Valencia F1 barriers to be used at New Jersey F1 track

Valencia barriers rusting away at the fast decaying former F1 venue

Valencia barriers rusting away at the fast decaying former F1 venue

Formula 1 chief executive Bernie Ecclestone is reportedly using the demise of Valencia’s Formula 1 project to give organisers of next year’s provisional New Jersey race a boost.

We reported this week that Ecclestone has agreed to terminate Valencia’s contract without financially penalising the Spanish hosts.

It means the Valencian government is avoiding a reported € 54 million in contract-break costs.

“What we have agreed,” said president Alberto Fabra, “is that we will not use any equipment at other circuits.”

The Spanish sports newspaper Marca has now revealed more details of Ecclestone’s termination deal with Valencia.

“Everything in Formula 1 has a price,” wrote correspondent Paul Juanarena.

He said Ecclestone has negotiated to take possession of Valencia’s street circuit equipment, including more than 10 kilometres of fencing and barriers, worth several million Euros.

The beneficiary, Juanarena explained, would be organisers of the financially-pressed inaugural New Jersey Grand Prix, whose place on the 2014 calendar is conditional upon “circuit approval”. (GMM)

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  • Spartacus

    I’d have thought that the cost of taking them down, shipping them, and then modifying them for erection again would have been enough to justify New Jersey having them made locally. At least that would give some Americans a job.

    However, removing the infrastructure to prevent Valencia ever trying to host another race is no bad thing!

  • Boycottthebull

    Handing over barriers that wont be used anymore and recycling them for another circuit that gets them for free and getting a 50 million fine waived seems pretty fair and logical to me. Bernie being so generous and oddly making sense for a change, whats the catch?