Brawn is Mercedes number one confirms Lauda

Ross Brawn with Niki Lauda

Ross Brawn with Niki Lauda

After Ross Brawn’s quit threat, Mercedes chairman Niki Lauda says the 58-year-old Briton is still number one at Brackley.

Amid reports that Brawn could leave the team and possibly join McLaren engine supplier Honda for 2015, he said at Suzuka that he wants an assurance about his top job at Mercedes.

“We need to make sure if I’m to remain here that I’m the reference,” he told the Sky Television.

So with Paddy Lowe reportedly poised to take over the top job, Lauda made clear that Mercedes actually wants Brawn to stay.

“We have had some small problems in the team in the past but everything is sorted now,” the great Austrian is quoted by the Mirror.

“It’s all agreed between him and Paddy and everyone else. He’s number 1.

“I have tried to persuade him to stay,” Lauda added. “It’s down to him now. I’d say it’s 50-50.” (GMM)

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