Porsche denies latest Formula 1 return rumours

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It’s that time of the year again when Porsche is – almost by tradition – linked to a return to Formula 1, which they have denied.

Exactly a year ago, the Volkswagen-linked carmaker denied that its sports car programme – to feature Mark Webber at the wheel in 2014 – was a mere warmup to Formula 1.

Alongside grand prix winner Webber, who has been poached directly from Formula 1’s World Champion team, Porsche has also been busily signing up Formula 1 personnel including Fritz Enzinger, Alex Hitzinger, Mike Krack and Urs Kuratle.

The Weissach facility has also been set up as a world-class motor sport factory complete with wind tunnel.

Now, the correspondent for Auto Motor und Sport, Tobias Gruner, suggests that Porsche has managed to attract those high-calibre personnel “on the prospect of an F1 comeback” in the near future.

Porsche has consistently denied the regular speculation. A spokesman said this week that the marque is “fully committed” to its 2014 Le Mans project, as well as GT racing.

“There are no plans to enter Formula 1,” the spokesman added.

However, a subtle hint may have been dropped in the latest edition of Porsche’s employee magazine.

In it, an article says that because Formula 1 is returning to a turbo era from 2014, Porsche engineers got in contact with Hans Mezger, who developed McLaren‘s title-winning TAG-Porsche engines in the 80s.

“This article was surprising, to say the least,” said Gruner. (GMM)

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  • Bec

    Porsche get more publicity out of these ‘placed’ stories, than they get from their entire sports car involvement.

  • captain tortuga

    @ Bec : haha yes, if they do that really conscious it would be very clever.
    Never enter the F1 and thus, don’t spend rivers of money on useless techniques (like ERS mainly) , marketing machines, and other nonsense, and still have exposure, without the risk of losing image.

    I think if VAG-group wants to enter F1 it is better to do it as VW (or one the other brands like SKODA , from an upcoming market) because a brand like ‘Porschaah’ can only loose. There is absolutely nothing to gain for an established brand like Porsche.
    On the other hand a brand like VW or SKODA has, or can have, a lot more to gain in terms of image and so on.

    For sure i would root for a VW-GTi-F1 ;)

  • BoycotttheBoycott

    Too bad. Their collaboration with Williams Technology and Sauber’s connection to the VW Group has had me wishing these rumours would prove true and that we’d see two of the greatest privateer teams get help from the best auto manufacturer in the world (VW Group)… not to mention a return of the Porsche brand to F1 where it belongs!

  • haha

    VW did the same publicity stunt for a while, Audi didn’t need the stunt because of hegemony in Le Mans

  • Mr F1

    Mark will be back in F1 leading the Porsche F1 team!!!