Thief filmed in act of stealing Rosberg’s helmet, now Nico wants it back

FIA security camera shows thief stealing Nico Rosberg's helmet

FIA security camera shows thief stealing Nico Rosberg’s helmet

Nico Rosberg urged his fans to keep an eye out for a stolen race helmet, releasing images showing the thief in action on the night of the theft.

The German said that his distinctive yellow Formula 1 helmet was stolen at 02:00 in the hours before his home Grand Prix at the Nurburgring in July.

Rosberg, who published a photo of the theft taken from the FIA’s security camera in parc ferme, said the helmet was stolen from Mercedes‘ supposedly security-guarded garage.

The helmet of Nico Rosberg

The helmet of Nico Rosberg

Rosberg also gave details of the helmet’s unique registration and FIA labels: The Schuberth helmet was registered with the Number R-NR 074/02-13. The SNELL-Label is ST 270141. FIA label gold: AH04248. FIA Label white: Nr. 134

“Let us know if any of you see [the helmet] on eBay or somewhere else,” he wrote on his personal website.

Schuberth’s Formula 1 helmets – particularly personally customised versions such as Rosberg’s – are worth thousands of euros.

Rosberg wrote on his website: “Hi everyone, My race helmet got stolen out of the security guarded team´s garage at Nürburgring GP on Sunday at 1.51 a.m. Check the FIA picture of the thief. Let us know if any of you see one on eBay or somewhere else. I have never given out an original race helmet. So if you see one then let us know. Thanks. Nico.”  (GMM-Apex)

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  • Mark

    the thief probably is a die-hard fan.

  • race winner

    looks like sam bird lol. suppose thats one way to try and get into the seat.

  • MacStar

    Hahaaaaa!!!!! Sneaky!

  • Hugo

    It was stolen in July, and he asks now to keep an eye out for it? Dumbass.

  • Butterfly

    This is all PR BS. The same thing happened a couple of years ago, and he got it back then.

    It’s the PR department making Nico visible.

  • Jackal

    So you’re saying security let some random person come into contact with a car that costs millions of euro’s not to mention its closely guarded design secrets?

    And there isn’t a tool out of place, everything is packed so how on earth do you manage to leave a helmet on a rack?

    It sounds like a stunt to me.

  • fools


  • AlsoRan

    Regardless of a Niko stunt or not, keep in mind that Vettel wears a different hat every race. The previous race hat being auctioned off to charity.

  • Ahmed

    the thief loves you nico

  • Tamburello_1994

    Never to be seen again.