Marko: We got rid of our weaknesses and what our rivals lack is consistency

Helmut Marko with Christian Horner

Helmut Marko with Christian Horner

Red Bull‘s rivals are barking up the wrong tree if they are looking for a hidden secret to the Formula 1 World Champion team’s recent successes.

With a mere fifth place this weekend in India, Sebastian Vettel will round off an easy romp to a fourth consecutive Drivers’ World Championship, while the Austrian team is also leagues ahead in the Constructors’ Championship.

Ferrari boss Stefano Domenicali, however, admits that boffins in the Formula 1 paddock are currently scratching their heads to work out the secret behind Red Bull’s stellar season, amid talk of ‘strange’ engine mapping settings.

“Everyone is trying to work that out,” Domenicali is quoted by the official Ferrari website.

“But it’s pointless [to] make accusations if there is no proof. The FIA can check the control unit, and if they find nothing then Red Bull is obviously doing a good job,” he added.

Hemlmut Marko celebrates victory habitually with the Red Bull team

Hemlmut Marko celebrates victory habitually with the Red Bull team

Helmut Marko, Red Bull’s plain-talking Formula 1 consultant, would second that notion. He says the Milton Keynes based team has simply ironed out all of its weaknesses.

“What our opponents lack is consistency,” Marko told Auto Motor und Sport. “Sometimes Mercedes is strong, sometimes Ferrari, sometimes Lotus.

“If they would always drive at that level then no one would think our car is so alien,” said the Austrian.

“We have just got rid of our weaknesses. There are no wrong setups, no more bad strategies, no glitches during the pitstops,” he added.

Marko said that the simple matter of quickly getting to the bottom of an ideal setup is the uncomplicated key to a good race weekend.

“This is our new strength,” he insisted. “We used to throw away a weekend on the wrong setups.

“Now we need a practice session and we can turn the whole thing around.” (GMM)

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  • Taskmaster

    This is pretty common. When a team is on the top of their curve, all the small details align and everything feels natural and clear. It took them several years to build up to 2009, and they’ve simply improved on that year over year for 5 seasons. When a driver finds a groove, he finds it easy to get into a zone where errors are rarer, and the car feels right, which is where Vettel is now. This does not last forever. The real trick is in finding the way back to this when things fall apart, and the course of action is not as clear. McLaren and Ferrari are demonstrating how hard it is to get back to the top of the curve once thing fall off. Ferrari is working harder trying to get that last 2%, McLaren have fallen so far off, they designed a car that is more wrong than right, so have no hope of getting back on top until they re-start next season, but without success in 2013, what do you build on? Red Bull have an advantage in starting next season with a great deal of good data, team unity, and a positive attitude. If this does not blind them to some unforeseen blind alley, it bodes well for their continued success next year, even with all the changes afoot.

  • jurrabi

    “There are no wrong setups, no more bad strategies, no glitches during the pitstops,” he added.”

    What a load of crap. What have strategies or pitstops have to do with having a car 2 seconds faster in the moments you need it?

    When a car is able to get 10 seconds gap in 5 laps and then control the race no other things matter.

    You can make mistakes in pitstops or strategy as often as you want…

  • the fan

    they got rid of their weakness w/c is webber and got their consistent support with ricciardo

  • muddles thailand

    @ The fan.
    What are you smoking? Lol.

  • knowledge

    KERS problems
    wheel nut
    pit release fail
    wheel nut fail
    kers failure
    clutch failure
    oil leak

    (all Mark´s problems)
    You haven´t solved shit you donkey, Marko.

  • bobw

    It is not beyond the realm of possibility for a good driver with an optimal setup on a fast car to get 10 seconds gap in 5 laps. Each lap offers a driver an opportunity to gain valuable 10ths at every turn and on the straights. A very accurate and consistent driver can find those bits of time and put them together. I would suggest people learn more about driving rather than indulge in conspiracy stories.

  • Max

    We got rid of our weaknesses then why is he still there bloke’s a joke Fast car my ass turn the TC off then we mite see how nots so good redbulls are when you got people like marting brundle saying things like listerning to vettles car it do’s seem to be using less cylinder cut out of the corners say it all OMG

  • Boycottthebull

    Max is right the biggest weakness at Red Bull is Marko himself. He undermines and badmouths one drive simply because he wasnt part of Markos personal drivers program and consistently undermines the team principle by making contradictory statements and making announcements without permission. I wonder if he can fire himself?

  • Red Bull Cheats

    Sounds like the sort of BS Lance Armstrong used to say…

  • haha

    Boycottthebull, I’m a Tifosi so not keen on Red Bull (also the flex wing and blown diffuser saga shows they can’t be trusted in that TC case, my only question is why the FIA doesn’t prove because they can opposed to what the public thinks. Or is it all fixed like some football game?) Also you can say about Marko what you want but he speaks his mind (even if a lot of it is crap) but he isn’t the hypocritical lying PR baby that Horner is. It’s just a shame Vettel takes example from Horner, because I’m sure he’s not such a guy. Why would he need to be with his talent? Even if Red Bull cheats I say Vettel would still win, he would have won the WDC in a Ferrari in 2010 and 2012. Vettel is probaly the most underrated driver (next to Hulk) of the moment while Alonso is the most overrated one for years now. He is not bad but overrated in my opinion. The 2 current drivers who were able to give hell to Shumi during his Ferrari years were Kimi and Alonso so Kimi deserves as much credit if not more. Never saw Alonso win from the back like Shumi, Kimi and even Vettel did. He made the stupid mistake to hit Kimi in Suzuka 2012which cost him the title (not Grosjeans fault at Spa) You’d think he learned from it, no he destroys his front wing on Vettel’s car at the beginning of this season. Not to talk about 2010, Vettel and Kimi would have passed Petrov or at least put more effort in it. And evryone scoffed Petrov but even if he had passed him he would never have passed Kubica who for me was the best driver on the grid up to his accident. Ok Ferrari’s strategy was a farce, but I’m sure the car wasn’t as bad s everyone thinks and Kimi’s gonna prove that. Alonso will stay in 2014 to race him because he fears losing face but after that he’ll trow his toys out the ballpark and leave to Honda Mclaren. Wouldn’t be surprised if Monty sacks him during the season to recruit Bianchi or Kubica if possible. They want Vettel for 2015 but they will not have him before 2016. Hamilton I see as an outsider but as a racer I like him, I wouldn’t mind to have him at Ferrari.

  • haha

    Oh yeah I meant Shumi Ferrari Years from 2001 (Mika, Jacques and Damon are not current drivers)

  • haha

    And if Alonso is really that good, put him in a Ferrari that is build to the likes of Felipe and then judge. Even now and then Felipe outperformes him in a car that isn’t build around him. Kimi won Spa 2009 with a hunting Fisico (best race I’ve spent at Spa of the 7 times I went) in a car that was build for Felipe.

  • fools

    2010 was a blown Ferrari strategy..Admitted by Ferrari themselves. What are you smoking crack?

    2012…Grojean hits LH that collides with Alonso…and Alonso is in front not his fault. Suzuka 2012 Alonso was in front of Kimi…Kimi hit Alonso tired and punctured it…whether a race incident or deliberate it was Kimi’s fault. Alonso loses by 3pts yet hes a loser in your eyes? You crackhead! Felipe outperforms Alonso? then in the race who beats who? WTF ARE YOU SMOKING YOU FAKE ASS TIFOSI TROLL

  • Tinto

    Marko and Horner, Newey and Vettel are a bunch of professionals. Need a proof? Four championships in a row. 2014 will be the same as previous four. So why questionning their personal features?

  • sebolonso


    I am a tifosi too. I love Ferrari. Problem in Maranello is not the car it is the whiner.

    I cant wait Vettel to arrive into reds to join his best pall Kimi. After this have happened I would like to hear what Marko is telling the media about weaknesses and strengths. Perhaps Samurai could save the situation…oh but wait…Bulls doesn’t want the whining samurai anywhere near:). Red Bull taste is disgusting btw.

  • Bob Wheeler

    You people are knuckle dragging idiots with the whole RB cheating meme! Seriously. You really think the FIA and the stewards would totally ignore them cheating? Not to mention the fact the other teams would be screaming their asses off right now. How about taking your meds and getting back to reality.

  • Saša

    “What our opponents lack is consistency,” … “Sometimes Mercedes is strong, sometimes Ferrari, sometimes Lotus.


    Come on, give me a break.

  • kw

    All Alonso fans a so f….king clueless about racing!! they only want Alonso to be in front of all others accident free, no punctures, win the race , wow!!! he is the best driver. Dum f….rs.
    FYI, Kimi and Vettel are the best two drivers around, then its Hamilton even Nico is better than that shit face Alonso. Massa is a pimp am sure you all will agree. Webber is the other cry baby like Alonso never succeeded in F1, thank God I dont have to see him in F1 again.
    Alonso fans should tell him to leave and join Sauber or Force India.

  • kw

    I would love to see Alonso in a Force India car :)) that’s the best car around for him.

  • Dr. Azlan

    McLaren are in the same league with Force India and Sauber.

  • farizY

    Redbull cheating? Prove it. Other teams and FIA do not seem to give a damn about it.

    Alonso is slow? He finished second a number of times, in far inferior package (look at Massa’s race performance), yet he is slow? Wow.

  • haha

    Fools Suzuka was NOT Kimi’s fault, it was halfly admitted by FA this year you doosh. I don’t smoke crack but do smoke pot :p, what are you a by the law accepted alcoholist?

  • haha

    @Sebolonso, thx for pointing that one out. Not every Tifosi likes FA, a lot of them don’t because of 2008 you know, come to Italy you’ll see. His most support comes from Spain. We know that FA would never have driven for Ferrari if it wasn’t for Santander, otherwise they would’ve signed him much earlier. So they signed Kimi, who is better. The last WDC for Ferrari will be more loved next year by the Tifosi than FA who failed 4 years in a row. Didn’t anyone see the Kimi come back banners in Monza? And believe me they wanted Kimi to replace FA not Felipe. You know a lot of Tifosi also curl their nose when they see Fatvio Briatore in the Ferrari garage (and he is Italian), ask them 90% will agree.