Alonso plans to launch new cycling team at next Tour de France

Fernando Alonso enjoys cycling

Fernando Alonso enjoys cycling

Ferrari driver Fernando Alonso is pushing ahead with his plans to set up a world-class professional cycling team in time to compete in the next Tour de France.

Recently, the Spaniard announced that he was buying the embattled Spanish team Euskaltel-Euskadi, but the advanced negotiations broke down late last month.

The Ferrari driver, however, said he would set up his own team for 2015 instead.

Alonso’s manager, Luis Garcia Abad, has now told Italy’s La Gazzetta dello Sport that the 32-year-old’s plans are already well advanced.

He said “some agreements with sponsors are already signed”, while the launch date for the 2015 project is already set: “The first rest day of the next Tour [de France],” Abad announced.

“Fernando has said that he wants to bring the best of Formula 1 to cycling, and vice versa,” he added.

“This means technology, research, marketing, promotion, new tools such as telemetry, a medical centre.

“The intention is to do something new and avoid the problem of doping,” Abad explained.

He also said that the sponsors of Alonso’s team will be new to cycling, but denied speculation that Ferrari sponsor Banco Santander is one of them.

“It’s better to keep the business [side] of Formula 1 and cycling separate,” said Abad. (GMM)

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  • Spanky

    Good to see Alonso has his priorities in order, lol.

  • Spartacus

    I’d hate to see him ruin another sport I love. But if he does bring a team in, and one which is based purely on sporting excellence, that may be a worthwhile addition to the sport.

    I like to see my sports heroes winning with the utmost sporting standards. With the highest regard to sportsmanship. Winning at all costs isn’t winning at all.