Honda releases audio of 2015 F1 V6 turbo engine

Honda has released a recording of its new F1 engine, which was recently fired up for the first time. The engine is being developed for the 2015 season where Honda will participate under a joint project with McLaren.

Manabu Nishimae, President of Honda Motor Europe Ltd, commented, “It’s exciting to hear the cry of our new born Formula 1 engine for the first time. Our engineers are working hard to develop the engine and we are all looking forward to the start of the 2015 season.”

Honda will be in charge of the development, manufacture and supply of the power unit, including the engine and energy recovery system, while McLaren will be in responsible of the development and manufacture of the chassis, as well as the management of the new team, McLaren Honda.

From 2014, new F1 regulations require the introduction of a 1.6 litre direct injection turbocharged V6 engine with energy recovery systems. The opportunity to further develop these powertrain technologies through the challenge of racing is central to Honda’s decision to participate in F1.

Throughout its history, Honda has passionately pursued improvements in the efficiency of the internal combustion engine and in more recent years, the development of pioneering energy management technologies such as hybrid systems. Participation in Formula 1 under these new regulations will encourage even further technological progress in both these areas. Plus, a new generation of Honda engineers can experience the challenges and thrills of operating at the pinnacle of motorsport.

Honda will base its European racing operation in Milton Keynes from June 2014.

  • Blindkat

    OMG! That sounds just like a weedwacker! This is what F1 is gonna sound like, say it ain’t so.

  • The Pessimist

    Siren + Vaccum Cleaner =Honda 2015 F1 Turbo engine.

  • McLarenfan

    Sounds like a UMK425 UE Engine size (cc) 25 Power (kW) 0.81 Engine type GX25 mini 4-stroke Noise value (dB(A)) 110 Brushcutter the Future of F1

  • Taskmaster

    The noise of running engines – this one obviously not loaded – is irrelevant. The opening season of the new V6 turbo era has all the makings of an old Bat Man movie, with big “POW”, “BLAM-O”, and “KerBLEWEEE” noises punctuating the buzz – among cars suddenly slowing from loss of ERS power, fires from batteries burning down, and turbos belching bearings and oil flame… plus the clatter of gear boxes self destructing – not to mention cars pulling off out of gas on the last laps. 2014 could be a great year for all the wrong reasons, but fun none the less. Like it or not, V6 turbos are here to stay, so might as well just get used to the sound… and hopefully the sight of some shrapnel, smoke and flame tossed in to spice the activities up.

  • haha

    Does it blend? :D I will buy one of these to make my milkshakes.

  • Boycottthebull

    At the end it sounds like a warning siren. I wonder if that is an ominous warning sign for the future of F1? With the new category of cars where the teams who have the bare the extra costs so Bernie and the FIA can plunder the sport for even more money, then they incorporate hybrid propulsion technology and fuel conservation of the likes that should get Toyota Prius owners interested in the sport for the first time. They too deplete the racing further by forcing rubber conservation not seen outside a virgin with a condom collection and now the last hope for the formula, the spectacle of sound will only appeal to those few in the landscape gardening profession. Bernie cant end up in that German prison quick enough and Jean Todt voted into oblivion at the FIA.

  • Spanky

    Bleeeeeeeeeeech. So sad that anyone thinks this is for “green” technology or to make the racing closer.

    Billions have been spent making f1 the closest it’s been in ages and to throw away the v8s for these “power units” is simply idiotic. And to do it in the name of “green” is even worse. Not sure how ignorant you’d have to be to agree but I’m thinking you would also consider paste to be a food group.

  • Rick

    This thing sounds awful! Regardless of the fact the thing isn’t in an actual car and on track, the low rev’s do it no favors.

  • mssmryzr

    This is incredible! Blindkat…that is the first thing that entered my brain…It sounds like a pinche weedeater. I should know, I used to be a landscaper and I’m still a Mexican. Who cares about fuel economy etc. bla, bla, bla. This is F1. I wanna hear the big guns!!!!! Christ, my tinnitus sounds better than that.

  • Jack

    Weld two of these engines together then let the teams have them.

  • Vanilli

    Do they mean a Honda Vespa?!!

  • matt

    Does anyone know how much power to expect? The cars will be faster than the v8’s right? As far as the ugly engine sound, think of it this way…. f1 cars have always been ugly and beautiful at the same time. I say change is welcome, and a small turbocharged v6 has massive potential, I’m hoping for massive power from these units!

  • john smith

    About 780bhp in quali trim with ERS deployed. Just over 610bhp without.