Ferrari: Kubica comeback to Formula 1 will not happen

Robert Kubica after his last grand prix in Abu Dhabi in 2011

Robert Kubica after his last grand prix in Abu Dhabi in 2011

Ferrari has cast doubt on Robert Kubica ever returning from injury to Formula 1 after recognising that they had been interested in signing the Pole to race alongside Fernando Alonso.

Kubica suffered a near-fatal rally crash before the start of the 2011 season and said only last April that he would “pay all the money I have to be back in the cockpit of a Formula 1 car”.

A race winner with BMW-Sauber, and a contender with Renault, the Pole has raced a specially-modified Citroen in the world rally championship and has also been in the Mercedes Formula 1 simulator.

However, he has struggled to regain the necessary movement in his wrist, after his forearm was partially severed in the accident, for single-seater racing.

“Yes, we were keeping an eye on him,” Ferrari principal Stefano Domenicali told the team website ( on Wednesday, ahead of this weekend’s Indian Grand Prix.

“Unfortunately, I don’t think he will be back, because with his physical problem, he would struggle in certain limited situations which require reactivity. It’s a shame.” (Reuters)

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  • The Pessimist

    Domenicali said something which many of us feared..Robert Kubica sadly will not be seen in a Formula One car ever again, what a shame to lose such an exciting talent.

  • fools

    I respected Kubica drives skills. Seemed like a god guy. His efforts trying to get back to F1 I am sure was a long difficult one. I still hope he can, but time is running out. He is good friends with Alonso as well.

  • Zeppelin

    I think that Domenicali, instead of writing of something that nobody knows if it will happen or not, should think and resolve the disaster that Ferrari has become.
    Best driver + best budget has ALWAYS been a winning combination.
    Multiply by 4 (years) and there are no excuses!! Alonso is still the best, but he could fell in a contagious downwards spiral…
    Yes, right: the Genius Newey pens the RB… but Byrne/Brawn/MSC/Todt absolutely defeated him from 2000 on!

  • BoycotttheBoycott

    Good. Two and a half years of these Kubica stories is enough. \

    Just let us know when he finds a series he likes and can do. They only person who hasn’t realized he’s unable to return to F1 is Kubica.

    Hell, he can go to IRL and win easily, I’m sure.

  • MighyK

    I said the same thing to my son the day after his accident.
    It’s too bad. Wish he had chosen to free lance after his F1 career.