Legal action bubbles around new Formula 1 rule-making body

Legal action in the air?

Legal action in the air?

A political storm is looming ahead of Monday’s meeting of the new Formula 1 rule-making Strategy Group, in London.

The new body has effectively replaced the old sporting and technical working groups, but it includes only the most powerful and historic Formula 1 teams – Ferrari, Red Bull, McLaren, Mercedes, Williams and Lotus.

According to Auto Motor und Sport, on the agenda for Monday’s meeting is what constitutes a ‘customer car’.

If the definition is softened, some of Formula 1’s smaller constructors could be endangered as the big teams look to sell their cars to potentially more competitive rival teams.

Force India’s Bob Fernley, whose Silverstone based team has 62 points in 2013 compared to Williams’ 1, told the Telegraph that the new body is “unethical and undemocratic”.

AM&S said that the FIA is, however, comfortable with the Strategy Group, because rule-changes would still need to be approved by the Formula 1 Commission.

However, one paddock voice said that F1 chief executive Bernie Ecclestone has indeed manoeuvred an unfair advantage, because the big teams are generally on his side.

Other reports suggest that the Strategy Group might not even pass the scrutiny of the EU’s competition laws.

“Perhaps,” former FIA president Max Mosley is quoted. “To my knowledge, Mercedes has sought legal advice and the answer was that [the group] is [legally] contestable.” (GMM)

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  • FF – Formula Future

    It is definitely “unethical and undemocratic”. Force India’s Bob Fernley is totally right and I hope he’ll find the justice he deserves.
    Lobbies: this is what doesn’t move but ruin the world, selfishness and greediness for power, money and control. Unfortunately it’s the same old story, nothing new, yet a shame. Anyway, considering the many rule changes (especially the technical ones) going to take effect soon, I think if in the next years F1 will be deprived of its real sporting soul, it will eventually lose attractiveness to the fans, sponsors will pull out and that will be the end of the sport. Therefore I think it’s way better to have a share of something rather than 100% of nothing!
    Of course I hope that things will go in a different way and that someone with greater wisdom will implement the result of new decisions from a different perspective.
    Not only a rule-making strategy group should include all teams for democracy-sake, but it should conduct a series of surveys to check the drivers and fans point of views, to make sure that F1’s future is safe. Otherwise FF could be the alternative.

  • Boycottthebull

    Of course its not fair or democratic. This is Bernie and the FIAs move to take control over any team objections and bleed them for even more cash. They needed to lock out the smaller teams for when the real costs of the new regulations kick in and prevent any rebuke from the teams and make them unable to do anything about them when the new rules prove to be a nightmare. The driver weight situation already has teams speaking out but the teams have now been dis-empowered to have the issue addressed. Its sad that Red Bull will just vote for their own self interests and the smaller teams wont even factor in any of their decisions.

  • haha

    FF, yeah the worst Lobbies in the world are the Zionist Aipac and J street. All in the name of is ra el, the country no sane man or woman should recognise!