Ben Sulayem opts out of FIA presidency race and backs Todt

Jean Todt with Mohammed Bin Sulayem and Bernie Ecclestone

Jean Todt with Mohammed Bin Sulayem and Bernie Ecclestone

Jean Todt’s path to another term as FIA president just got a little easier as Mohammed Ben Sulayem, a FIA vice president, has endorsed the Frenchman and ended weeks of speculation that he may run for the presidency himself.

Emirati Ben Sulayem, a legend in Middle East motor sport circles, said, “Following careful consideration, I can confirm that I have accepted Jean Todt’s invitation to support his re-election and [for me] to stand for a second term as FIA vice president for sport. It is now time to focus on the big issues facing the FIA.”

Englishman David Ward remains as the sole candidate to challenge Todt, but is looking unlikely to enlist the 26 nominations required by mid-November. (GP247)

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  • Spanky

    Great to see someone with a pair of balls to refuse to be Ward and Bernie’s newest puppet and to put the sports best interest as top priority!

    Todt is still dealing with the Mad Max Mosely fallout and at least he has the sense to be transparent and not bow to Bernie’s every whim.

    Personally I think the French hobbit has earned another term.

  • ResultantAsteroid

    Agreed. He’s sadly not that famous in Europe or USA, only in Asia and ME. Everybody like him because he’s a v smart, modest-yet-confident, extremely polite hero. But I’m kind of interested 2 one day see him on top of FIA to see how this honest guy will deal with the big businesses and interests in the FIA.