Alonso to wear special edition points record helmet during Indian Grand Prix


A record is always a record and should be celebrated. Fernando Alonso today showed his Twitter followers the special livery that will adorn his crash helmet for the coming Indian Grand Prix, scheduled for the Greater Noida circuit this weekend.

In full view there is obviously the number 1571, the total points the Spanish driver has won in his career, accompanied by the words: “F1 points World Record”.

There is also a thank you to his fans in three languages (English, French and Italian), all on top of an unusual white background. We hope, along with all Ferrari’s tifosi, that the total can go even higher as soon as next Sunday, ideally by another 25 points! (Ferrari)

Subbed by AJN.


  • nakagoli

    This is ridiculous. The only reason that Alonso has this number of points is because the points system was changed over that used to set the previous “record”. Still, I suppose that he has to try and claim some record

  • fools

    Helmet looks awesome! Congrats Alonso!

  • haha

    nakagoli, 100% true and yet another proof that Alonso lives on hiw own planet. That next year will be attacked by a comet named Kimi :D. Pointswise Schumi the 1st with Prost in 2nd (only 10pts for a win and points up to 6th that’s all). You can find converted tables online and Alonso isn’t even in top 5.

  • haha

    Oh and it’s not only because of the point system, but the amount of “races” they added to the calendar has something to with it. I think Fangio had a + 80% points rate in a season with 12 races or so. It’s not really comparable as such, but all i know Alonso doesn’t even reach the heels of Clark and Fangio, even Stewart was better.

  • hillside

    at least FA achieved something this year

  • haha

    Have to say it’s nice to see he aknowledges Mclaren. (Merci = Renault, Thank you = Mclaren, Grazie = Ferrari) No Gracias though, should’ve put it there for his homebase fans.

  • Mercedes supporter forever

    That is a very nice helmet..

  • Hugo

    Who is this douche thinks he’s kidding? KK Rosberg won the 82 title with 44 pts. These days you get 43 pts for a victory and a 2nd place. Use the old system to compare apples with apples and he’ll be way down where he belongs.

  • Mofombo

    Points calculated in todays value. Way cool paint job for a 3rd place helmet.

    Driver Points
    1 Michael Schumacher 3890
    2 Alain Prost 2467
    3 Fernando Alonso 2414
    4 Rubens Barrichello 1897
    5 Kimi Räikkönen 1882
    6 Ayrton Senna 1860
    7 David Coulthard 1720
    8 Jenson Button 1683
    9 Nelson Piquet 1666
    10 Sebastian Vettel 1541

  • sebolonso

    This is pathetic and so typical Alonso. Samurai gives himself a comfort gift in public on false ground. Solely passionate Alonso fanatics might buy this bs.

    Fact stands, zero result at Ferrari with superior equipment and lead driver status. No wonder comfort gifts are needed to calm down critics to hide away the ugly truth.

  • Joe Kinnear

    Stupid stat. In the year 2020 when you get 1000 points for a win you need only 2 wins to beat this “record”

    Go to Wiki and search:

    “Career points recalculated to the 2010 scoring system” to enable fair comparison.

    Schumi is first and Prost is 2nd. Now ask Fernando to sit down.

  • haha

    @ Mofombo, I thought he wasn’t in top 5 thx for clearing up. But if you look at Kimi’s score he would’ve been in front of FA if his Newey car didn’t brake down race after race.

  • BoycotttheBoycott

    What sad joke for the little spaniard… so desperate.

  • sebolonso

    This must be Flavio’s idea. They are such a perfect couple samurai and him. Creative guys.

  • fools

    @sebolonso speaks about himself…. “a comfort gift in public on false ground”. Yet your comment only speaks for yourself…
    what an ignorant comment.

  • Elf

    Absolutely ridiculous, is this guy so lame? What a stupid record to assume it, there is no such a record with different points criterias. Did he twitter it, too?