Works teams to have V6 engine advantage says Brawn

Ross Brawn

Ross Brawn

Mercedes team principal Ross Brawn has admitted that Formula 1’s works teams will have an engine advantage in the new turbo V6 era.

That is because the rules forbid the engine manufacturers to supply more than a single specification, despite Mercedes, Renault and Ferrari all having customer teams.

However, Brawn told Auto Motor und Sport that the single specification will be specifically tailored to the works teams – Mercedes (Mercedes), Red Bull (Renault) and Ferrari (Ferrari).

“We will work together as one team at Brackley and Brixworth to get the best result from the complete car,” he said. “Engine and chassis.”

So that will mean the customer teams will have to make the most of engines that are tailored to the rival cars of the works teams.

“We will help our customers as far as we can, in terms of information,” said Brawn. “But if I’m honest, they won’t have a big say.

“We have developed a solution for us, so the others will have to adapt.”

2014 Mercedes customer Williams‘ new technical boss Pat Symonds confirmed that, “In practice, we will have to go with the Mercedes package as it is delivered”.

Meanwhile, Honda on Friday released an audio clip of the sound of its turbo V6 engine, which was recently fired up for the first time.

The engine will not be raced until 2015, when the works collaboration with McLaren begins.

“It is exciting to hear the cry of our newborn Formula 1 engine for the first time,” said Honda’s European president Manabu Nishimae. (GMM)

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  • Boycottthebull

    Its rather weird that the Renault engine will be tailored to Red Bull when they have wiped their brand name off their car completely giving the false impression that Infinity Japan makes their engines. That cant be good for Renault and all their efforts to build one of the best engines. They get a better showing over at Lotus maybe that should be considered more of a works team?

  • haha

    Bull, actually Renault is looking to options to make “Lotus” works again because of the Infinty deal Cheat Bull made. However Alain Prost denied this I don’t believe him :p. Nobody should deliver to Red Bull anymore, Ferrari and Merc didn’t want to. If Renault does the same, with exclusive Honda in the Mclaren, Cheat Bull would have to make their own engine or go to Cosworth and see for themselves what the backmarkers had to endure (it’s easy to criticise them but they are still alive, admitted Hrt was a joke)

  • haha

    Oh yes and I think if V6 are succesful we could see Toyota back and even another german team (VW/AUDI or BMW). That’s if it succeeds and it’s not just a setup by the FIA to ruin F1 to then promote their formula E crap

  • fike

    Look up “Renault-Nissan Alliance”.

  • Red horizon

    Renault remained in F1 but it seems not even know why, no one speaks of its engines, the credit for the victories of Red Bull seems to go all to the Newey-Vettel pair.
    Regarding the presence of other manufacturers, as well as Honda will return in 2015, according to some rumors, it seems that Porsche is working on the new V6 turbos.

  • pablo

    Can you imagine a Ferrari with a 1.6 Turbo……?

  • Spanky

    This engine move is the worst change to f1 since Pirelli. Disgusting.

  • jimmyb

    the four top teams will keep the other teams at bay.the first race should tell us who did there home work and jump ahead.

  • Thomas

    Of course they will