Chandhok fears 2014 will be last Indian Grand Prix

Vicky Chandhok with Bernie Ecclestone

Vicky Chandhok with Bernie Ecclestone

The forthcoming 2014 Indian Grand Prix could be the last, the country’s motor sport chief Vicky Chandhok has admitted.

There have been conflicting explanations as to the reason India has dropped off the 2014 calendar, amid reports of scheduling difficulties, tax hurdles and financial problems.

But the New Delhi round is provisionally scheduled to return in 2015. If it does not, Indian motor sports clubs president Chandhok fears India’s Formula 1 foray will be over.

“If it doesn’t come back in 2015, it may never come back at all,” he told the Guardian newspaper. “That is my concern. Once you lose a race it can be gone forever.”

So Chandhok called on Indian locals to make the 2013 race one “to remember”, but organiser Jaypee has admitted it expects its 100 000 capacity circuit to be only half full this weekend, Bloomberg reports.

Sebastian Vettel is likely to secure his fourth title in front of that crowd of 50 000, the news agency added.

“We’re hoping sales will increase as the race nears,” chief executive Sameer Gaur said. “Things should be OK.”

65 000 attended last year’s Indian Grand Prix, down from 95 000 in 2011.

A man selling tickets close to the Buddh circuit this week told the Indian Express that business has been slow in 2013.

“Very slow,” he added. “Today, the booth has been open since 8 in the morning. Nine hours later, we have sold a total of [only] 25 tickets.” (GMM)

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  • haha

    haha, Karun. I quote him from the track presentation on Sky F1 show. “This is another track build by the great Herman Tilke, known for great tracks like Bahrain, Yas Marina and Valencia”. Who paid him to say that? Ok trackwise Indian circuit is Tilkes best track. Yas and Valencia had great hotels and artificial surroundings but the track wasn’t worth sh.. Best track/surroundings combination are Spa Francorchamps, Monza, Nurburgring and the old Hockenheim (also miss Imola, Buenos Aires and Estoril)

  • James


    Nope, Tilke’s best works is (was) Istanbul Park

  • haha

    yes, I know but I meant of the current tracks and I forot that Valencia was already scrapped this year (proves how much it means :p)

  • Rick

    If the aim in F1 is to spice up the show and stop all the procession style racing, then getting rid of the race in India is well worthwhile to aide in those circumstances. The only decent Tillke designed circuit is Texas. The rest are crapola!

  • BoycotttheBoycott

    No fear here. Good riddance. Take Korea and China off too!

  • Grimreaper

    India is not on the 2014 calander already 22 races declared but no India!

    This years race is likely to be the last due to the TAX issues in India

  • MighyK

    Sorry, Karun, you’re off by a year.


    Hi, that are an good post.