw ur opinion is poop !