Williams fined € 60 000 for Maldonado’s loose wheel

Pastor Maldonado's Williams is recovered after FP2

Pastor Maldonado’s Williams is recovered after FP2

Williams were fined € 60 000 ($ 81 100) on Friday after a wheel came off Pastor Maldonado’s car during practise for Japanese Grand Prix.

Formula 1 stewards said in a statement that the incident, in which the rear left wheel bounced across the track, was regarded as a serious safety issue.

“Examination of the parts concerned revealed that the wheel fastener had not been completely fastened, thus not engaging the first retaining plunger,” they added.

“The secondary retaining plunger failed to keep the wheel in place.”

F1 introduced a secondary retainer mechanism after a television cameraman was hit by a wheel that came off Australian Mark Webber’s Red Bull during a German Grand Prix pitstop in July and bounced down the pit lane. (Reuters)

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  • Dan

    So now they will have to make a retainer for the retainer …….

  • lawl

    lol Dan xDDD

  • Boycottthebull

    The fine is a bit steep for a practise session incident. I guess they have to try recoup Bernies over the top fees so ultimately the teams have to pay for that in the end. What cash cow is Bernie and the FIA going to plunder when F1 collapses and all the circuit operators are broke too?

  • fools

    granted RedBull’s Mark Webber’s tire/wheel came off DURING A RACE AND ALMOST KILLED THE CAMERA MAN.

    but they received no fine. or penalty.

    FIA needs an overhaul