Domenicali: Ferrari and Fernando have to stick together, it is a challenge we have

Fernando Alonso and Stefano Domenicali celebrate victory in Spain

Fernando Alonso and Stefano Domenicali celebrate victory in Spain

Ferrari team principal Stefano Domenicali insists that Fernando Alonso’s era of success at Maranello is just beginning.

Actually, judging by the Spaniard’s comments over the last six months, and rumours linking him with a switch to Red Bull or McLaren, one gets the impression Alonso is running out of patience after four consecutive years of failing to win the title while earing the famed red racing overalls.

“We are very Latin, very impatient,” team boss Domenicali smiled to the Spanish sports daily AS. “But I was at Ferrari in 1993. And before. But with Michael Schumacher we finally won in 2000 – and he had come in 1996.”

According to Domenicali’s comparison with the ultra-successful Schumacher era, then, Alonso is due a title in 2014.

Fernando Alonso celebartes with Ferrari team

Fernando Alonso celebartes with Ferrari team

“Yes, 100 per cent,” said the Italian. “We will fight for the title next year.”

But that has actually been a familiar refrain ever since Alonso joined, in 2010. Domenicali, however, insists Alonso’s years in red have not been barren.

“You need to see the results from another angle,” he said. “Another perspective. The story of Fernando with Ferrari so far has been a tale of two championships lost in the last race. If we had won at least one of those two, the story would be extraordinary, fantastic. So it takes a bit of rationality.

“The Italian and Spanish have rationality between zero and zero-point-five,” Domenicali smiled again. “I understand that the best driver, a driver who is a double World Champion, always wants the opportunity to prove himself in a more competitive car.”

Ferrari has Alonso under contract for several more seasons, but there have been rumours hinting at the Maranello team’s interest in Sebastian Vettel, who is similarly committed in the medium term to Red Bull.

Michael Schumacher's golden era at Ferrari took a while to manifest

Michael Schumacher’s golden era at Ferrari took a while to manifest

Domenicali, however, said thathe thinks thatAlonso is better than Vettel, “[Vettel] is a great driver, there’s no doubt. He has grown tremendously over the years — just look at his teammate (Mark Webber).”

“But as I have said, with all due respect, he has been able to fully exploit a car that was faster than ours, and that means a lot,” added Domenicali.

So, notwithstanding all the recent rumours, he insists that Ferrari is planning ahead with Alonso.

“Ferrari and Fernando have to stick together; it is a challenge we have together,” said Domenicali. “He has always said the same, so I don’t know where these reports that suggest otherwise come from.”

“It’s normal that other teams want him, but Alonso has said what he said, and so to think otherwise is not to give credibility to what Alonso says. What we say is ‘We want to win with Fernando’ and we have a contract for three more years. What more can we say?” he added.

In fact, Domenicali said that he hopes that Alonso stays even longer than his current tenure.

“I hope so, it would be nice,” he said. “Fernando has said it too.” (GMM)

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  • Taskmaster

    So, Vettel has won more than Alonso, because the Red Bull is a faster car – proving that Alonso is a better driver… huh? The fact that they lost two championships in the last race – had they won just one of those the story would be different? Ignoring it was a strategy error that lost one of those, and a truly bad car the other… both failures of leadership at the top, I guess that makes sense, sort of? It seems less delusional romanticism and more expression of forward thinking strategies to reach desired ends would be in order here. Big stakes for 2014. If they continue to do what they’ve done for the last 4 years, what indicates they won’t just get what they’ve already been getting? Will Alonso stand for that? Can Domenicali fix what it appears he has broken? Stay tuned race fans…

  • Butterfly

    Ferrari’s management is just scared of facing Fernando at McLaren so now they changed the tune to “Fernando’s Era”. What a load of BS.

    Nothing’s going to change at Ferrari. Nothing changed since 2010, and nothing’s going to change for 2014.

    Heck, their best year together remains 2010 with five wins. Since then, they’ve had one win in 2011, three in 2012, and two further wins this year.

    It’s like the Scuderia design office is going from bad to worse.

  • Lol

    Domeni did not say Alonso is better than Vettel. Nice spin British media.

  • Tinto

    @Butterfly: Indeed… Questioning how they can full themselves doing better next year with such a 4-year mediocre performance legacy. That is demagoguery from Domenicali.

  • fools

    yet again what i defend for Alonso is true. Even his Domenicali confirms it.

    Alonso is the best in the F1. The whole F1 world knows this. Vettel is good not great. Alonso has shown magic time and time again. Also defeated MS in his prime in a Ferrari. Enough said. Stop sleeping haters. Go comment on Vettel’s lacking articles pages.


  • fools

    The whole world new also that FA Alonso was the true 2012 WDC. Thats why he was voted best driver award by the entire F1.

  • fools

    You need to see the results from another angle,” he said. “Another perspective. The story of Fernando with Ferrari so far has been a tale of two championships lost in the last race. If we had won at least one of those two, the story would be extraordinary, fantastic. So it takes a bit of rationality.


  • ZombieF1

    Ferrari needs Santander’s bucks. What’s the point of arguing. Domenicali is trying his best to let Alonso stay so that Santander stays.

  • Elf

    Somebody’s tormented, what a fool. 2012 was a consolation prize for the best runner up, the F1 GATE Guy, Alonso: Spy Gate (McLaren), Crash Gate (Singapore), Pass Gate, Gearbox Gate (screwing Massa), Carpool Gate (Felipe pooling Alonso at Monza), Idiot/Genius Gate (Alonso blaming Ferrari). Blame Ferrari? Then blame Alonso for his limited feedback in improving the car and being a snail in qualifyings.

  • Foolish Fools

    Alfonso only beat Schumacher in his prime (actually it was not his prime, he was in his late thirties already and Alfonso still in his twenties) only because of his exotic mass dampers that only Nando Alfonso had.
    Now we get to see the real Nando Alfonso in action, slower than a snail in qualifying and blaming the rest on the car and the team.
    It’s never Alfonso’s fault.
    If he’s so much better than the great, all conquering, majestic, immensely talented and heroic Schumacher then why has he not won a single championship with Ferrari while The Greatest Ever won four for them.
    I wonder if you asked Ferrari if they could turn back time, whether they would like to put Nando Alfonso in The Greatest Ever’s place during those glorious years, what their answer would be?
    You know what the answer would be you Foolish Fool, the results speak far louder than Nando Alfonso’s constant girly whining!

  • Foolish Fools

    Sorry did I say The Greatest Ever won four championships for Ferrari?
    I meant five!
    Did I say that Nando Alfonso hasn’t won a single championship for the reds yet and probably never will?
    Yes I did!
    Nando Alfonso cannot win because he is a loser.
    He is a cheat, a coward, a sore loser, a mind f@@@er and generally a useless, pathetic character that has fooled some people into thinking that this embarrassment to the Spanish nation has some talent.
    He won’t achieve a fraction of what The Greatest Ever has because he just isn’t on the same level.
    Nando Alfonso is destined to be forgotten and I for one can’t wait to forget his waste of skin!

  • sebolonso

    What Domenicali said is that he have had his hands tied up last 4 seasons by LdM’s Santander/Alonso deal. During past four Years, perfomance clauses has not been met by Alonso, and therefor lap dog Massa was outed and Kimi brought in. Simultaneously Ferrari used contract options to change Alonsos lead driver role with lap dog…to equal conditions alongside Kimi in season 2014. And thats not all.

    Ferrari has been constantly recruiting a lot of new talents to the team, with car development in mind, to implement needed changes suiting primerly Kimi…and secondary Alonso.

    It is clear Alonso is up set with this change, where Ferrari downgraded his status, but its completely clear Ferrari owners and sponsors wants to win, because second place is first loser, not to mention price money that did not come during samurai era.

    Honey moon between Ferrari, Alonso and Santander is now long gone. Now relation is like rational marriage without love. Money is tiding parties together. It will be interesting though to see how this triangle drama proceed in near future.

    Kimi is lucky to have Shell backing him at Ferrari, which makes him untouchable for Santander intrigues. That has already been seen in 2009.

    Point is, Santander can’t loose their face here, after pumping in hundreads of milions to Alonsos WDC campaign at Ferrari. No way Santander allows Alonso to sneak out from the back door.

    Domenicali is fully aware of this, and he is determined to keep Santander finance on board and that is the reason why he says Alonso and Ferrari are stick together for common challenge.

    Otherwise he could not care less where the whining Spaniard is heading.

  • fools

    Santandor also sponsors McLaren…

    Lame excuses trolls…

  • fools

    Alonso whines?

    Try Vettel first…you just dont hear it as much because of the wins. That’s the RB car…no one in a small caliber bunch of 20 something drivers is 2.5 seconds faster the the grid. If that’s the case then every driver should be axed but Vettel? Non sense.

    Alonso has been in title contention more then any driver since the Vettel era of wins. So why it is that Alonso is to blame? To be honest 2010 was a blown strategy by Ferrari not Alonso. 2011 RB SWEPT THE GRID. 2012 Alonso loses the WDC because of DNF’s he never committed. During that time Alonso was clearly 50+ points ahead. Yet Alonso is overpaid, not WDC contention although has 2 WDC back 2 back and doesnt help develop the car? LMFAO…okkkkkkk! Also defeated Schumi in his prime in a dominant car. Even Schumi congratulated the Spaniard and admired his GREAT driving talent.

    You trolls are disgusting.

  • fools

    Like DOMI said. If Alonso won that this trolls would even be here. I mean the negative stories. lol

  • Alonso_is_Slow

    Alonso lost the 2012 title due to his own mistake of crashing into Raikkonen in Suzuka. He had lots of luck which he spent in this fool way, including being outqualified by his teammate in all closing races when he was fighing for the title.

    In 2010 he had also a immeasurable luck (Vettel losing 1st or 2nd place 4 times due to technical failure or – Kartekiyan or whateve he is called – puncturing him), the last Vettel technical failure giving Alonso the championship lead for the last race, where then the ‘true champion’ was not able to challenge Petrov for 6th place after starting from 3rd with a car that was 1,2 seconds faster in qualifying. Then he even insulted Petrov in a real low manner, which again is not really a championship attribute.

    I think faith has given the right person the title both times.

  • Fools Heaven

    @ Fools
    just for you kind information, 2010 title was lost not only because of blown strategy but because Alonso inability to overtake Vitaly Petrov, even when the team told him to use his God giving talent, so much for the frigging talent, ehh?
    and 2012 title was lost because of vettel’s determination, Ferrari and alonso did all they could, but vettel was just too much for them

  • sebolonso

    Get real fools. Santander bought the McLaren ride for Alonso. Ron Dennis was clever enough to tie up Santander sponsorship for next ten Years to come, whatever happend. And it surely did…

    Alonso could not live with the fact, that rookie Hamilton was beating him on regular base with equal equipment. In that situation Alonso demonstrated what kind of team player he really is. The chaos Alonso created was out of all proportion. Ron Dennis had no choice. Alonso was fired.

    Santander did some homework after McLaren catastrophy before purchasing samurai’s Ferrari seat. This time deal included termination clause for similar action in case Ferrari initiated the move. Termination clause was excluded the other way around. Samurai was…and is…nailed in the Ferrari seat as long as Santander decides. Delicate situation…or what do you think fools?

  • Boycotthehaters

    “2010 was a blown strategy by Ferrari not Alonso”

    This deserves it’s own place on the “Top Ten Formula One Myths Of All Time”. Alonso didn’t lose in 2010 because of “blown strategy by Ferrari”.

  • Butterfly


    Well, he lost the chance to win the WDC in the last race due to the botched-up strategy, but the season was lost back at the Ferrari design office.

    They basically had no development for half the season. Only Fernando’s awesome driving got them five wins and the chance to lost the title by a few points.

    But that’s just the sort of driving that makes Fernando the greatest of all time.

  • Fools Heaven

    Alonso is a great driver during race but he is not good at qualifying, hence not a complete driver. there is no doubt about his race craft, hes as good as they come but qualifying low doesn’t really help his cause, and hes too political. If Shumi legacy is tainted (according to some) because of all controversies and the number two driver helping him then same could be said about Alonso, but the difference is Shumi did win titles but Alonso did not, hence not THE GREATEST OF ALL TIME

  • Butterfly

    Fools Heaven:

    Okay, let’s pretend you’re right about Fernando’s qualy form. What about Felipe’s then? Felipe is considered one of, if not THE best qualifier on the grid, yet you see Fernando qualifying in front of Felipe more times throughout the season than the other way around.

    You also had the head-to-head between Felipe and Kimi, and you saw how good the Brazilian is.

    When you out-score a drive like Massa for four years in a row – by huge margins – and you out-qualify him throughout the season, you know you’re damn good.

    And, please, don’t use the argument regarding the accident, that had no effect on him.

    All those who have worked with him consider him the best. Andrea Stella has worked with him, Kimi, and Schumacher and said Fernando has no weakness, not in qualy, not in race, not in the wet, dry, under pressure, nowhere.

    I guess the design office at Maranello has no clue how to make a car that’s fast in all conditions – qualy, race, rain, cold, hot. Hell, they can’t even adapt to the damn tires.

  • Foolish Fools

    Fools, Schumacher was far from being in a dominant car in 2005 and in 2006 the car started to find it’s pace only towards the latter part of the season. Schumacher hardly had a dominant car over the whole season plus he had some really bad luck that year, without which he would have won the Championship.
    Schumacher couldn’t keep on winning everything forever but it doesn’t mean that the first person to come along and beat him automatically becomes better than him.
    You can keep believing that Alfonso is so fantastic but the fact remains that all he’a managed to achieve is 2 titles.

    Vettel has wiped the floor with Nando Alfonso and that really must irk Butterfly and his Fool.
    Alonso has not been able to achieve what Schumacher has at Ferrari and let’s face it, it’s looking like he never will.
    As time goes by, it starts looking increasingly like Nando Alfonso lucked out in those two years with his exotic mass dampers that noone else had and it’s looking increasingly like he will never win another title.
    Butterfly and Fool, are you seriously going to be punting a guy with only 2 WDC’s as the best ever?
    It must really be irking Nando Alfonso.
    He went to Ferrari hoping to become the new Schumacher but instead he’s achieved nothing there while the team starts reminiscing about and becoming sentimental of their glory days with THE GREATEST OF ALL TIME, THE ONE THE ONLY, THE ALL TALENTED, ALL CONQUERING, SEVEN TIMES, YES SEVEN TIMES BUTTERFLY AND THE FOOL, WORLD CHAMPION, HERO AND SAVIOUR OF FERRARI, MICHAEL SCHUMACHER!

  • Butterfly

    Foolish Fools:

    Actually, I don’t give a crap what you think about Alonso, Vettel, Schumacher, or F1 in general.

    You are troll, after all. Or worse, you have the mentality of a socker fan, which means extreme superficiality.

    I’m starting to think it’s a complete waste of time to comment on this site.

  • F1 Neutral


    Just one small point. You say that Massa is regarded as one of the best qualifiers, if not THE BEST on the grid?

    Really?? I’ve NEVER heard that in my life!!

  • Fools Heaven

    well i pointed out much more than just a qualifying weakness, but lets talk about qualifying. Who said that Massa is one of the best qualifier if not THE BEST, 2nd thing Massa is not the same after his accident, 3rd Massa has been used as guinea pig for almost half of the season for two years, testing new parts in race.
    i have nothing against Alonso, as a matter of fact i rate him high with other good drivers, but frankly i dont see him as The greatest of all time.

  • Alonso_is_Slow

    Schumacher had a 1 second edge over Massa in qualifying, unless having technical issues. After team orders, and almost lethal injuries, inferfior car updates compared to Alonso, the same Massa has an edge over Alonso in qualifying.

    That means Alonso is nowhere near greatness. He is just an overpaid driver, who invested half of his money to self-marketing to earn even more, and fooled many people with his self-adverts.

  • F1 Neutral

    I think that somebody really hates Alonso lol

    Get over it. It feels like such a waste of time and energy.

  • the BOSS

    Slow foolish elf
    You guys are low life humans for writing hate words reflecting your delusional personalities. What ever greatness is written about Alonso will make you feiorious. Ok read again… Alonso is known to the F1 world is the best driver at the moment. So sit on it and when you reach the elbow the ride is over. You make me sick.

  • sebolonso

    Dont believe everything You read Boss. Look at the races. The best has been Vettel, first loser Alonso. Kimi and Lewis have given samurai good challenge with overall worse package. So this BS praising samurai as something extraordinary is just your imagination.