Webber unlikely to adhere Red Bull team orders at Suzuka

Sebastian Vettel and pole sitter Mark Webber after Suzuka qualifying

Sebastian Vettel and pole sitter Mark Webber after Suzuka qualifying

Mark Webber does not sound like he would be willing to move over for teammate Sebastian Vettel at Suzuka.

With Vettel looking to put his fourth title away on Sunday, the German encountered problems in qualifying with a KERS failure aboard his Red Bull.

But he will be crowned champion in Japan if he wins and Fernando Alonso is ninth or lower.

Having retiring teammate Webber on pole is therefore not part of Red Bull’s ideal plan, particularly with memories of the ‘Multi-21′ team orders affair still lingering.

Asked if the drivers will be free to race on Sunday, team boss Christian Horner said coyly after qualifying: “They will do the best they can for the team.”

Webber was more specific as he played down the likelihood of following a ‘team’ plan.

“Seb’s had a phenomenal year,” said the Suzuka pole sitter. “He will do his race, I will do my race.”

Webber hinted that with Vettel so far ahead in the points standings, and with several races still to run in 2013, his ears are not open to team orders.

“It’s not like it’s the last race of the championship, obviously, in terms of what can unfold or whatever,” he said.

“Normally you talk about these things and they never happen but in general, yeah, we’ll be there for ourselves tomorrow.” (GMM)

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  • Boycotthehaters

    Webber has never obeyed team orders in the past, why would he start now?

  • AAX

    Ahh the Webber bashing has begun! One last win Mark!!

  • Boycotthehaters

    Apparently it is “bashing” to mention the facts about Mark Webber. When he leaves F1 the press will have to find a new rear end to kiss.

  • AAX

    Webber’s no saint I do understand. I’m not saying that Vettel doesnt deserve the title.. But seriously he is just not liked for whatever reason. And he is as cunning as sScumacher was. I think it would be good if Mark had one last hurrah before he leaves, that’s all. I was the lone Jaguar F1 fan back in the day and I respect Webber immensely..man the things he did with those heaps!

  • Hawk

    At the qualifying press conference Vettel looked like thunder. He never wants Mark to get even one.

  • Boycotthehaters

    “seriously he is just not liked for whatever reason”

    There’s no great mystery about it. He’s not liked by the British because (a) he’s German and (b) he wins. Let’s not pretend there is anything more to it.

  • Boycotthehaters

    “At the qualifying press conference Vettel looked like thunder”

    There a picture of Vettel at the qualifying press conference at the top of this page … and he has a great big smile on his face. Haters gotta hate, and it appears they also gotta fabricate preposterously false excuses for their hate.

  • captain tortuga

    @Boycotthehaters :

    i think your first comment is pretty hypocritical, considering your screenname….

  • Wingnut

    Being an Aussie I want Webber to win – but I ain’t confident of his starts and it wouldn’t be surprising if he is sixth by turn one!

  • SeattleF1Fan

    Go Webber!!
    He was driving great in qualifying.

  • no hate

    I hope webber crashes vettel out and then vettel cries and goes home and dies in a house fire

  • Boycotthehaters

    Boo hoo, it’s hateful to mention the undisputed fact that Webber never obeys team orders? Some people need to try to get in touch with reality.

  • no hate

    Vettel is a bad person. He makes baby jesus cry.

  • Boycottthebull

    Wow I must have watched a different qualifying to everyone else. Vettel was respectful and congratulatory to Webber. (And Im an Anti Helmut Marko /Vettel person). He was happy to be in 2nd at the front of the grid for his team. Neither as this story suggests did Webber go out and say he was going to ignore team orders. He said there are still a few races and it will be easy for vettel to wrap the championship up without even winning so he doesnt expect a phone call ie team orders. I do love how Boycotthehaters is in fact a Webber hater if you read his posts.

  • Taskmaster

    1.) No team orders have been put in place to not sure what the lame article header is about.
    2.) For team orders to be considered in any way that impacts Weber, he must first get in front of Vettel and be an obstruction to his forward progress or cause him to be vulnerable to someone behind him. Since the race has not even started, speculation as to this condition is premature.

    3.) Wishing physical harm to anyone, for any reason is psychopathic, and disgusting.

    4.) Weber looked very good, at a track he does well at. The two RB drivers looked like they were even having fun being on the same team. The race should be a lot of fun to watch. I’d like to see Weber convert this to a win, especially after the last two firey endings. Fingers crossed he has a great start.

  • no hate

    Stop hating, Taskmaster.

    Let’s all just agree that Vettel is the antichrist and must be stopped.

  • AlsoRan

    Even if Maak makes it through turn 1 ahead,
    once DRS kicks in he will be toast.

  • sexypenisface

    I hope vettel is raped and savagely beaten before during and after the race. He is the modern hitler.

  • no hate


    Your comments are stupid and insensitive. We cannot risk impregnating vettel. The prophecy states his seed will bring the underworld to the surface and rule for millenia.

    Plus, Hitler is not food for comedy. Although, he was a good painter.

  • Red Bull Cheats

    @Boycotthehaters, is it fair to also mention that for 4 years the team have favored Vettel, to the point that Mark has spoken about it many times? In Singapore Minardi noticed Vettel accelerating way before everyone else, including his team mate. Whatever legal or illegal device is on that car, it was not on Mark’s car. In car footage studied by Hamilton confirmed that Vettel plants his foot 20m before everyone else, even Webber. Is it ok to mention those facts?

  • harry harris

    No hate…. I like your comment mate, especially the top one

  • harry harris

    No hate…. I like your comment mate, especially the top one. makes me laugh

  • no hate

    Fortunately, vettel is proving to be useless unless in clear air. Falling back, falling back, falling back.

    His master, the dark lord, will not be pleased.

  • hmmmmmm

    Ok, so Red Bull F-ed him by using a 3 stop opposed to Seb’s 2 stop (not the first time they disadvantage Mark). He has 90 points ahead (77 before the race). Why would 2nd place been to less dor Seb, he is sure he won the title already. Hope Mark wins one before the end of the year. Today Grosjean was the best on track, if not for that shitty DRS (which I think Red Bull shouldn’t be allowed to use due to “cheating?” supremacy). If Romain was in the Red Bull he would have won it, what a bonkers start from him, hats off! Also hats off to Hulk again, less in the spotlight than Korea but not a lesser performance.