Lotus set to sign Hulkenberg and boost budget for 2014

Nico Hulkenberg

Nico Hulkenberg

A Lotus contract for 2014 with Nico Hulkenberg’s name on it will be signed at Enstone “either today or tomorrow”, the German newspaper Bild reports.

It was said that the team was poised to sign the 26-year-old German as soon as the deal with Quantum – formerly Infinity, a group of private investors who plan to buy 35 per cent of Lotus – is done.

If not, it could have opened the door to Pastor Maldonado.

Maldonado’s lucrative sponsor PDVSA is locked in a contract with Williams, but O Estado de S.Paulo correspondent Livio Oricchio said that the Venezuelan is desperate to move from uncompetitive Williams.

But Bild reports that the Lotus-Quantum deal is finally now being formalised, which should boost the team’s budget beyond € 200 million for 2014. (GMM)

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  • adam22

    good to see the Hulk is getting a better drive!

  • Taskmaster

    Great news all around. It will be interesting to see how Hulkenberg performs in a potentially better car. He and Grosjean appear to be a good matchup for Lotus in the constructors as well.

  • Doombeard

    Really think the raw talent in this potential Lotus team next year could surprise some of the higher ups in the paddock. Grojean is showing increased maturity and consistency on track, and I think if you give the hulk a good drive he can challenge for podiums and wins. I think they could genuinely challenge for the constructors championship. With RBR having Ricardo and Ferrari I think could struggle (even with Kimi and Alonso) there is a shot! Lotus also have a good history with turbos.

  • Lol

    10 bucks says the Lotus will be a dog next year and Hulkenburg will look for another seat for 2015. But no one will take him because it seems the car he sits in becomes a dog.

  • Hawk

    IMO Hulk will just have to horn in on his race craft otherwise when it comes to raw pace Grosjean could be up there with Ham and Vettel.

  • Kimi4WDC

    Hulk > McLaren
    Perez > Lotus

  • yer zurc

    lotus will be racing against caterham and marussia next year, even with 500million budget

  • Spanky

    Anywhere would be better than “Lotus”.