Have Alonso and Magnussen been lined up to drive for McLaren in 2015?

Fernando Alonso heading back to McLaren?

Fernando Alonso heading back to McLaren?

A Danish newspaper has apparently got a glimpse of the future and spotted Kevin Magnussen and Fernando Alonso – in their crystal ball – at McLaren in 2015.

Magnussen, son of former Formula 1 driver Jan, wrapped up the Formula Renault 3.5 championship in Spain at the weekend.

With McLaren’s backing, he is now linked with a move to Formula 1 next year with Marussia.

“I have focused entirely on achieving this goal [the 2013 title], because you cannot even dream of going to Formula 1 if you do not deserve it,” he said in Barcelona.

Indeed, the Ekstra Bladet report might be slightly more than a speculative glance into the crystal ball.

Kevin Magnussen heading to F1 with McLaren in 2015?

Kevin Magnussen heading to F1 with McLaren in 2015?

Bild am Sonntag newspaper reports that there is more to the Alonso-to-McLaren story than mere reports.

The newspaper said that Honda has agreed with McLaren to split the Spaniard’s huge annual retainer.

Ferrari team boss Stefano Domenicali, however, insists that he is not worried.

“I do not fear losing Fernando,” he told the German magazine Sport Bild.

“He has a contract and he recently made clear that he is staying. He wants to win with us, and we want to win with him,” Domenicali added. (GMM)

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  • Bay

    Being a dane, I can tell you that Ekstra Bladet is a sort of gossip newspaper, not that their news are all crap, but….
    Im just saying I wouldnt put too much into the credibility of these articles :)

  • fools


    But why is ALONSO always top news for GP247. Clearly he brings tons of traffic through this site.

  • Spartacus

    Another silly season story.

    McLaren would be better taking on Magnussen for next season than Perez. Simply there’s a chance that he might actually develop during the season; Perez hasn’t during the last.

    Alonso’s best offer is probably collecting trolleys in Tesco.

  • Robin ducker

    Spartacus, you are not wrong about Mugnusson vs Perez, but the bit about Alonso is a bit much!

  • Alonso_is_Slow

    Wherever he goes, he will not have the performance to win a title. Mclaren needs someone else to do that.

  • Boycottthebull

    @Bay – Thanks for letting us know. Its sometimes hard to tell the gossip tabloids from the serious sports mags when they are in other countries. We need the locals to give us the tips. That German Sports Bild always seems to spout out nonsense I wonder if they are really a gossip mag too?

  • Bay

    look at the bottom, under critisism.

  • Spanky

    what a joke of a rumour…

  • sebolonso

    Bild knew about Kimis move to Ferrari…they have a source inside. Alonso is out from Maranello either 2014 or 2015.

    Ferrari doesnot believe in Alonso anymore. Santander money is the only thing that keeps samurai in the seat…and he knows it.

    These rumors has a purpose. Poor Fernando. Almost all bridges burnt behind and assisting role for next year in reds. No wonder samurai is whining.

  • Alonslow

    We all know McLaren wont be having him back.

  • Dr. Azlan

    First of all McLaren needs a winning a car.

  • Kevin

    Honda they have high expectations because they left F1 as bad losers after so many years of spending money without any success.

    Mclaren-Honda is the opposite of a historical dream team that any driver would like to win a champ,the other is of course ferrari.

    How Alonso can deny to write his name with gold words in history in the possibility to be the new champion of Mclaren-Honda beside the names of Senna and Prost?

    Ferrari just never suited him…

    Fernado,the last chance to win a champ before you get old like webber,Mclaren-Honda can give you what you want,money,No1 driver,winning car,no hamilton,no dennis anymore,think about it,don’t lose time in maranelo…

  • otiva

    Ferrari should either build a better faster car or just let Alonso free. He did an outstanding job for a mediocre car. Yes he had some lucky strikes, & also had few bad ones, but always managed to fight in the front. Since he joined Ferrari, by end of each season, he, more or less managed to accumulate double the points of his team mate.
    Alonso, if Ferrari dont give you a faster car, just leave, because all team bosses would love to have you on board. They know you are the best among the best. Ferrari’s poor current managment will nerve stop with their clashing useless schemes.

  • harry harris

    There goes another word from Mr Big Fat Liar !!!!!! He ain’t afraid of losing you but he’s really afraid of losing his job. Cause his job is on the line !!!!! Alonso, time will cannot come again. Don’t lose your time while you can like Kevin said……. Go Alonso go !

  • Junior_Johnson

    Please mister sparticus I ask you nicely not to make fun at people wich collect troleys at tescon.I collect troleys at wallmart for my job and it is a very good job to have.They have always treeted me well and paid me on time.

  • Spartacus

    sorry about that. I’m just trying to think of a better job for Alonso, nothing against collecting trolleys! Or packing shelves.

  • Taskmaster

    Honda is seriously delusional if it thinks it is going to come out of the box and succeed in its first year back, against suppliers with a full season of experience in the bag against them. It took them 4 seasons from 1983 to 1985, under much simpler rules, before finding itself on top in 1986 with Williams. This over-estimation of immediate success is the kind of hubris that caused them to fail in their last attempt to re-enter F1. It will take at least two seasons to fiddle the bugs out within the most complex and restrictive rules in F1 history. At the very extreme in optimism, assuming McLaren can find a way to once again build a competitive car (unlikely under current management), the McLaren/Honda package won’t be reliably competitive until 2017 or 2018. Alonso does not have that kind of time left in his career.