Hamilton enjoys visit to DTM season finale

Lewis Hamilton with Timo Glock at Hockenheim

Lewis Hamilton with Timo Glock at Hockenheim

A prominent guest at the DTM season finale: Formula 1 driver Lewis Hamilton was the star guest at Sunday’s final round of the season at Hockenheim, and not merely as a spectator.

The Mercedes-Benz driver also completed a few laps with the DTM Mercedes AMG C-Coupé. As a taxi driver, he gave some fans a great time, and himself, too, as it was a premiere.

“I have never driven a DTM car before,” the 2008 Formula 1 World Champion said before climbing into the cockpit.

The 28-year old is keeping a close eye on the DTM and could envisage racing in the series himself one day.

“There are some drivers who have made the transfer to the DTM. That is definitely something one is thinking about,” said Hamilton, who only found positive words: “The DTM is a great series, it is Formula 1 of the closed-top cars. This series doesn’t have to copy anything from anywhere.” (DTM)

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  • haha

    Hamilton with his mate who gifted him the title :p. Apparantly he drives better on a damp track in DTM than in F1.

  • Shame

    Yes, he just come to say thanks for the gifted title , Glock is not kind of racer who fights for the cheering flag.

    Hope that there will be more racers like Petrov who fights for the last corner … remember 2010 ?

  • Don

    Get a dam life !!!, that 2008 championship was hard fought right to the end and won by a deserving Lewis Hamilton in the wake of Mclaren dark cloud, but I guess some who post here are hating that much they have forgotten or for that matter never known what sporting is, if you don’t want to see Lewis win, watch another sport.

  • 2008


    First of all, I don’t hate Lewis or any driver at all. I am not a big fan of any driver on the current grid too.

    BUT, Lewis didn’t win. Massa did.

    And like the guys before you said, Lewis was GIFTED the title. Massa is the real 2008 World Champion.

    Watch replays of the 2008 season without rooting for any driver then tell me who deserved the title. Lewis was very very fortunate in that last race; similar to Button being very very fortunate in 2009.

  • F1 Neutral

    The only reason the championship ended up in Brazil was because of the ridiculous 25 second penalty given to Lewis for apparently using a slipstream to overtake Kimi at Spa, which put Lewis 3rd and gifted Massa the win. This wasn’t the only controversial penalty that McLaren were handed in 2008.
    We’ve seen it so much over the years where the FIA and Stewards have used very strange penalties, and the only reason apparent is to try to get the title down to the last race.
    The last corner of the last race was a dream for Bernie’s pockets.

  • haha

    F1 neutral, imho I think Lewis should’ve been champion in 2007 and Felipe in 2008. If Alonso was not interfering by politics or cheating. He may go back to Mclaren next year, if it’s up to me the sooner the better, viva Ferrari. And before you begin about Kimi, I think he was the best on the grid between 2003 and 2006 and should’ve won 2 or 3 titles if that shitbox of a Neweycar hadn’t broken down race after race. The amount of titles to me is not representative of the greatness of a driver:Ayrton Senna (3titles which should’ve been 4), Jim Clark (2 titles and for me even as a Tifosi the best ever driver allround), Gilles Villeneuve (no title), Kimi (1 title) and Kubica (sadly missed, Ferrari should’ve signed when they could dumbasses with a non rally clause if needed). Kimi and Robert were for me the 2 true racers in F1 from 2000 to now. I love Schumi but I even liked him more at his comeback. Vettel, Lewis and so on whine to much, did you hear Vettel on board about Perez in Japan what a baby. Lewis I find a great driver but his personality is a bit you know, but hey not everyone can get along with everyone and I do not know him personally. He was a bit boycotted by the FIA just as Marquez is by the FIM this year, which is a huge shame. This is my personal view not intented to offend anyone, but hey you can’t deny that Alonso had more than a hand in both 2007 and 2008 WDC’s even without being in the running in 2008 he decided the outcome. The Glock thing was just a joke, because of the damp conditions. I always think there’s the benefit of the doubt, and he didn’t become a Mclaren test or racedriver which would’ve been suspicious. But then Ron Dennis is no stump too.

  • Psych4191

    @2008 If you actually watched the 2008 races, you’d realize Lewis got screwed out of a win at Spa. He wouldn’t have needed anything in Brazil if the Ferrari International Assisstance hadn’t interfered.

  • A41202813GMAIL


    There Were 18 Races In 2008.

    LEWIS Was The WDC Leader 13 Times,

    ICE 3 Times,

    KUBICA Once, And,

    FELIPE Once.

    YEAH, FELIPE Shoulda, Coulda, Woulda.

    Do Not Cry Me A River.

    Go, HAMILTON !