McLaren respects Red Bull’s refusal to release Prodromou early

Sebastian Vettel with Peter Prodromou

Sebastian Vettel with Peter Prodromou

McLaren admits to “understanding” Red Bull’s reluctance to release aerodynamics chief Peter Prodromou from his contract.

McLaren has already signed Prodromou, who works closely with Adrian Newey, but it is believed that he remains under contract to Red Bull for at least one more year.

“I can’t see any incentive for Red Bull to release him early,” McLaren managing director Jonathan Neale told reporters during a Vodafone teleconference.

“We’d be happy if he was starting first thing tomorrow morning, but we do fully respect Red Bull’s position as we do when we’re recruiting anybody from another organisation,” he added.

It is believed Prodromou’s deputy has also been signed by McLaren, but he too could also be under contract for some time.

Red Bull’s Helmut Marko was quoted last week: “We’ll see in a year where the two men are working.” (GMM)

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  • coefficient

    It’s typical of Christian Horner to do this. He won’t even be working on future relevant Red Bull projects anymore and in 6 months he’ll be on gardening leave but Horner is a spiteful little bugger and won’t release Prodromou just because he had the audacity to leave.

    They should let Prodromou take up his position at Mclaren immediately. It’s unfair to stand in the way of the guy’s career progression. At Red Bull he’s got to the end of the career path because the next step up is technical chief but Newey occupies that slot and won’t be vacating it anytimes soon so to move up Prodromou needs to move on. Horner is just being spiteful and mean.

  • coefficient

    when he should be grateful to Prodromou for his class leading aero work to date and wish him well for the future. That would be the gentlemanly thing to do anyway.

  • matthew

    Be honest…. every other team would do EXACTLY the same thing.