Pirelli renews F1 quit threat amid push for more tyre testing

Pirelli tyre is worked on

Pirelli tyre is worked on

Behind closed doors, Pirelli is still fuming and stamping its managerial feet as the Italian tyre supplier pushes to be ready for the 2014 season.

International reports, including in Spain’s El Mundo Deportivo and by Italy’s Italiaracing, say that the sport’s tyre supplier wants all the major Formula 1 teams to take their 2013 cars to two tyre tests, in Abu Dhabi in November and December.

“We can’t carry on going round in circles and decide to do nothing,” Paul Hembery said recently. “Something has to change.”

Pirelli’s frustration is with the lack of cooperation from the teams amid the Italian marque’s tumultuous 2013 season, where the criticism of its products has been at fever pitch.

So the reports thatsay Pirelli will insist on the Abu Dhabi tests when Formula 1’s new strategic committee meets next Monday.

“Pirelli wants the same treatment that Bridgestone and Michelin had, when they could test their tyres at length,” read the El Mundo report.

Correspondent Raymond Blancafort said that if the teams or the FIA refuse, Pirelli president “Marco Tronchetti Provera could leave Formula 1 without tyres” for 2014.

Italiaracing’s Massimo Costa added: “Pirelli is tired of tainting its name because of a Formula 1 in which it is forbidden to test in a proper way”. (GMM)

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  • Melvyn Scott

    I totally agree with Pirelli. They have been basically asked to make “rubbish” tyres, how can that be good for their brand. Maybe Pirelli have been making these bad tyres in the same place that Red Bull have been making Mark Weber’s KERS System !!!!!!!!!!!


  • bert jr

    Pirelli is SUB-PARR tires no matter how they do the testing.
    A bad tire is a bad tire. Excuses doesn’t cover a bursting tire !

  • Matt_D

    Message to Paul Hembery:

    Don’t let the screen door hit you in the azz on the way out. F1 would lose nothing if they had to switch from disinte-Pirellis to shopping trolley casters.

  • Boycottthebull

    I think the above to posters sum up things exactly. The Pirelli name has been tainted by circumstances beyond their control and ignorant fans blame them. All the other brands in previous seasons were permitted reasonable amounts of testing. Bernie and the FIA asked Pirelli to produce these high degrading tyres and then leave them to take the flack for it. Even pointing the finger at them at times to take the heat of themselves. The teams dont provide the data to help Pirelli develop the tyres or of the paranoia someone else may get some of the data then complain heavily when they cant get the tyres they want. Even when there was a hint that Michelin may put their hands in they said they would only do it on their terms of both tyre size and a stop to the high degrading tyres. recognising that Pirelli was being shafted by the Bernie and the FIA. If no one permits the proper testing then Pirelli should pull out and leave them in the lurch or get all the teams and the FIA to sign an agreement not to bitch for the season that the tyres arent up to the job.

  • McLarenfan

    @Boycottthebull: Agreed 100%

  • Tim

    Pirelli became a law unto themselves! FIA did not ask them to make the tyres this bad! Pirelli with the big mouth Paul Humbrey wanted everything to be about Pirelli and not the car engineering and it all back fired in the end. Their brand is damaged! If I see two tyres for sale Pirellii Bridgestone quess which one I would be buying for my car!

  • ignorant numb brain

    Pirelli is wrong!! they make very shitty tyres! everything that is worng with the F1 is their fault!


  • Spanky

    @ Matt_D +1