Alonso: I’m doing the best races of my life so when I go to bed, I’m extremely proud

Fernando Alonso proud of his performances

Fernando Alonso proud of his performances

Fernando Alonso may have conceded the 2013 Formula 1 World title but the Ferrari driver is not losing any sleep over Sebastian Vettel’s domination on the track.

Red Bull‘s Vettel is on the cusp of his fourth successive World title and second-placed Alonso, who trails the German by 90 points ahead of Sunday’s Indian Grand Prix, admitted that it was merely a formality for Vettel to take the crown.

Asked if he found it difficult to accept that he was racing in the ‘Vettel era’, the Spaniard contested: “No. Obviously I’d like to win. I’m still 32, so it’s not the last year of my career.

“I will ensure [that] I will have more opportunities. I’d like to win more championships. In the last four years, I fought for three World Championships. I finished second three times, which is obviously sad but… I’m extremely proud.


“I think I’m doing the best races of my life this year. So when I go to bed, I’m extremely proud.”

Alonso saw no point in trying to delay what appears inevitable and would rather focus on getting more podiums than to try and delay Vettel’s crowning moment.

“I’m not thinking too much about this possibility,” he said outside the Ferrari motorhome in India.

“In the remaining four races, I’ll try to get some podiums, to enjoy the podium ceremony, the champagne and the trophy.

“Then it’s [for] Sebastian who wins here or in Abu Dhabi, it’s more of his problem to be honest. [It] depends when he wants to celebrate, which is [the] best country to celebrate,” he said.

Sebastian Vettel with Fernando Alonso

Sebastian Vettel with Fernando Alonso after the Belgian GP

Alonso was not sure if winning four successive titles would make Vettel the greatest modern driver and declined to compare him with fellow German and seven-time World Champion Michael Schumacher.

“I never raced close enough to Sebastian, to be honest,” quipped Alonso, who beat Schumacher to titles in 2005 and 2006 when he was at Renault.

“I’m sure he will try to win the remaining four races and I think he has the potential to win all four.

“We will try to be as close to him as possible and try to fight for the podium,” added Alonso. (Reuters)

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  • Alonso_is_Slow

    Yes he can be extremely proud of being overtaken by slower cars in Monaco and Korea, as well as being regularly outqualified by his teammate, and then shouting “stupids” to his own team.

    I agree this is the best he can do, but being proud of that kind of performance is not something expected.

    Alonso has no limits in praising himself, even if he is outperformed by the whole fields.

  • marina

    “when I go to bed, I’m extremely proud.”

    Yeah…you must be proud!
    After all you are the number two, the first loser…yet!
    Hamilton is closing the gap. Kimi is a Ferrari driver already, he does not compete for lotus anymore…but Hamilton could still beat Alonso for the second spot…..For old times’ sake!

  • BoycotttheBoycott

    He’s proud his gf has the body of a 9 year old boy.

  • Alonso_is_Slow

    Alonso is not even good enough to be a number two driver. He would be soundly beaten by any driver in the field… or even gp3.

    He is proud to still have a drive. All the treachery and faking.

  • Tinto

    Too early to bed to make an F1 champion. Otherwise, healthy, wealthy and wise (30 mill/y)

  • flaf1

    i thought this website was called and not i hate alonso. any alonso fans on this site? if alonso is so bad then why do all the drivers say he’s the best and most media pundits give him credit for being a talented driver? i think he’s the driver all YOU fear the most.

    alonso_is_slow: did fernando steal your girlfriend?

  • Brave_Heart

    you guys are so funny!
    Alonso is the worse driver in the world… because?
    He is the only man who has balls to drag a 4th fastest car to the top challenging Bulls and co like every year? because his avg gap between starting and finishing porition from last 4 seasons is 4.8 positions? which by the way, after trolling on number of stats i find as a world record. Is he the worse because you think he is beaten by his team mate (like once or twice in 20 race calendar??) but still scores more then double of what Felipe baby does? Is he the worse driver as Redbull admit thatHe has been their Nemesis all those years they’ve been winning and they always discuss in pre race strategy meeting as a critical factor (Not hamlet, nor raikkonen heck neither webber)…

    If you still think he is worse driver? then i dont think you dont know anything about formula1, heck even about motorsports

  • fools

    I agree! Alonso just began his prime with a crap car. Next year its on! Kimi will push Alonso to his supreme talent! Vettel will be there…no question…Alonso is it right now…

    Go Alonso!

  • fools


    lol…you will have to get use to it because of all the trolls that LOVE Alonso…I kid you not..they are the first to comment because like you said they FEAR him.

    Alonso for the 2014 WDC. Turbo Era!

  • the fan


    actually that kid failed to get alonso’s autograph hence the hatred. typical loser

  • flaf1


    the anti-alonso crowd must have loved the 2009 renault that alonso drove. even though he did a pretty damn good job even scoring points in that car. some people can’t even admit he’s one of the top guys in the sport.

    maks you wonder if they know the sport of f1 at all?

  • flaf1


    thumbs up for a well written educated post.

  • Ukwhite

    Personally I doubt any of the commenters on this site really hates any of the drivers. It is about bashing, pulling somebody’s leg, joking, sarcasm… A balance between serious stuff and having a bit of fun. Who are we…

    Must admit a fellow’s comment addressing somebody’s mother saddened me, that should not have been said.

  • flaf1


    have you read alonso_is_slow posts? i’m pretty sure thats hate. or maybe he’s just trying to be really annoying on purpose not really sure.

  • sebolonso

    Real drivers are here…driving each other mad:).

    Seriously speaking…all kind of fanatic and untrue bs create the temporary chaos on this site. Constructive criticism and well argued opinions are interesting to read and enjoy, even if it differs from your own standpoint. Even small insults can be funny, if expressed in a clever way. Back to topic.

    Alonso being proud and sleeping well…I don’t buy it:).

  • flaf1

    i think alonso is saying he knows his car is no match for vettels and nothing will change, this year anyway but is still proud to hold off kimi hamilton webber etc. still a good year from him. thats my opinion anyway.

  • Boycotthehaters

    “.. his avg gap between starting and finishing porition from last 4 seasons is 4.8 positions”

    Sounds like he needs to do better in qualifying. In F1, you don’t score points for having a large and positive gap between starting and ending position. You get 15 points for a third place finish regardless of whether you started tenth or first.